Seung Cho is a Paranoid Schizophrenic…

That’s the initial analysis of an expert told Larry King, on his show Larry King Live, about the 23-year old gunman, Seung Cho of Virginia Tech University.
I am kinda fascinated with this case since it involves more on psychological aspects of the human brain as it’s being put into some mysterious twists and turns. The whole world was shocked by this devastating man-made catastrophe, and this is definitely the deadliest massacre in the American modern history.

There are questions of the school’s security, how the gunman managed to kill all those students, what really was inside his mind that very second he mercilessly slaughtered all those innocent people, what made him do it, who are his accomplice (if he had one), did he really intend to kill all of them by personal choice and a lot, lot more of unanswered questions. He did send some of his videos and manifesto to a TV station, and the people were shocked of how much hatred he  felt towards the people around him, especifically those rich kids and bashful snobs. His family are greatly devastated and heartbroken of what he did, and there are no words to express how sad they are of the crime he committed.

Seung Cho is a loner. That’s the common description of him his classmates and suitemates told the media. He doesn’t talk to anyone, and he doesn’t made any eye contact to anybody. He prefers to sit alone in his classrooms, and he’s definitely anti-social. As what the expert said, he is a paranoid schizophrenic. Schizophrenia involves a specific type of disordered thinking and behavior while paranoia is a psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution with or without grandeur, often strenuously defended with apparent logic and reason.

As what the police investigations yielded, Cho’s attack was very well planned, which means, that, though this guy is psychotic, there is a portion on his brain that’s functioning well, and that is the thinking that what he will do is rational because he was driven by a false belief which is triggered by unexpressed rage or anger.

Cho’s judgments pertaining to the reality of external events are significantly impaired ,and he definitely took the leisure of savoring his bizarre deed by going back to the victims again (after the first set of shootout) and shot them several times. Extreme rage is beyond the issue already. The only word that anyone can coin, is MONSTER.  He became a savage monster.

A monster in a very young 23-year old mind, driven by hidden desires to put revenge to his unknown humiliating experiences, and whatever they are, the only sure thing is: NO ONE has helped him cope with his problems…as what the report said, he was extremely bullied way back high school. This shows that he had been suffering from a severe social problem for several years. His mind had stopped maturing. He’s an immature individual who failed to cope up with the basic anonymity and cruelty of life. He hadn’t coped up, that’s why he EXPLODED, and he brought along 32 innocent lives with him.

Crime is one of the harshest facts in life. The only thing to do is to SOLVE it…to search for some relevant clues to get the cause of it and by doing so we can prevent it from happening again. We may HATE this man because of his senseless debauchery, and what he did is definitely UNFORGIVABLE and beyond reason, but then, I guess what he did is a CRY for help (not for him, but for  other human beings out there who are also experiencing and suffering his own dilemma), but it’s just too late…33 lives are lost, and it gives the whole world a lesson: TO TAKE CARE and GIVE IMPORTANCE OF and TO EACH OTHER…Why? Because I have this feeling, that this MAN, never felt being ACCEPTED at all.


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2 thoughts on “Seung Cho is a Paranoid Schizophrenic…

  1. he needed help!I just dont’ understand people like him at all! if he felt that he doesn’t belong or whatever crap he was feeling and needed to kill himself? he shouldn’t have killed anybody else! no point!killing somebody else if he is mad at himself, feeling depressed or whatever! total loser he doesn’t deserved anymore publicity! people like him is a trash in this world and this might sound insensitive but I’m glad his gone one more dumb ass is erased in this chaotic world!

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