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Why the weather is so cold?

I just got home from work and my lips are cracking because I forgot to put a lip balm when the AC were freezing our asses up in the office.  The wind was so chilly when I came out from our office building several minutes ago.  It was like December nights outside.  The wind is actually colder than the December ones.  I’m wondering why it’s really, really cold.  Is it because of the global warming?  The glaciers in the northpole are slowly melting and continents in the south are being affected?  I’m actually very lazy to read news nowadays.

Anyways, few more days to go and I will be a year older, and I really hate the idea.  If given a choice I would want the days to move on eternity, but not the year.  But thinking such kind of crappy thing is definitely useless.  Nevertheless, I’m forever grateful to God for this another year.  Though I’ve never been attending church masses these past few years, I can still feel the abundance of blessings that I and my family have received for the whole year 2008.  The blessings are actually countless and this is one of my ways of thanking Him.  Xie Xie, Xie Xie, Xie Xie!

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End of December Wrap Up

[mwrap][dcap]T[/dcap]ime flies so fast I merely noticed it. Christmas was just over and New Year is just a couple of days away. Sayonara 2008, Ne Hao 2009! I’ve been busy with my crappy addiction of wrinkle-tear-jerker stuffs that I got no time to post anything here. I even became a gluttonous machine I suddenly have the phobia of looking at my face in the mirror. And because I feel like a walking Buddha, I noticed that I don’t socialize that much lately. Oh crap! Am I going back to my old-boring introvert self? Jia You EOD, this is not the time to accommodate set backs and personality problems!

Some people would definitely laugh at me if I’ll tell them that I’m an introvert and I really hate socializing and being observe at. Though I already surpassed that phase, I could still feel the old me kicking persistently, trying to slow down and change my current way of perceiving the world around me. Man, this is really getting creepier. I can’t believe I’m retrospecting at this very bloody moment. I should wake up now before I could scare myself away. Lolers!

Chrismas Dinner with Friends

Anyways, we had a Christmas dinner last Saturday with my friends at Moon Cafe. These people are the same mortals I hang out with since 2006 at a small beach resort in Marigondon(though we were in a big group that time). Titah Binky(she’s not really a “titah”, but I’m fond of calling her that way) was there with her usual authoritative and kinky self. Hehehe. I really look up at her because she really has this strong personality that could convince you that there’s really no point of being a coward. Manash, my close friend for almost nine years who I despised a lot at our first few meetings way back 2001. I can’t believe that she’ll become one of my few treasured friends since I really didn’t like her before. I guess I tend not to like her that time because she’s too much of an extrovert. Up close she’s really the type of buddy whom you can bring and hang out with anywhere. Her openness and high degree of friendliness attracted mobs of men, you can’t help yourself to wonder how she managed to accommodate them all(Hehehe. Peace Nash!).

Kiere was also there. I was a bit shocked when I saw her wearing a scarf and black tops and jeans. I was wearing the same though my scarf was of different color. I’ve also seen this mortal’s ups and downs in life. Though I know that she had coped up well, I can still feel the burden she’s carrying inside her until now. She actually cries a lot and very emotional. I guess we are in the same wavelength though I could say that I managed to avoid that kind of stuff for almost a year now. We actually had a lot of misunderstandings before, but we have quickly settled them down.

Blueberry and Gtboi were also there. I mentioned them as one since they are a couple and it would be awkward to mention them individually. Blueberry and I are friends for almost three years now. This girl awed me a lot because she has done a lot of impossible things that I can’t imagine myself doing. She’s definitely not your average type of lady. We really want to name her baby girl Blueberry Cheesecake, but it sounds crazy and cheesy. I wish her well and a safe delivery this coming March. Jia You, Jia You bai! Hehehe.

The people who were supposed to go there, but failed are Tats, Wasted and Caloi. Hmmmn…It was actually Tats who suggested to hold the dinner at 27th, but he’s the one who failed to come. He texted that he’s on his way to Zamboanga to attend the funeral of a relative. How sooo Gabino Ang! Caloi, on the other hand, had a Team Building, and Wasted spent her holiday vacation in Butuan(her hometown). Titah Binky texted Khalai and Twistedsui, but as usual they didn’t manage to come. We also texted and called Isda, but I guess he’s busy since he didn’t answer our call nor reply to our text message. We also missed Nabet and Pepe. They are busy making themselves rich in Singapore. Hehehe. Other people whom I haven’t seen since that first Christmas gathering in 2006 are Xidvicious, and Captain Poloi.

After our dinner at Moon Cafe we went to KartZone. We didn’t like the atmosphere there so we transferred to Off Roads.

Meme Disney Land

I guess I overly exaggerate when I stated that I didn’t socialize a lot. I did went to a meme disneyland last 20th to 21st of December and I did enjoyed the whole day tour though it was very exhausting. I arrived around nine in the morning and I was a bit embarrassed because they were all waiting for me(to think the only one I know in the group is my friend). The next day, my friend was forced to watch a Shoujo series since he got no other choice. I actually have an unpleasant reminder from that trip. I bumped my right leg into the sharp edge part of the antique table in one of the spots we visited. It really hurt a lot and as I checked it now it left a hideous coloring at my upper thigh.

Monkey Networks Christmas

Banilya, Vanilya, Balila, Banana…Hahahaha! Our company’s name is sooo unique, it garnered lots of bloopers. Now, I’m calling it Monkey Networks so that everyone will be happy. Our company is actually the very first tenant who occupied the TGU building here in IT Park and we are also the very first tenant who used their lobby. It is where we held our Christmas Party.

Banana Networks Christmas

Banana Networks Christmas

What a very long post! Xie Xie everyone for reading and visiting. Jia You, Jia You!![/mwrap]

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