Prison Break Season 3

Hurrrraaayyyy! At last! There’s already an uploaded file of PB Season 3 Episode 1 at torrentspy. Yahooooo!!! I’m currently downloading and I’m sooooo excited. I watched the blurry preview in youtube the other day and I’m kinda disappointed coz I didn’t see Sarah. Hmmnn…asa kaha to siya nipadulong sa after napriso si Michael? Kalagot oist!! Mawagtang man daw siya kadiyot kay manganak…haist…I never thought I will become a fanatic of this series. Wentworth Miller stares at me disturbingly…toinx…Au untag mahuman na ni ug download ugma…hinay man gud au ning among connection guds…hekhek…Oist…alas dose y medya na…magbuhat pa kog journal…beset ning nstp oist…grrrrr….nyt2x…

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