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Who is the Better Cebu City Mayor – Tomas Osmeña or Mike Rama?

Photo Credit: www.everythingcebu.com, www.123people.com

I’ve heard lots of feedback from each of their loyal followers, yet who can really say which one performs better?  These two well-known political figures who used to be “buddies” constantly bicker and throw all sorts of accusations at each other, which result to massive negative public impression towards them.  But, which of the two performs better as a Cebu City Mayor – Tomas, who served us for 9 years or Rama, who has already served us for 2 years and is still the current Mayor of the city?

Participate now in our poll and make your choice.  Our poll area is located at the left sidebar.  Once you’re done voting, try to comment on this blog-post and share the reason/s why you chose Osmeña or Rama.

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