I just watched SAW and the movie entails more than it’s genre and more than the intensity of a jigsaw, savagely used by Dr. Lawrence to cut off his leg. Before I watch this movie I’ve already heard some remarks from my friends that it’s pretty bloody, scary, terrifying, and everything gory.  They told me to watch it because they know that I’m into this stuff. Well, I watched the first part and I’m quite glued up on the screen from the start to the end.

SAW is not really the jigsaw…no…no…no…It’s that “thing” the
serial killer “SEE” that the victims didn’t. The serial killer can be compared to Robin Hood…oh, well…not so…He is a demented fellow. Anyways, Robin Hood because he tried to change his victims’ lives by giving them roles in his brainsick-crazy games, and the ones who survive would know “how great it is to be alive”.

As what I’ve said the SERIAL KILLER is SICK. He’s SICK both mentally and PHYSICALLY. He has a malady that cannot be cured and his KILLINGS are way of reminding his victims how important it is to be alive. His illness is eating him inside and his unhinged mind instructs him to do some bloody games. He called his victims pathetic because he himself is piteous and he’s a hecatomb of his own catastrophe.

That is so far my psychology of the character of the villain. I still have to watch 2 and 3…yuummm…And I picked a very important lesson from this movie…as what the serial killer said “MOST PEOPLE ARE JUST TOO UNGRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE.” So goddamn true…

Remember mortals…”It’s GREAT TO BE ALIVE…” Are you grateful that you are alive right at this very second, reading my post? Take a minute of reflection mortals and beware… HE’s maybe standing at your back, ready to abduct you and make you a character in one of his morbid, macabre games…hahahahahahaha…


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