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The Disgruntled Customers of Groupon Philippines

I was recently browsing some news feeds from friends in my personal Facebook account when I saw a former colleague venting her anger about being cheated and deceived by Groupon Philippines.  I checked the page where she posted her complaint and I was greeted by too many posts with the same tone of frustration and disappointment.  I tried checking Google to see if there are bloggers who posted about the company’s poor customer service and I found this one.

A screenshot from the blogger’s blog post

The blogger is quite angry because her sister’s credit card doesn’t receive any refunds from Groupon Philippines after being charged of an unattainable deal.

“On January 23, 2012, my sister used my account (with my permission) and her credit card, purchased five vouchers for “All You Can Eat Buffet with Bottomless Iced Tea for P450 (P900 value) at Imperial Palace Suites (Up to 51% off)”, which she planned to use on her birthday.

On January 24, 2012, we called Imperial Palace to make a reservation for January 25, but lo and behold, we were told that they were not accepting weekday reservations. The deal did not mention this or my sister would not have bought the vouchers in the first place. My sister is a lawyer and she is very keen to details.We read and re-read the deal on the site and the voucher to make sure we didn’t miss something.”

It is very obvious that this customer service problem has been existing for quite some time yet it seems like the company doesn’t give any satisfactory solution to appease their customers.  Below is the only recent message from Groupon Philippines posted on their Facebook fan page.

My former colleague purchased a watch and a bag from them on April but until now she hasn’t received her orders yet.  She tried contacting them through all means but received no feedback from the company.  All other recent comments on their Facebook page are the same.

See more customer complaints on their Facebook fan page.

I hope Groupon Philippines will settle these disputes as soon as possible.  It seems like the company’s philosophy (we treat our customers the way we like to be treated) has now backfired.

P.S: To Groupon Phillipines: If you are treating your customers this way, then expect that you will also be treated the same way.

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5 Reasons Why I Prefer Palawan Pawnshop over Other Money Transfer Services

Palawan Pawnshop Money Transfer Service Philippines copy

I’m a returning and loyal client of Palawan Pawnshop.  Do you want to know why?

I’ve already been to lots of money transfer services and most of them didn’t meet my expectations.  Some have very rude clerks and others employed security guards who are not trained how to treat a customer properly.  Others, on the other hand, have unnecessary rules that make the lives of customers difficult, to the point of ruining their day.

I believe that money transfer services, aside from the obvious responsibility of keeping and safely transferring their client’s money, have to be very careful in handling their customers during transaction process.  Unfortunately, some of these money transfer service providers are doing the opposite.

Below are my reasons why I prefer Palawan Pawnshop over other Money Transfer Service providers.

5. They give reasonable consideration to customers – Compared to other money transfer services, it is only in Palawan pawnshop that I experience hassle-free transactions.  They only need one identification card to check your identity and you are good to go.  Others would ask you all sort of IDs and even require you to photocopy them for the sake of this and that.  They are more concerned to the customers’ needs than just being paranoid of being faked by someone.  Well, who would fake an identity just for the sake of getting PHP 500? I have this very bad experience in one local money transfer service that I blog in here.

4. Clerks and guards are customer friendly – I really, really hate going to these money transfer service providers who employed unfriendly guards and clerks.  They have this annoying attitude of checking you out as if you are a thief.  In Palawan Pawnshop, I am at ease doing my transaction because they are genuinely friendly and don’t have the habit of meddling with other people’s stuff.  The guards also don’t interfere with any transaction if his attention is not needed.

3. Quickest money transfer – Once your transaction has been processed, it will just take a few seconds and your money can be claimed already.  They have a centralized system that records all transaction in one database.  Once you send money here from Cebu, it will automatically reflect in their system, enabling their branch, for example in Manila, to know that you transferred this amount of money.  Your loved ones in Manila can then claim the money you sent.

2. Dual confirmation through texts – Once the transfer of money to a specific branch is done, you will receive a confirmation through text that your money has already been sent, and at the same time, the money receiver (i.e. your wife) will also receive a confirmation through text that someone has sent her money through Palawan and it is now available for claiming.  Also, after your money has been claimed, your will receive another text, confirming that the money you sent has been successfully claimed.

1. Very affordable money transfer rate – Compared to other money transfer services, Palawan Pawnshop has maintained lower and more affordable rates.  This is because in spite of promoting their services through very expensive advertisements, they choose to improve their customer service relations instead.

One thing that most businesses forget is that, their customers are their services’ or products’ best promoters.  It’s a shame some are relying on their millions of pesoses TV ads, and celebrities who haven’t even used any of their services.

Photo Credit: BSP

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Cebuana Lhuillier’s Unnecessary Policy

“I will never do any money transfer transaction with Cebuana Lhuillier!”

I was really pissed off this morning when I accompanied my friend to get his money from a Cebuana Lhuillier’s branch somewhere in Colon.  We actually expected that we can get the money right away just like any other “money transfer” services that we already tried.

The security guard asked him if he has a Cebuana Lhuillier card and he said none because it was his very first time doing a money transfer transaction there.  The lady behind the counter asked for an ID, but told him that it is not valid because it’s not his present company ID.  We were a bit disgusted why it would matter if it’s not his current company ID.  The basis of the ID is just to verify that he is the person who is authorized to claim the money and most importantly, he has the unique transaction code.  Unfortunately, Cebuana Lhuillier’s strict policy doesn’t allow their customers to claim their money if their ID is not valid (according to their new “bank-like” standard which is too much a hassle and brings inconvenience to customers).

To make the story short, three hours later, we managed to bring someone who has a valid ID, asked the sender of the money to change the recipient’s name to that of the former, and sighed in relief that at last, the money can now be claimed.  But, for the very last time the friggin’ strict company policy intercepted.  We were told that they need a photocopy of the ID before we can claim the money.  WTF!  After claiming the bloody money, we swore that we will never do any money transfer transaction with Cebuana Lhuillier.  Why would we when there are lots of better and hassle-free money transfer services out there?

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