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Doctor Stranger Episode 17 – The Shattering of Jae Hee’s Pretense

I decided to review Doctor Stranger even though it’s already too late because it causes so much disturbance in my Kdrama routine.  If I’ll rate this series, story-wise, I can’t even include this in my top 15 best dramas.  Honestly, I have second thoughts if I’m gonna recommend this to anyone.  I still have to see the ending before I’ll decide if this drama is worth anyone’s time.  As of this writing there are 2 more episodes to go until the finale.  This series will end next week, Tuesday night.

Though I enjoyed the medical suspense part, the utterly obvious plot holes, illogical character development, and ridiculous storyline are just too much. I can’t even blame those people who sputter profanities and rude comments against this series, because same as me, they are also just hugely disappointed.  (The only two major aspects that redeemed this drama are the main actors and actresses performance and its cinematography.)  But, why do I waste so much time watching this  if I hate it a lot?

Actually, I just discovered that you can really hate a drama and still continue to watch it because you are quite interested on how all the craziness will end. Also, if weird things occur – such as you, rooting for the 2nd female lead for the first time in your over a decade of voraciously consuming “gazillion” of drama series, you just couldn’t stop because it is such a bloody mystery that needs to be solved.

 The Sizzling Chemistry between Park Hoon and Oh Soo Hyun

Who can't resist this sizzling and steaming chemistry! Aissh, my monitor is fogging. lol!

Who can’t resist their sizzling and steaming chemistry! Aissh, my monitor is fogging. lol!

I am shockingly one of those thousands of delusional fans who are shipping Park Hoon and Oh Soo Hyun to end up together.  So weird because in my over a decade of watching Kdramas I never shipped a 2nd female lead but DS breaks this record.  This is a history in the making! Lol!  In my over a decade of watching Asian dramas, this is the very first bloody time that I love the 2nd female lead character (Oh Soo Hyun) and hate the first female lead (Jae Hee).  I root for Soo Hyun like a lunatic that I want Jae Hee to disappear for good. Hahahaha! (My attachment to these fictional characters are getting weirder and weirder.)

Jae Hee is Leaving Hoon Soon and Tells Soo Hyun that He Loves Her

Soo Hyun and Jae Hee's confrontational scene in episode 17.

Soo Hyun and Jae Hee’s confrontational scene in episode 17.

In episode 17, I had finally deciphered Jae Hee’s ultimate intention.  All along I’ve been doubting her motives for coming to  South Korea.  Her role as a North Korean spy (who is in cahoots with the Prime Minister  to put the President in coma) has a very clear mission to fulfill, and rekindling her romantic interest to Park Hoon is just part of the show to finish it.  Poor Hoon.

Jae Hee’s confession to Soo Hyun that she will be leaving soon confirmed my suspicion that there’s a higher probability that the ending of this series won’t veer away from the original ending in the book (Doctor Stranger is based in a best-seller book – Northern Doctor). In the book, Park Hoon will end up with Soo Hyun.  I just wish that they’ll incorporate a time jump, and later on we’ll see Hoon and Soo Hyun happy together as a couple and are successful in their career as thoracic surgeons.

In this episode, Jae Hee also told Soo Hyun that Hoon is the reason why her father died.  That Hoon killed her father to save her and she’s not sure anymore if she can still continue loving him despite all the things that happened between them. She then told Hyun that Hoon really loves her and he just hasn’t realized it yet.  She asked Soo Hyun to wait for him because later on Hoon would eventually realize his feelings.

Jae Hee talking to Lollypop guy about their mission.

Jae Hee talking to Lollypop guy about their mission.

It’s clear as blue sky now that Jae Hee has no intention in staying with Hoon after her mission.  She said that she will be going back to Japan.  Her coldness to Hoon in this episode mirrors her reactions in that flash back scene in episode 5 (Hoon chasing her inside the hospital while she intentionally avoided him).  Her facial expressions in that scene showed contempt and disgust towards Park Hoon. Jae Hee’s pretense has now been shattered.  Oh, YEAH!

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Doctor Stranger Episode 16: Review, Thoughts, and Reactions

Oops! You’re not lost. This is still my blog. Incorporating dramas and gore movie topics in this blog has been part of my content plan long time ago, but I excused myself for always being “too busy” that I never had a time to do it.  Yet, I’m doing it now. *claps*

Though I’m now too late to start reviewing this messy series that has disturbed my normal Kdrama routine, I still want to get on and ride along with the “crazies” who decided not to drop it until the very last episode.

What is Doctor Stranger?

Doctor Stranger - Park Hoon Episode 16

It is a Kdrama series that tells the story of Park Hoon, a genius thoracic surgeon (who was raised in North Korea) and his struggles to find his first love (who was separated from him) while living a new life as a doctor in one of South Korea’s most respected hospitals.

This series (as of this writing) is still currently airing in South Korea with 4 more episodes left before it will end. If you want to catch up what happened from episode 1 to 16, do an intensive reading here.

Episode 16: My Review, Thoughts, and Reactions

Just when I started to give up that there’s no hope left for Park Hoon and Soo Hyun to be the end game, this episode sparks new probability for their tandem. But, how could this become possible when the story is now focusing on Seung Hee/Jae Hee’s noble idiocy to self-sacrifice herself to save Hoon and his mother? Realistically, pretty much too little possibility if I’ll believe that what the screen writers want to do is actually what they will do.

Park Hoon and Soo Hyun as the End Game

Park Hoon and Soo Hyun - Doctor Stranger

In a scale of 1 to 100, the probability that this will happen is well below 20%. Although I still want to believe that there’s a bigger chance that my favorite tandem will end up together, looking at how the story progresses, there’s only a slim chance that my wish and my fellow “quackers” wish will come true. Anyway, despite these, I still don’t lose hope. It’s not over ‘til it’s over.

Does Hoon Has Developed Some Deeper Feelings for Soo Hyun?   

Park Hoon wanting to text Soo Hyun - Doctor Stranger                     

In this episode, the screen writers are actually playing with the minds of HoonHyun shippers. Showing us scenes where Hoon is conflicted and battling with himself if he’ll text Soo Hyun or not, showing that he is bothered and uneasy and keeps on checking his phone. And then we see him defending Soo Hyun against a thug, comforting her while she cries, and lying to Seung Hee/Jae Hee when asked if he’s with the former. If these are just mere trolling, and not part of the plot to decide who will end up with whom, then I’ll say fuck you DS screen writers! You’ve been trolling us since episode 3 and now those are all just for NOTHING?

Does the Prime Minister Take Seung Hee Seriously?

Prime Minister Jang and Seung Hee - Doctor Stranger

One of the main reasons why I’ve been wanting to drop this series since earlier episodes is the inconsistency of the plot that it loses its logic and credibility. Nevertheless, I decided to continue for the sake of knowing what will happen next. Honestly, I remain mainly because I ship Hoon and Hyun. But, although I’m focusing my attention to the romance part of the drama, I still can’t shake off how the politics and conspiracy plot annoy the fucking shit out of me.

In this episode, I feel like a 5-year old while watching Seung Hee orchestrated a deal with Prime Minister Jang. I can’t help but cringed because it is just very laughable. How come a North Korean spy with less than 2 years’ experience can threaten a very powerful man with 30 years of scheming and connection to back him up?

Seung Hee’s character shamed and destroyed the reputation of spies and covert agents (say hi to Carrie Mathison and Evelyn Salt) in the world of fictional espionage and detective stories. The mere fact that she told the prime minister that she had already revealed their grand plan to his enemy (Park Hoon) is already an epic failure. The actress who plays the role didn’t manage to convince me that she’s actually talking about a very secret mission to South Koreas 2nd most powerful man.  Also, when she threatened the prime minister about his plan to become the next president, I wanted to smash my head on the wall. What are you talking spy? How could you guarantee that the North Korean government will go along with your plan when you’ve already betrayed them? Oh, come on!!

I did a face-palm while I watched the rest of the scene.

My Reaction to Those Who Assassinate Soo Hyun’s Character

Soo Hyun slapped by a thug - Doctor Stranger

I only have one thing to say – just wait and see. I’m still not changing my prediction that she’s the dark horse in this whole grand conspiracy between North and South. Wait and see, and be careful, Soo Hyun’s will gonna kick some more nuts in the next episodes to come. Bam, bam, bam!

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Kang Hose <3 Jang Saebyuk 102

Fan-made photo uploaded by Lhyna Chellzya McEachran at the You Are My Destiny Facebook Fanpage

She knocks on your car that rainy day.  She begs you to bring her to the hospital. You thought she’s crazy.  She arrives at your arranged marriage meeting that very fateful day.  You thought it’s just very coincidental.  You found out that she’s just a poser.  You hated her for that.  You hated yourself the most because you’re falling for her.

You asked her if she has feelings for you.  You were so disappointed when she answered none.  You gave in to your parents’ will and got engaged to someone else.  You thought you will forget about her, but it’s actually the opposite.

You defended her when she was accused of plagiarism.  You rescued her from the wilderness when she was lost.  You tried your best to protect and showed her how much you care.  But your efforts just vanished to thin air.  You’re engaged and you can’t do anything.  You become tired of your limited freedom.

You broke the engagement.  Everyone around you kept blaming her.  They hated her because she’s the main cause of the chaos you made.  You decided to go to America.  You asked those people whom you can trust to keep an eye on her.  You promised her that you’ll never let her go the second time you two will meet  again.

You found out that her new family kicked her out.  You left America and tried to find her.  You’re too worried of her whereabouts.  You searched for her everywhere…  And at last, you found her.  You would never let her out of your sight again.  You would never leave her behind.  You two will always be together.  You two will face together the harsh conquences you tried to escape.  You two will make it through.  Kang Hose, Jang Saebyuk

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