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Our Favorite Activities in Boracay Philippines

While Boracay has long been a top international tourist destination, this breathtaking paradise does not fail to amaze people with new adventures whether you want to relax or to unleash your inner daredevil. Thanks to its countless splendid wonders and to people’s ingenuity to make the most out of them, you will never run out of activities to do in Boracay.

From soaking up in loads of water fun and land adventures to getting the best out of your Boracay beach resort and hotel accommodation, here are some of the best activities you can do in Boracay. So take your pick from this list, pack your vacation essentials, and head to Boracay to have a time-off blast.


Re-enact mermaid tales with mermaid swimming

Bring to life your mermaid dreams and channel your inner Dyesebel or Ariel by taking classes in mermaid swimming. Yes, it is no longer restricted to professional mermaid swimmers as one school opened classes for that kind of fantasy. The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy offers private and group sessions where you get to don monofins or mermaid tails. More creative and challenging than your usual swimming, mermaid swimming will not only let you live out your imagination, it will also push you to use your core muscles as your legs will be bound by a monofin. No worries though, all lessons are closely supervised by trained instructors.


Take advantage of your resort and hotel accommodation

Photo Courtesy of Doun via Flickr, Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy of Doun via Flickr, Creative Commons

More than excellent staycation venues, a number of beach resorts and hotels in Boracay also offer water and land adventures such as speed boating, water skiing, and parasailing as part of your guest privileges. To enjoy convenient and thrilling excitement on top of your accommodation, inquire about these activities before booking so you get to compare different deals and select the one that will best suit your preferences and budget.

Upon checking in, ask about details such as schedule so you can adjust your vacation itinerary as needed. Speaking of checking in, Alta Vista De Boracay suggests that you double-check your vacation essentials such as toiletries, phones, sunscreen, snacks, and so on upon your arrival. In case you forgot something, you can bring it up to the front desk along your inquiry into the land and water adventures that they may offer.


Discover more of nature with eco tours

Travel to the off the beaten paths that you have not yet been to by going on eco tours that will take you to the neighboring areas of Boracay. Such eco tours are the perfect alternative for those who would love to experience Boracay vibes, but with fewer crowds. Moreover, ecotourism, as its name implies, upholds eco-friendly travel to protected natural areas, which will fit you if you are on the lookout for more pristine destinations with lush forests and the wildlife. It also boosts the local community by providing livelihood to the locals and making them feel proud of their place. Go spelunking in one of the country’s longest caves, Basang Cave in Nabas, Aklan. Afterwards, bike your way around or rejuvenate in Hurom Hurom’s springs. Experience two more caves in Hacienda Maria in Buruanga, Panay where they also have a majestic waterfall. Visit the nearby island of Antique and cross their famous long wooden bridge.


Row, row, row your board, that is, the stand-up paddle board

Photo Courtesy of Ingrid Taylar via Flickr, Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy of Ingrid Taylar via Flickr, Creative Commons

Inspired by Hawaii’s Hoe he’e nalu, this fun water activity will get you rowing while maintaining your balance on a stand-up board. Using a board that is bigger than your typical surfboard to maneuver shallow waters, this is one great introduction for those who have yet to go full blast with the traditional surfing. Paddle away in White Beach or to take it up a notch, go all the way to Diniwid Beach. If you want it in a different setting, try it on Panay’s slow and meandering river. If the sun gets too much for you, you can always swim every now and then.


Make friends with the locals

Photo Courtesy of Niraj Rajmohan via Flickr, Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy of Niraj Rajmohan via Flickr, Creative Commons

One of the best ways of experiencing life in Boracay is getting to know people who grew up in the area. Aside from the fun in meeting new people, you can get interesting Boracay stories — and tips — from the locals who know the island like the back of their hand. Enjoy a game of Frisbee or skimboarding with them. Join them in their early evening strolls on the beach with the backdrop of the sunset. Also, do not hesitate to ask help whether you got lost or just wanted to try out something new.


These fun and exhilarating activities to do in Boracay will have you experience the different sides of this blissful destination. Select from these to include in your itinerary. You can also use these land and water activities as jumping boards for more adventures so it is important that you leave room for spontaneity. After all, there is always something in store in Boracay to delight you that will surely have you come back for more.


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What is The Right State of Mind: 9 Fundamentals Before Traveling

People have different reasons for traveling. Some seek adventure, while some just want to simply get away. There’s also the thrill of meeting new people, discovering new places, and eating bizarre food. And for these reasons and so many others, travel has become a huge industry. In 2014, the United Nations World Tourism Barometer reported over one billion international tourist arrivals. A compilation of blogs and comments revealed that 32% of people travel out of curiosity. They want to see for themselves how other people live their lives. Gaining outlook and perspective is the second most popular reason for travelers. These are people who have skewed priorities and want a breather to hopefully get things right. The rest travel for adventure, for personal growth, and to see the world. And of course, there are those who travel to one place just to have the bragging rights to say that he’s been there. Whatever reasons one might have, traveling has always been a good thing. The many positive effects of traveling include keeping your heart healthy and your mind sharp, encouraging you to be more sociable, drive optimism, and essentially makes you happier.

But traveling is not easy. Before traveling internationally, there are many things that you should consider such as time off work, money, safety, and even getting your visa approved. Your traveling checklist should not be limited to what you should pack but other traveling fundamentals that actually affect the entire experience. Let’s go beyond what’s in the bag and find out the state of mind that all travelers must have. What are the things you should know about traveling? How can you really prepare for it?


Can you really afford it?

rich, money, coins

Photo courtesy of Stock.tookapic.com via Pexels

You have to be realistic when it comes to your budget. A tour around Europe is nice. It’s a dream come true. But can you really afford it? If you find yourself having to sacrifice amortization payments, bills, and other necessities, then maybe it’s not yet your turn to see the Eiffel tower amid the breathtaking sunset. You don’t want to go broke upon your return. Other money matters include finding out the conversion rate, making sure your credit card will be honored in the country you will be visiting, checking out if there is are entrance and exit fees, and where you should exchange your currency for a higher value.


Safety always comes first

Do not just research about food and attractions. Research about security issues, travel warnings, and advisories in your target destination, too. Read news items regarding demonstrations, conflicts, and tensions if any. Before traveling internationally, download maps for you to be able to locate routes and attractions as early as possible. Before booking a hotel, check if it is located in a safe renting environment. Check if essential services like the police, hospital, or tourism offices are easily accessible in the area. “Safety first” should always be your state of mind.


Prepare for the unknown

nature, outside, hiker

Photo courtesy of Tamas Meszaros via Pexels

Camping is a mystery to some. They say “why would you want to sleep in the woods and pretend you’re homeless?” The same thing goes for travelers. Why go elsewhere just to live a nomad’s life? This is because travelers do not fear the unknown. And that is the first phase in the psychology of travel according to Rupert Wolfe Murray. A traveler must learn how to let go of things at home or he will never appreciate the things that will come his way while traveling. A traveler must prepare to be blown away. How a place will make you feel is something no picture can ever capture. At the same time, not all experiences will be good so you must be prepared to handle disappointments as well.


Be open minded and have the right attitude

Before going out there, make sure that you have the right attitude. Be open-minded about things. It is only then that you will learn how to appreciate and have fun. Every nation has its own ways, practices, and traditions. Immerse yourself in them.


Know before you go

apple, iphone, books

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com via Pexels

Learn a few local lines, read about the people’s history, and research about their culture. Not everything should surprise you. For example, it helps to know that in Japan, it is okay not to give a tip for any service. Read about laws such as in crossing the street or littering. Read about customs such as taking your shoes off when entering a building. You may want to visit the neighboring cities in London too. Learning about a country’s history, culture, and tradition is a way to show respect.


Finding a home

nature, flowers, table

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com via Pexels

As long as you have enough budget, finding a hotel should not be a problem. However, it is best to explore your options. Aside from the usual hotels, you might want to consider short term renting a condo if you will be staying for a week or two. Find out the best condo rental locations for foreigners. Mind the proximity to public transportation and other areas of interests. Make sure it is in a safe environment.


Living with the locals

Interact with the locals as much as you can. This is the reason why learning a few words and sentences should be on your traveling checklist. Observe how they do things. Observe how they interact with each other. Observe how they behave on the train, when they order food, how they go on their daily routine.  Observe every chance you get because only then will you get to understand a nation’s people. No travel story will be complete without interacting with the locals.


A traveler’s perspective

fashion, person, woman

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com via Pexels

You should develop a unique perspective as you go about your travels. Use all your senses. Take things in. Once in a while, put down your camera and see things with your eyes and your heart. You should have a takeaway from every experience. Travel psychologist Dr. Michael Brein says that in traveling, a person must be able to re-examine the present in light of the past. T.S. Eliot wrote: “and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”


Going back to normal

stairs, people, airport

Photo courtesy of gratisography.com via Pexels

It is normal for most people to hate the end of every travel. Going back to work and back to the usual daily is not easy especially if you stayed in a foreign country for a pretty long time. So as much as travelers prepare to travel, they must also be prepared for the moment when they must return. There could be shock or despair. Remind yourself why you are going away in the first place. Because most of the time, travelers embark on an adventure so they can be better versions of themselves when they return.

The fundamentals of traveling do not end with packing, money, or an itinerary. The traveler himself must be prepared.He must be prepared for the before, during, and after. Be open to new experiences, gain perspective, and prepare to be blown away.

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The Language of Traveling: How Experiences Turn Us Into Storytellers

Traveling makes us richer. It makes us richer with memories, experiences, and stories. It makes us richer with moments that take our breath away. We leave the comforts of home and throw ourselves into the unknown all in the name of these priceless moments (or perhaps a new profile picture). We can read all about the places and look at pictures, but concept is so much different from experience.

Traveling isn’t easy, of course. You invest time and money. You prepare yourself to be recklessly thrown into situations you have no control over. But on the other hand, the benefits of traveling are way too many to pass up while you sit in a corner your whole life. Studies claim that traveling is the best medicine — it makes your heart and brain healthier. It keeps you young and it makes your soul happy. Whether you are exploring a new city or relaxing by the beach, the wonder of being in a different place keeps our hearts healthy. A trip to Boracay Island in the Philippines will give you such feels. The warmth of the sun against your skin, the calmness of the beach, and how the sand exfoliates your skin are just some of the health benefits of beach travel. Yes, travel benefits both the spirit and the body.

It also makes us better storytellers. St. Augustine famously said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” The many experiences and memories we gain, both good and bad, make us more informed and aware. That moment when we see a place for the first time and we are speechless is exactly what makes us good storytellers.

The best and most believable storytellers are those who have seen and experienced the world. Here’s how traveling turns us into a storytellers:


The good, the bad, and the breathtaking

Photo courtesy of pulaw via Flickr, Creative Commons

No matter how many travel blogs and reviews you read, nothing will ever prepare you for the things that await you in one place. For example, before traveling to Boracay, you probably know all about the fine white sand and the postcard-worthy sunset, but knowing how the sand feels between your toes and how the sunset makes you swoon is something you have to experience. You have to feel it. You have to see it. Seeing the place for the first time and then falling in love with it over and over again is what makes an experience and it is what makes you a perfect storyteller. You get to tell other people exactly how the sand felt.


Experiences into life lessons

There are thousands of traveling tips that you can easily spot online — what to bring, what to wear, where to go, which hotel accommodation to book, etc. But it is only when you get to the actual place that you realize what you missed to pack. It is only when you experience a place that you get to realize that there are so many other options, so many things you didn’t do or things you did that you shouldn’t have, what to say or not say, etc. These experiences turn into life lessons that make every story more valuable.


Beauty of getting lost

hands, way, guide, tourist

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com via pexels.com

Preparing itineraries, maps, and schedules are a good thing. But getting lost in a new city and roaming free is when we actually discover the most beautiful secrets of a place. The importance of getting lost when traveling ranges from discovery of a place to the discovery of oneself. You suddenly realize that your problem-solving skills are superb. You realize that you are capable of figuring things out on your own and at your own pace. You learn to trust your instincts, you learn to enjoy conversations with locals and other travelers, and you learn that you are perfectly capable of finding your way back.


All of your senses at work

Airport terminal

Photo courtesy of skitterphoto.com via pexels.com

When you travel to a new place, your senses work very hard. You get to know a place by its exotic smell, its quaint sights, and how it feels — does it make you feel happy, giddy, safe, or scared? You go beyond visual details and go into sensory details. As a storyteller, you get to tell it as it is.


Meeting the locals

Locals are a big part of every adventure. Just by being in a bus full of locals will give you a glimpse of the different types of people when you travel — friendly, snobs, busy, tired, etc. You will learn about their peculiarities and what makes them unique just by observing and talking to them. You don’t get to read a lot of those in travel blogs. Traveling isn’t all about places. Most importantly, it’s about the people. You have to speak to the locals and allow them to get to you.


The food is everything


Photo courtesy of poppicnic via pixabay.com

Food says a lot about its people. When traveling, skip the fast food and go for the authentic. When you travel to Boracay, you will realize that Filipinos are all about good food — fat, salty, sweet, and yummy. Healthy? Well, not so much. But fresh seafood? Now we’re talking. You will learn that in this island in the Philippines, food can be a conversation piece and can bring families and friends together. Meals are never quiet and formal. They eat with their hands and you should, too. You can write a book just by tasting a country’s delicacy.


New city, new rules

When traveling, you learn how to balance between allowing yourself to roam free while minding boundaries and restrictions. Rules are very important in telling stories about a place and an experience because they caution against needless hassles. Did you know that building sand castles is no longer allowed in Boracay? Did you know that giving “tips” is frowned upon in Japan? These are reminders that make a trip free from hassles and worries.

The possibilities when traveling are endless. You have to lose yourself. You have to be in the moment. Traveling turns us into storytellers by leaving us breathless and speechless. Experiences and memories fill our stories with sights, smells, and perspective. Traveling gives our stories value, authenticity, and emotions.


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Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn

Doesn’t the mere thought of traveling makes you happy and giddy? While typing “things to do” and “what to eat” in a certain country or city, you suddenly realize how wonderful it is to live. Add a little more something to it like a diploma and a degree and you got the recipe for the most perfect getaway.

It should not be surprising that the number of international students around the world is on the rise. Studying abroad has “lucky” written all over it. It’s not every day that you get to travel while learning. According to a 2009 statistics from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, there are around 3.7 million international students worldwide. UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics finds that the numbers are increasing by 12% each year, which means that as of 2015, some 2.6 million students have had the privilege to study abroad. In short, there are at least six million extremely lucky individuals who get to experience first-hand the benefits of traveling and learning at the same time.

The U.S., European countries, and major Asian cities are among the most popular destinations for international students. Young people get to study abroad via sponsorships, grants, and personal expense. Sometimes all it takes is to fill out that application form and know that there’s more to learning than crashing frat parties and scoring a date with a cheerleader or a football star. Yes, the struggles are real and there will be challenges and you will miss familiar places and faces. But it’s a big world out there. Go out, learn, and have fun.

Whether you are into the romantic, rustic, cultural or modern vibe, there is a very wide and diverse list of the best and coolest countries and cities to choose from, depending on the course or degree and other personal preferences. Here are some of them:

Oooh, Paris!

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 1

Photo courtesy of Foundry via pixabay.com

For the third year running, Paris was ranked number one in the QS Best Student Cities index. The French capital is admired for its architecture and cultural heritage. There are a lot of internationally-ranked universities in Paris that often attract those studying culture, humanities, design and architecture, and also fashion. Do you know what is the common course requirement for studying French architecture? A trip to the Louvre.

The cost of living in Paris is rather high, especially for students, but the tuition fees are relatively low compared to other cities which offsets living expenses. In addition, you can stare and have the cheesiest photo at the majestic Eiffel Tower as often as you want.

Diversity in South Africa

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 2

Photo courtesy of shilmar via pixabay.com

South Africa is among the most culturally and ethnically diverse places in the region. It’s history is also very interesting considering the country’s struggles during the apartheid and colonization. So if you want to learn about cultures, politics, and international studies, South Africa should be on top of your list. Plus, it’s also a great place to study linguistics. Did you know that they have 11 official languages? Nature is also a good discipline because of the wildlife and yes, the safari. And according to Abroad 101, Cape Town, South Africa’s capital, is among the top 10 friendliest cities in the world.

Awesome Australia

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 3

Photo courtesy of pattyjansen via pixabay.com

You’ll never be bored in Australia. It is truly the perfect setting to travel and learn. From the beaches to the rainforests and postcard-worthy sites, Australia is simply a gorgeous country. Most of Australia is known for the beach life, night life and music. And of course, the way humans co-exist with animals.

Among its strong academic programs involve ecology, geology and marine biology. This is mainly because of the country’s varied topography and unique climate. The student population in Australia is large, diverse, and inclusive. There are also a lot of internationally-ranked universities across the country; seven can be found in Melbourne.

Nerdy in Germany

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 4

Photo courtesy of tpsdave via pixabay.com

Germany is a cool destination for students, especially for those interested in the sciences and technology industries. It is a good place to study engineering and business, as it is a leader in both fields. Given its very rich history, Germany is also a good choice to study European politics. Students would also be glad to know that Germany, the world’s fourth largest economy, gives subsidies to foreign students, making it an affordable study destination.

Museums and gardens are aplenty. Beer is also part of the culture.  Party nights can be a little notorious in cities like Berlin.

Lots of lovin’ in Dublin

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 5

Photo courtesy of Clairetardy via pixabay.com

Ireland is a passionate nation. They pack so much pride for their sports teams, history, and heritage. Ireland is enriching on so many levels and it is just a fun country to be in. No wonder that among its strong academic programs are on the romance side — literature and writing. James Joyce, anyone?

Most Irish universities put a lot of academic responsibility on the students. These universities do not cover everything in lectures, and exams are not very popular either. Learning materials are given to students and they have to be responsible enough to go through them. Just a friendly reminder: it rains all the time in Dublin so be prepared. Aside from passport, visa, and other academic requirements, climate is also among the major things to consider when traveling and studying abroad.

A great Spanish mix

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 6

Photo courtesy of JoaquinAranoa via pixabay.com

There are a variety of lessons you can learn in studying abroad. Aside from the course requirements, there is also the rich history and culture. And when you think of the perfect mix of modernity and tradition, Spanish-speaking countries got you covered.

Spain has it all — culture, history, heritage, and tradition. Art, theater, architecture, and linguistics are perfect disciplines. Hailed as one of the most livable cities in the world, its capital Madrid is both enchanting and exotic. It’s very modern and the traveler in you will surely enjoy the awesome nightlife and flamenco dancing.

Argentina is also a good study destination. If you are looking for a Latin American perspective on politics, history, and religion, then Argentina is the place to be. Given the European history of its people, the social sciences are also a strong point. Argentina is also home to a lot of exciting rural areas and vibrant cities that you can explore.

The demand for quality universities in Costa Rica is high because of the high literacy in this Spanish-speaking country. It’s 96%! Costa Rica has a very lush environment, making environment-related fields of study its strong point. In fact, many of its universities sponsor educational trips to research on and explore the vast natural resources.

Royalty in the United Kingdom

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 7

Photo courtesy of pixolga via pixabay.com

The UK is home to some of the oldest and most respected universities in the world, so you are guaranteed to find a really good one. It also home to some of the world’s most notable politicians, economists, scientists, and writers so you could basically study anything in the UK. For the travel part, you can experience royalty in some of the palaces, eat fish and chips, dine al fresco, go crazy over soccer, and fall in love with the cute accent.

Fall easily with Italy

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 8

Photo courtesy of 762090 via pixabay.com

It’s easy to fall in love with Italy over and over again. The food is great and the sites are gorgeous. Every corner is worthy of a selfie and you won’t run out of updates and posts for your social media pages. Art, history, and architecture are good study courses in Italy. There is also Rome for classical history, arts and architecture. Then there’s Milan for fashion.

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity. You get to see the world in a different perspective. You don’t go by an itinerary, but instead slowly take it all in. Do not be intimidated by the thought of studying in a different country. Embrace it like a true citizen of the world.

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Join Cebu International Travel Expo on July 23 to 25 (Press Release)

Cebu International Travel Expo 2015 Waterfront Hotel

CEBU INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL EXPO (CITE), the biggest and the most anticipated travel show in Visayas region, will once again open its doors at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, Lahug on July 23-25, to gather thousands of trade visitors and travel enthusiasts in one place, Globa-link MP Events International Inc., (GLMP) is now its 6th year in organizing the annual event together with the Cebu Association of Tour Operators (CATO) and Cebu Tours and Travel Association (CTTA).

“We were honestly quite overwhelmed with the results that we got for the show last year,“ shared by Patrick Lawrence Tan, CEO of Global-Link MP, regarding CITE 2014. “Cebu has always been our top choice where a travel expo such as CITE could be held. We aim to offer the same exciting deals they do in the big travel show in Manila and make it accessible to the Cebu market. By holding CITE coinciding with Manufacturing Technology Cebu and Print Pack Plas Cebu 2015, greater opportunities for the city’s travel and tourism sector are opened.”

By the end of 2014, the Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 7 Central Visayas surpassed the expected visitor arrivals they initially set, from 3.8 million to 4.8 million, and they are hoping to do this again with 2015 dubbed as the “Visit Philippines Year.” This growth in tourist arrivals is set to create the inflow of investments and maximize business potential for many in the industry. The organizers also emphasized the importance of exploring for continuous development.

“Together with the DOT and our private sectors, initiatives like CITE will help us meet our targets for arrivals and revenue,” Marget Villarica, CITE Exhibit Chairman. “By partnering with GLMP, we are working towards the business approach of tourism through setting an ideal avenue which allows successful businessmen such as in the manufacturing and exports sectors to venture in the tourism industry.”

The newly elected CTTA President, Angelita Dy, shared that for the travel industry to reach its full potential, a lot of work still needs to be done. “We cannot stop despite of our achievements. We must continuously seek for growth, and our members are dedicated to enhance the overall competitiveness and efficiency for the industry stakeholders at CITE 2015,” she added further.

“Over the years, the show results for the regional International Travel Expo (ITE) series have been impressive, including the latest leg that we opened last year, the Manila ITE, which will once again be held as a special feature in the biggest hospitality souring event, the Hotel Suppliers Show 2015, happening on the last week of

September.” Tan noted.

CITE 2015 aims to continuously serve as the avenue for businesses to offer the best deals to consumers. This year features HUMA Island Resorts and Spa, one of Southeast Asia’s last frontiers, in the exotic and exciting tropical paradise of Palawan. Other participating companies include Alveo, Avis Philippines, Las Casas Filipinas, Boracay Regency, Casino Filipino, Cebu Tours and Travel Association, Cebu Association of Tour Operators, Citi, Constellation Travel Inc., Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts, Dakak, Destination Specialist, Grolier International Inc, Hotel Benilde, Philippine Retirement Authority, Rakso Travel, The Lake Hotel Tagaytay, Waterfront Hotels, and many more! Big discounts and big savings plus lot of exciting news await the visitors of the travel expo. Whether it’s for leisure or for business, this is surely one trade event that you wouldn’t want to miss!

The exhibit will be open from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm on July 23 – 24 and from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm on July 25. For information, contact Global-Link MP Events International, Inc. at tel. no. (02) 893-7973 | fax no. (O2) 550- 1148. Free entrance! Pre-register now at http://www.globallinkmp.com/2015-cebu-international-travel-expo/ until July 21.

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Travel Nightmare: The Fear of Not Attaining One’s Bucket List

Nowadays almost everyone has their own bucket list, a phrase derived from the expression “kick the bucket,” which is a term for death. A bucket list represents a breakdown of the things a person wants to do before he dies. Travel is one of the high priorities in most people’s list and they do everything they can to reach the destination of their dreams. For some, failure to complete a bucket list is considered a nightmare, something that they really dread happening. Perhaps because for a lot of people, achieving one’s bucket list ideas has become a pursuit to beat not only oneself but also others.

Photo from Claudio Vaccaro via Flickr

Making and completing the list has become a competition of sorts, with individuals posting travel photos in their social media accounts as proof that they’ve really done it. Attaining a bucket list has somehow become a measure of self-esteem, a yardstick of achievement. There’s also the fear of not being able to enjoy life to the fullest before dying. According to psychologist Linda Blair, the whole business of creating and achieving bucket lists is “a way of denying the idea of death, not coping with it at all. People usually do this to ensure that there are things to look forward to, which means there are things that are still going to happen. My experience warns me that it’s probably done in order to prevent thinking about death.”

Whatever the reason is for your fear of not attaining your bucket list, there’s something you can do to stop it. There are things you can initiate in order to stop fear from paralyzing you and preventing you from ticking items off your list. Here are the steps you need to do in order to achieve your travel goals.

Transform excuses into tasks


Photo from Roderick Eime via Flickr, Creative Commons

It’s human nature to flake out and make excuses for the things that we fail to do. These excuses can be convenient at first but as time goes by, these excuses can have an effect on our overall motivation to achieve things. Slacking off can become a lifelong habit.

You can deal with this by pointing out the excuses you’re making and then turning them into tasks. For instance, if having kids is your primary reason for not traveling, then you can research about the stories of other travelers who have managed to take vacations with their brood. If lack of money is your primary reason, then you should create an estimate of the amount of cash you need to go to your dream destination and figure out ways how you can make that kind of money. If you fear solo traveling, then you can search for inspiring stories about solo travelers to rest your fears about traveling solo.

Change your mindset about traveling


Photo from Geraint Rowland via Flickr, Creative Commons

A lot of people are blinded by beliefs that prohibit them from their travel dreams. These people hold on to the idea that traveling, especially solo journey, is terribly expensive and a selfish, self-indulgent activity. They always think of traveling as an overly complicated hobby. These lines of thinking should be adjusted to accommodate ideas that will encourage them to travel. True, traveling can be expensive but there are ways to travel on the cheap. You can stay at budget accommodations and eat at inexpensive restaurants. No, it’s not true that traveling is a selfish act; there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see the most beautiful beach resorts and experience other cultures. It’s a great way to enrich one’s soul and you owe it to yourself to do so. Yes, traveling can be complicated but patience and practice can make things easier in the long run.

Set specific goals


Photo from Kate Ter Haar via Flickr, Creative Commons

Items on your bucket list look more realistic if you can make specific goals to achieve it. You need to establish a set of criteria in working towards reaching your destination. You can choose a place closest to your current location. You can opt for a place with the least expenses. You can center on that destination that you think you can’t bear to miss out before you die and concentrate all your efforts on it. You can choose a place where you have friends or relatives.

Obsess over the idea


Photo from Colton Witt via Flickr, Creative Commons

There’s bad obsession and there’s the good kind, which can be very helpful in achieving your travel goal. It’s all about finding out what moves you as a traveler. If it’s your ultimate dream to go to Morocco, find people who’ve been there already and ask them stories about the experience. Search travel videos of Morocco and promise yourself that you will see those spots with your own eyes in the near future. Hoard travel books and read them until you memorize everything there is to know about Morocco. Search for the nicest picture of the place and use it as your mobile and computer screensaver. Watch movies that used Morocco as a setting. Doing these things will fuel your passion for the place and will encourage you to give everything you got to reach that destination.

Surround yourself with like-minded people


Photo from Wazari Wazir  via Flickr, Creative Commons

People who are not that enthusiastic with traveling can dampen your spirits and make you hesitate in achieving your travel goals. This is why you should socialize and make friends with travelers or at least people who are really dead set in packing their bags and flying off to somewhere mysterious and exotic. It doesn’t matter if you plan to become a solo traveler or if you prefer to travel with a group. Travelers can give you realistic tips on how to find safe and affordable accommodations, food, and transportation. You can also sign up for forums and clubs that share your level of wanderlust.

Used wisely, bucket lists can help immensely in making you attain your travel goals. Do not see it as means to compete with others in terms of self-esteem and achievement. Travel because you want to see the world and gain experience that will make you happy. There’s no need to compare your bucket list to others; the only competition you need is yourself. Manage your fears and allow yourself to see a brand new world that only brave souls like yourself will be able to enjoy.

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How To Be A Responsible Nomad

Thanks to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms that litter our newsfeeds with so many travel photos, more and more people are encouraged to save up and see the world. According to the World Tourism Organization, the number of international tourist arrivals in 2012 surpassed, for the first time, 1 billion, and is forecasted to reach 1.8 billion in 2030. With the dramatic rise in the number of travelers, concerns over the practice of eco-friendly travel have increased as well.


Photo By Joshua Earle

Make your travels more meaningful. Photo by Joshua Earle via Unsplash

Travel professionals and consumers have both pushed for awareness for sustainable travel in order to minimize the negative impact of travel on host countries and to preserve the natural and cultural resources for generations to come. It looks like those efforts are gaining fruit – a 2010 survey by online travel publisher TravelZoo revealed that more than 90% of U.S. travelers said that they would choose a ‘green,’ environmentally conscious hotel if the price and amenities were comparable to those at a non-sustainable, non-green hotel.

If you’re still new at the rules of environment-friendly travel, check out the following tips for becoming a responsible nomad.



Travel Light

Do you know that the heavier the plane is, the more carbon emissions it will produce during flight? Do your part in reducing this weight by packing light and bringing only what’s necessary. Not only will this help reduce carbon emissions, you will also feel better without the extra baggage weight.

Pack light and be free. Photo by Nick Harris via Flickr, Creative Commons


Treat Your Hotel Like It’s Your Home

A lot of travelers enjoy the excesses that a hotel accommodation provide. We tend to leave the TV and lights on even if we’re not using them. We tend to ask for fresh towels even if we don’t really need them. We tend to take really long baths and showers because water usage comes with the room payment. Being considerate of the hotel’s resources, especially in water and electricity, will go a long way in saving energy.

Conserve water and energy. Photo by London Hotels Insight via Flickr, Creative Commons

If you’re up for something really adventurous, why not try couchsurfing? Thanks to services like AirBnB, homeowners have opened up their dwellings to budget travellers and give them a safe place to sleep in. Imagine the cash you’ll save by not staying in a hotel room.


Avoid Using Plastic

Everytime you ask for extra plastic bags at the store, remember that a bag can take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Same goes for plastic bottles – just imagine those bottles stocked up in garbage landfills. Learn to get used to carrying around reusable shopping bags and reusable water bottles.

Imagine the amount of plastic you don’t have to use. Photo by joebart via Flickr, Creative Commons


Take Public Transport

Taking public transport is cheaper and gives you the chance to interact with the locals. Imagine the amount of carbon emissions you can save from not renting your own car or any type of private transport. This also gives you the chance to see the place up close and you can ask the locals for details. If you’re staying in a city, take the trains as much as possible to save up on costly cab rides.


Try Not Taking The Plane

This applies more to local travel. If your travel destination can be covered by bus rides, try taking that option instead of hopping on a plane. You’ll get to see more of the countryside if you travel by bus.

Photo By Shlomit Wolf

Riding the bus lets you see the sights up close. Photo by Shlomit Wolf via Unsplash


Maximize Group Tours

If you’re still new to the place, why not save yourself the hassle of getting lost by joining a group tour? This ensures that you stay within your itinerary and you can learn interesting stuff from tour guides. Do your research online and scout for group tours that advocate responsible travel.


Eat Local Produce

What’s the point of traveling to a new place if you make a beeline for the nearest McDonalds the first chance you get? Part of the traveling experience is sampling the local cuisine. This also goes for liquor, too. Instead of asking for the same old brew that you drink back home, why not try the local brew? Reward your taste buds and be carbon-friendly at the same time.

Support local. Photo by Maxime Guilbot via Flickr, Creative Commons


Follow The Main Trail

Trails are created for valid reasons. Not only are they designed to keep travelers safe, they also keep travelers away from areas that are considered endangered and therefore should be off limits to people. Veering away from the main trail can bring damage to protected areas, put you in danger, and make other travelers follow your footsteps.


Use Biodegradable Toiletry Products

Organic soaps, shampoos, and other beauty and grooming products are more readily available now so you should have no trouble finding them at your destination, if you don’t have some in your bag already. Aside from being gentle on your skin, it’s also good for the local water system. Encourage your fellow travelers to use them, too, while you’re at it.


Bring And Use Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are one of the must-haves in a traveler’s list. Since you’re bound to use several during your trip, why not buy the rechargeable ones? Garbage heaps around the world are already littered with disposable batteries so don’t add more to it. Mother Nature will thank you immensely for bringing charger and reusable batteries. Make sure to load them up while you’re staying in your hotel room so you will never run out of charge when you’re out and about.

You can do even better than this by using solar-powered gadgets and chargers. Look for backpacks that act as chargers for your batteries and devices.

Recharge responsibly. Photo by Caden Crawford via Flickr, Creative Commons


Buy Local And Handmade Souvenirs

Instead of buying mass-produced souvenirs, you should go for handmade products made by local artisans. Not only is this environment-friendly, you will also contribute to the livelihood of the locals who painstakingly do these pieces by hand.

Making the most out of your dream destination is understandable for a traveler like you but remember that as an inhabitant of this planet, you also have a responsibility to make your travels as environment-friendly as possible. Being conscious of your carbon footprint will make your travels more fulfilling.

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#Vagrant in the streets of #Baguio city. #throwback #street

#Vagrant in the streets of #Baguio city. #throwback #street http://ift.tt/1e4U9oT

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In the #wilderness…NOT. #throwback #photoblogging

In the #wilderness…NOT. #throwback #photoblogging http://ift.tt/1GgJ9Of

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Would love to have a hang out place like this. #throwback #gigantes #oldtree #treehouse

Would love to have a hang out place like this. #throwback #gigantes #oldtree #treehouse http://ift.tt/1JGT6qx

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Popped bubble. #throwback #lighthouse

Popped bubble. #throwback #lighthouse http://ift.tt/1IBVhgx

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What Moves You: The Hidden Story Behind Traveling Alone

A lot of people do not know how to be alone. Some are scared, some feel lost, some feel lonely, and some just feel awkward. Imagine if we elevate that to traveling solo — alone in an unfamiliar territory, surrounded by people you don’t know, trying things for the first time — all by yourself. Sure, it can be daunting but more and more people think traveling on your own can be as exciting.

I need to be in the middle of the mountains on an adventure...right..about...now!

Photo courtesy of django django via Pinterest

And guess who the new power travelers are? Women. A new survey by Booking.com revealed that 72% of American women have traveled alone and most of them feel more confident when doing so. For 65% of women, traveling alone is freedom. Traveling is also how they escape from the pressures of everyday life. And women are not just making these up. Travel really does affect one’s happiness. A Dutch study showed that simply planning and anticipating a vacation can give the largest boost in happiness.

Whoever you are, whatever it is that you do, and whatever your reasons are, do not deprive yourself of the joys of traveling solo. Who knows, maybe you’ll see for yourself what many women travelers are talking about. Here are the many benefits of traveling alone:

Your way, your pace

If you feel like sitting in a café for hours, no one will tell you that you are wasting time. If you feel like exploring seven tourist spots in one day, no one will tell you to slow down. You can wake up very early or sleep until noon. You do it your way and you do it at your own pace. There is no itinerary and even if you made one for yourself, you can just go ahead and break it. No one will drag you to places you don’t want to see and you won’t feel like you have to drag other people, too. You don’t have to adhere to someone else’s schedule.

You will meet more people

Worried about being lonely when you travel solo? Chat with locals and learn something you've never tried before.

Photo courtesy of on the-shooting-star.com via Pinterest

When you travel with your partner or with friends, the tendency is you will always stick with that group. But being alone gives you the chance to be more open. When you are alone, you are more likely to talk to other people even if that only means asking them to take your picture. Reaching out becomes more natural when you travel by yourself.

You are inclined to try new things

Young Wild and Free!! Should I take the leap...

Photo courtesy of poppy-darling.tumblr.com via Pinterest

Aside from meeting new people like the locals, you are more inclined to try new things when you travel alone. You wake up everyday and you ask yourself “what am I going to do today?” There is this urge to go full circle — “I have travelled alone, it’s time I do new things by myself.” You can try bungee jumping or cliff diving and no one will tell you it is way too scary. You can eat exotic dishes and no one will tell you they are not clean. On the contrary, people around you will even cheer you on.

You learn to take care of yourself

This is something that most people learn in their 40s. When you know that you are alone, you always stay on your guard, always alert, and look after yourself. Travelling alone puts us in charge and in many ways, it makes us responsible.

Get as much “me” time as you want

How A Solo Vacation Can Change Your Life. I really need to do this. Just travelling alone to another city for the first time (a mere 5 years ago!) was an eye-opening experience.

Photo courtesy of MindBodyGreen via Pinterest

There is something about “me” time that fascinates everyone. In the same survey by Booking.com, 46% of women want “to get time to myself.” One tip for solo travel if reflection and relaxation are among the agenda, get a hotel that allows you to reflect. You can do this even if you are going on a trip to busy beaches like Boracay in the Philippines. You can get a beach resort accommodation nestled away from the noise and the crowd. A luxurious and serene Boracay hotel accommodation, for example, will give you the space you want to think and reflect.

You are bound to travel light

If you want to see the world -- especially while you're young -- but don't exactly have the funds to do so, you're not alone.

Photo courtesy of Huffington post via Pinterest

No one will help you check in your bags or carry them around. When you are traveling alone, you will (finally) understand the wisdom behind travelling light. Let’s say for example, packing your bags for a Boracay vacation. You will learn to pack only the essential things you need for a Boracay vacation, or for any destination for that matter. You will assess and re-assess what you just really need and you will be surprised you can survive with just a back pack.

You will save money (hopefully)

Since you are on your own, you learn to budget. No one’s going to lend you money when you go short. In many ways, you can find traveling by yourself cheaper. There will be no companions teasing you to try this and that, go here and there, ride a cab when all your budget can afford is the train, or buy more souvenirs.

You develop confidence

10 Mistakes (Solo) Female Travelers Make | Levo League |         lifestyle 2, staying safe, traveling alone

Photo courtesy of levo.com via Pinterest

Traveling alone presents a challenge like that of navigating a new city or that of learning a new language. But with these challenges come renewed confidence. You will overcome these challenges because you have no choice. When self-doubt comes crashing your confidence down, you say, “I have come this far. Why stop now?”

No one will filter the experience

You see the world the way you see it. No one will filter it for you by giving you a different perspective. Even if your views are compatible with that of your companion, the memories you will have of a place or an experience will always be compromised.

You will surprise yourself

Traveling Alone: 10 Relaxing Destinations For Stress-Free Solo Trips (PHOTOS)

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post via Pinterest

At the end of the trip, you are most likely to discover something new about yourself — what you are scared of and what you like best. You will be surprised to find out that you can do certain things by yourself. You will be surprised at how you react to situations. Being alone does that to people. Because you are on your own, you learn to listen to your heart, which is a good start towards self-(re)discovery.

A solo journey is truly empowering. It gives you a stronger sense of self. It also relieves you of stress and tension. Travel has the power to make us happy, to trust ourselves, and to understand and appreciate ourselves more.

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This collage is a tribute to my travel buddy when I went to Gigantes. It’s a pleasure traveling with you, Gen for the very first time since our VN days. Hope we can travel alone in the future, us, girls only. It was also great knowing your boyfie. Keep the flame burnin’. 😃 Until next time. 😉 #travelbuddy #gigantes #island #beach

This collage is a tribute to my travel buddy when I went to Gigantes. It’s a pleasure traveling with you, Gen for the very first time since our VN days. Hope we can travel alone in the future, us, girls only. It was also great knowing your boyfie. Keep the flame burnin’. 😃 Until next time. 😉 #travelbuddy #gigantes #island #beach http://ift.tt/1JETmaV

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A once in a lifetime experience. Chilling beside Mount Pinatubo’s crater. #mountpinatubo #volcano #crater #river #sky #mountain #nature

A once in a lifetime experience. Chilling beside Mount Pinatubo’s crater. #mountpinatubo #volcano #crater #river #sky #mountain #nature http://ift.tt/1A1PJDm

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Human remains inside the Pawikan Cave in Gigantes Sur. #cave #spelunkering #bones #pawikancave #gigantesisland

Human remains inside the Pawikan Cave in Gigantes Sur. #cave #spelunkering #bones #pawikancave #gigantesisland http://ift.tt/1JczqvL

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Can’t get enough. #bantigueisland #sandbar #beach #sea #sky

Can’t get enough. #bantigueisland #sandbar #beach #sea #sky http://ift.tt/1Iia242

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Loving the very clear and cold water in this island’s sand bar. #beach #sandbar #bantigueisland #gigantes #sky #sea

Loving the very clear and cold water in this island’s sand bar. #beach #sandbar #bantigueisland #gigantes #sky #sea http://ift.tt/1OGRqP6

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Bantigue Island. #island #beach #sandbar #sea #sky #summer

Bantigue Island. #island #beach #sandbar #sea #sky #summer http://ift.tt/1HasNaR

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Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines. #baguio #baguiocity #mountaincity #mountain #sky

Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines. #baguio #baguiocity #mountaincity #mountain #sky http://ift.tt/19vABrr

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It’s been 18 days now that I left the island of Pitogo and have been wandering on the road. This is actually the very first time that I travel this long. I’ve been planning for years to travel continuously but been held back by a lot of responsibilities. Now, I can tell that this is only the beginning of my wandering journey. This has been what I’ve been picturing myself for years…to wander…continuously… #wanderer #imnotatraveler #imawanderer

It’s been 18 days now that I left the island of Pitogo and have been wandering on the road. This is actually the very first time that I travel this long. I’ve been planning for years to travel continuously but been held back by a lot of responsibilities. Now, I can tell that this is only the beginning of my wandering journey. This has been what I’ve been picturing myself for years…to wander…continuously… #wanderer #imnotatraveler #imawanderer http://ift.tt/1AQAGvp

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It took us almost 8 hours to arrive here. Hello Baguio! I’ll explore you tomorrow. For now, I need a power sleep. So very, very tirrred. #art #baguio

It took us almost 8 hours to arrive here. Hello Baguio! I’ll explore you tomorrow. For now, I need a power sleep. So very, very tirrred. #art #baguio http://ift.tt/1FpKDG7

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Readying for our long road trip tomorrow. Not sure though if that’s the right travel time. It would be our first time together going to Baguio. :-) #map #olongapotobaguio #baguio

Readying for our long road trip tomorrow. Not sure though if that’s the right travel time. It would be our first time together going to Baguio. 🙂 #map #olongapotobaguio #baguio http://ift.tt/1EmvlQV

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Enjoying the view here in Subic. Still, nothing beats our bloody beaches in Bohol and Cebu. #Subic #beach #sea

Enjoying the view here in Subic. Still, nothing beats our bloody beaches in Bohol and Cebu. #Subic #beach #sea http://ift.tt/1EgyHVD

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Spent our afternoon at the famous Annawangin, Cove. #zambales #cove #beach #annawangincove #sand #sea

Spent our afternoon at the famous Annawangin, Cove. #zambales #cove #beach #annawangincove #sand #sea http://ift.tt/18DDOUp

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Currently staying here in Pundaquit, Zambales. We went to Capones Island this morning. #zambales #island #caponesisland #capones #sea #beach

Currently staying here in Pundaquit, Zambales. We went to Capones Island this morning. #zambales #island #caponesisland #capones #sea #beach http://ift.tt/1NOSi4G

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