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Frugal Living & Entrepreneurship Is Possible

It’s remarkable to see that mainstream entrepreneurs have emerged at a time when the economy is going through financial crisis. This proves the notion that there is opportunity in adversity. This post examines how creating your business is one of the main ways of ensuring your financial security.

The buzz of micro-ecosystem

There has been a lot of innovation when it comes to minimizing the size of devices and expanding their capacity. Take smartphones for that matter or nanotechnology which is harboring a lot of potential ranging from healthcare treatments to use in the textile industry. This diversity shows the value created by making the access of technology easier.

You don’t need to come up with big ideas or massive inventions. Now, it’s the era of the micro-innovations or modification of existing technology to make it better. Smartphones or similar technologies have spawned off profit incentives. For example, app development is a massive business. Similarly, healthcare is now being defined by having better and bigger databases for treatment. All these factors indicate that there’s a looming opportunity in the micro-ecosystem.

Self-employment and being frugal-the connection

The philosophy is pretty simple. If you can control your cash, winning in business is a possibility. Since you are frugal, you won’t have the urge to spend unnecessarily. The element of research becomes important here. You have to identify a niche or an area which has not been maximized or used by existing entrepreneurs. This will allow you more room for growth.  It was generally thought that entrepreneurs spend big to win big. However, safe play has churned out the best results for many.

Understanding consumer behavior

The advent of social networking as well as free access of data on the internet has allowed entrepreneurs to analyze the target market in a refined manner. These channels have created businesses, for which, the target market is entirely virtual. This means that the opportunity is always there for you to grab. A frugal entrepreneur has a potent mixture of caution and motivation to succeed.

He would opt for term life insurance for ensuring some financial security while he could possibly use his retirement saving to invest in a business. With the consumer behavior is changing over a period of time; it is quite possible to examine it closely. After doing so, prediction can be made as to which side the market would turn.

Previously, such statistics were decided or predicted by a team of analysts trained in consumer psychology, but now, if you engage on social media, you can know the interests of people in your interaction zone, and this is where you can go for the kill. This is how consumer tips for various products/services are made.

The Paradigm Shift

The global economics has shifted from huge corporates to a multitude of profit earning micro set ups. The works in microfinance landed a Noble Prize in economics a few years back. The way down the road is still clear for people who want to do their business.

The competition is there, but the cost of living is also on the rise day by day. The ideal alternate exists in the form of having your own business. The idea is that in order to save money, you need to earn money.


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Cebu Grabs Again the Top 9 Spot for Tholon’s Best Outsourcing Destination

Note:  This is a guest post by a fellow blogger, Carol Wilson.

Screenshot from Tholon’s Top 100 List

This year, Tholons, a global outsourcing advisory firm, named Cebu number nine on its top 100 list of established outsourcing destinations. Cebu ranked higher than all other locations in the Philippines and most locations in India. Business process outsourcing has definitely become a huge part of the economy in Cebu and Cebu City in particular, and outsourcing in Cebu is only expected to grow over the next several years.

Foreign businesses are attracted to Cebu for a lot of reasons. Because the cost of living in the province is so low, businesses are able to save money when they hire Cebuano workers. Additionally, since Cebu is an IT and academic hub in the Philippines, Cebuano workers are appealing because many of them can perform complex business tasks. Businesses are also flocking to Cebu because most people who live there speak English and have a solid understanding of Western culture.

IBM, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Infosys, Epson, Microsoft, Wipro, and Lexmark all currently outsource to Cebu, and the number of major companies who are realizing the value of working with Cebuano workers is steadily growing. There are presently more than a hundred businesses that provide outsourcing services in Cebu. Cebuano employees perform customer service and clerical duties as well as more complex tasks such as graphic design, programming, and medical billing and coding.

Tens of thousands of Cebuano citizens are now employed in the business process outsourcing industry. As new students graduate from Cebuano colleges each year, more and more highly educated and skilled young people sign up for work at outsourcing companies and continue to build the reputation of Cebu as a leading destination for business process outsourcing.

Unfortunately, Cebu does have some challenges to face before it can become the number one business process outsourcing destination, especially because the competition in many surrounding areas of Asia is fierce. Unfortunately, many businesses outsource to India because it is better known for its quality outsourcing companies than the Philippines. Additionally, occasional power outages in Cebu cause problems with the province’s ability to be productive and completely reliable. Cebu will have to work to continue to build its reputation as an outsourcing leader to make it to the top of the heap.

Outsourcing is definitely on the rise in Cebu, and it will continue to be on the rise. What’s uncertain is whether or not this lovely island in the Philippines will still be an outsourcing leader in ten years. Fortunately, Cebuano workers are talented and skilled enough to deliver the results businesses are looking for. So, the future seems bright for outsourcing companies in Cebu.


About the Guest Author

Carol Wilson is a versatile guest blogger who primarily writes about global business trends and finance. When she’s not writing for sites like businessinsurance.org, she enjoys reading about politics and fashion.

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World markets fell over US debt deadlock fears – Predicting the future in 2012

It was during summer 2011, nearly 4 years since the economic downturn began that the US economies and the countries of Europe continued to struggle as the markets were roiled by the fears of new setbacks, defaults and other possibilities of yet another double-dip recession. Behind this turmoil in the US and the other economic powers like Europe lay many economic factors among which the most important is the stubbornly high unemployment rate in the US, the partisan fight in Washington over the raising of the federal debt ceiling and the sovereign debt crisis in Europe. The harsh decision of chopping off a notch from the pristine credit rating (AAA) and its aftermath was also an influencing factor behind this gross financial crisis. The US government is not only drowning in a sea of debt but the consumers are also rushing to the professional debt settlement firms in order to lower their personal debt ceiling and stay on the right financial track.

Apart from all the aforementioned signs, the clearest trigger was when the Commerce Department released the report that said that the gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of 1.5% in the second quarter of 2011 and this was way below the prediction of the analysts. The Commerce Department also revised the annual rate of the 1st Quarter to 0.5% from the earlier estimates of 1.8%. While the debt debacle paralyzed the entire America, this entire phenomenon even caused jitters in all the power corridors from Brussels to Beijing and the stewards of the world’s largest economies are very much anxious for a compromise to keep the finances from collateral damage.

China was probably the hardest hit when the US was going through this tough economic phase as it held the largest amount of Treasuries of at least $1.17 trillion and they even called a blistering attack on Washington as this showed height of irresponsibility. While this donkey and elephant fight between the Americans continued, the worst part of this saga was that this affected the well-being of many other countries. The officials in Europe were very diplomatic as they archly called the American leaders who admonished them about the messy politics of the continent’s debt crisis.

If the American leaders want to see a better future in 2012, they have to leave behind the threats of credit downgrades and the implosion of the Euro zone. The markets are gradually showing marked signs of improvement with the expected jobless figures and the Labor Department said that the weekly unemployment benefit applications have dropped for the 4th time in the last few weeks. Therefore, with such improvements within the US economy, we can certainly forget the fears of the economy backsliding into yet another recession.

Apart from the economies, the business organizations are also bracing a tough ride as the economy is going through the unexpected turmoil through the last few months. However, though the US government is taking all the steps in order to get back on the right financial track, the world economies are still skeptical about the future of the economy but still have not lost their hope on the actual economic superpower.

This article is a guest post by Rick Murphy, a contributory writer associated with debtconsolidationcare.com. He holds his expertise in the Debt industry and has made significant contributions through his various articles.

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Business Process Outsourcing and its Impact to Third World Countries

Business Process Outsourcing has completely revolutionized the way entrepreneurs execute transactions in business. It has also engendered alternatives for industrialized countries that can now focus on reducing capital and labor costs. BPO has impacted different countries in different ways but its impact is more palpable in the third world countries that are focusing on raising their socio-economic development. This impact has generated the will to look at business process outsourcing as something ‘revolutionary’.

Does Business Process Outsourcing maintain Socio-economic Balance?

The issues of rising costs and cost cutting are increasingly becoming significant in a business environment. Thanks to the business process outsourcing that has revamped the revenue for third world countries. Industries over the time have been putting a barrier to draw a line between the rich and the poor and this is undoubtedly, a result of the age-old disparities that always exist in the social strata. BPO contributes big time by uplifting the status of the poorer countries and it’s also believed to trim down the income of the wealthier nations.

How Business Process Outsourcing enters Overall Development Picture?

Not many realize the benefits that business process outsourcing blesses third world countries with. There is no dearth of activists who take it to the streets and make hue and cry by demanding equality between rich and poor. These are the same people who want exploitation to stop and corrupt officials to step down immediately. This is how and when business process outsourcing manages to enter the real picture of overall development.

Even if admittance to this industry is based on certain qualifications, it can’t be denied how business process outsourcing has opened up doors for employment opportunities in the third world countries. Data entry, back end office, medical transcription and the count is on!

Business Process Outsourcing impacts Third World Countries But How?

And this is true regardless of the nature of work within this industry! Business process outsourcing has transformed the fortunes of the third world inhabitants. Labor has migrated from West to East. Now countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and India can enjoy the benefits of industry level wages, without any risk of migrating abroad. Onshore process outsourcing is just a fraction of western commercial sector.

Future of Business Process Outsourcing in Third World Countries

Economists carry different opinions on the impact of globalization and outsourcing to the third world countries. Companies that belong to the rich companies are expected to intensify offshore process outsourcing in future – credit goes to amazing cost advantages! This process will benefit third world countries more; job gains resulting from outsourcing and earnings would cancel out the negative impact of the ‘brain drain’ in third world countries. Both the parties shall witness a more win-win situation in the upcoming years.

Arrival of process outsourcing is no less than a blessing in disguise for third world countries. Any objection to this will also lead to the erosion of future of first world countries. First world countries have the resources to open up jobs that third world countries can’t. For multinational corporations in the third world countries, outsourcing is a serious boost regarding short term gains with less negative effects and more promising positive impact. Business process outsourcing in future should be seen as a significant part of poverty reduction strategies on the global level.

About the Author:

Roxanne P. is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles on SEO and Technology for various search engine optimisation company. Her expertise are in writing articles related to broadband only deals, SEO, Social media etc.

Photo Credit

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Mandaue Chamber of Commerce Reveals Top 23 W.I.N.N.E.R.S

The Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry reveals the top 23 micro-entrepreneurs for the search of Women In Need, Now Entrepreneurs and Role models (W.I.N.N.E.R.S) last July 23, 2011 at St. Theresa’s College Campus.  These 23 micro-entrepreneurs were selected from 72 candidates, each representing a barangay in the City of Mandaue.  Below is the list of extraordinary women who have risen from poverty and became role models in our society.

Click Image to enlarge

The search for W.I.N.N.E.Rs (Women In Need, Now Entrepreneurs and Role models) aims to recognize women micro-entrepreneurs from Mandaue City who are supporting their families and are struggling to rise from poverty through their small business ventures.

The Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with the local government of Mandaue City opens this search for the model women entrepreneurs whose stories of courage perseverance and creativity will inspire other women to be empowered.  Read here for more details about WINNERs.

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Multiply.com Features Cebu’s Trendy Online Shop – WAGW

As part of the launching of Multiply.com’s new E-Commerce system here in Cebu, they feature one of the most successful online shops that is originally created by three Cebuana sisters. WAGW or What A Girl Wants, the trendy shop located at the 2nd floor of Ayala Mall Centre, started as a mere online shop in multiply.com way back 2008.

The three Cebuana sisters who have no background on how to build a website make use of multiply.com’s user-friendly platform to sell their products. After a few years of hard work and maintaining their online presence through multiply.com, WAGW has now reached avid customers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. They also have clients from outside the country like Singapore, USA, Dubai, and a lot more.

What A Girl Wants is featured on the top 1 spot of Spot.ph’s Top 10 Online Boutiques: 2011 Edition. Below is an excerpt why a lot of people love WAGW.

They’ve enlisted the help of real Filipino models, fashion stylists, hairstylists and makeup artists to come up with editorial spreads that give you ideas on how to mix and match their clothes. They’ve also collaborated with emerging fashion icons such as Laureen Uy and Camille Co to help them come up with collections for the young and trendy market.

With Multiply’s new interface and more refined e-commerce system, small online store owners and shoppers are expected to reap better and bigger benefits.

Multiply.Com Launches New E-Commerce System in Cebu

Multiply.com, one of the most visited and largest social networking sites in the Philippines launched their new E-Commerce System in Cebu last June 16, 2011 at Formo Bar & Restaurant, Banilad, Cebu City. This new system is their main ace and what makes them stand out from the rest of social networking sites that are also popular in the country.

Multiply Commerce has upgraded features for both shoppers and merchants. For shoppers, Multipy Commerce introduced teh Marketplace that offers a listing of the variety of shops available so people can easily find what they’re looking for. For sellers, the Multiply Commerce program was developed to help them manage and grow their business. Read more here.

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Dell Taps Ng Khai To Target SMEs

Dell Inc., one of the world’s leading computer company, partners with Ng Khai Development Corporation, Cebu’s leading IT solutions provider to answer the growing needs of computer technology in Cebu and the Southern market.

Ng Khai, as Dell’s Premier Partner in its Partner Direct Program, aims to reach the Small Business Enterprise (SME) sector to help Dell expand its regional coverage in the primary cities and business districts in the VizMin area.

This partnership specifically aims to tap over a million smaller businesses in the Phippines (the largest territory of Dell in South Asia) and having Ng Khai as their business partner here in Cebu, Dell hopes that their technology would benefit those ones in the SME sector.

Both Dell and Ng Khai are confident with this expansion since Cebu is the second biggest growth center in the Philippines next to Metro Manila and the city is also boosting with large-scale manufacturing companies, IT parks and complexes ranging from business process outsourcing (BPOs), technical support, IT consultancy, and a lot more Information Technology development.

Competitive pricing (depends upon the package), custom integration for the company, and free tools to gear up system, are just a few of Dell’s offerings to their customers.  Each of their computer package features the following applications: Dell Control Point, Dell Latitude On, Dell Back up Manager and a lot more.

Photo Credit: Vernon Joseph Go

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Lenovo Launches “Make Life More Fun”

Lenovo Philippines launched a new global campaign dubbed as “Make Life More Fun” last 24th of May, 2010 at Olio Bar and Restaurant, Banilad, Cebu City. The Fun Launch introduced their new range of idea brand of consumer PCs and notebooks: IdeaPad and IdeaCentre. The global campaign’s core message is based on connecting with spontaneous moments of fun experienced by Lenovo consumers.

Fun the Lenovo Way

Lenovo’s idea brand of laptops and PCs offer a new range of features that complement users’ wide range of personalities and ideas of having fun. These products are designed as tools for having fun, whether that means being on the go, playing video games, or running a small business. The following computers have clever features that inspire fun and creativity.

  • · IdeaCentre A300 ultra-thin all-in-one desktop – A stylish multimedia AIO.
  • · IdeaPad Z460 entertainment laptop – Affordable multimedia notebook.
  • · IdeaPad U460 – An ultraportable laptop.
  • · Lenovo V460 – An IdeaPad laptop for small business.
  • · Lenovo B460 – And IdeaPad for small business and home office laptop
  • · ThinkCentre A70z – An all-in-one desktop for business.
  • · ThinkPad Edge 14” laptop

These new models have fun features which include Veriface Facial Recognition Technology, Long Battery Life, You Cam, Direct Share, OneKey Theatre II, FingerPrint Reader, SlideNav, Lenovo Security Suite, and Switchable Graphics. Also, these products are powered by the new 2010 Intel Core Processor Family: Intel Core i7, i5 and i3.

What is Your Idea of Fun?

During the Fun Launch, Lenovo also announced their newest blogging contest: “What is your IDEA of FUN?” Lenovo Blog Contest. The Lucky winner of this contest will receive a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 netbook. This contest is open only to all registered media guests of the Lenovo Fun Launch.

About Lenovo:

Lenovo is dedicated to building exceptionally engineered personal computers. Lenovo’s business model is built on innovation, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction as well as a focus on investment in emerging markets. Formed by the Lenovo Group’s acquisition of the former IBM Personal Computing Division, the company develops, manufacturers and markets reliable, high-quality, secure and easy-to-use technology products and services.

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Thakral Group Is Now in Cebu

March 23, 2010 – Thakral Group announced its plan to expand their presence here in Cebu in the press conference held a while ago at Coral Room, Waterfront Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City.  This Singapore-based multinational company intends to focus on the Southern market for its four IT subsidiaries, namely – Thakral Infotech, Technopaq, OrionElec and Raffles Solutions and Services.

During the press briefing,  Teddy Sumulong, Thakral’s General Manager, talks about the company’s high enthusiasm of the booming Cebu IT market.  He shares his vision and go-to-market strategy with the local IT media and industry bloggers.  He believes that the Philippine market, in general, have matured to a level of sophistication and understanding wherein the value and importance of information technology is no longer deemed as a peripheral but a critical component in order to operate and remain competitive.  Cebu and the other business districts within the region have similar level of maturity and goals to succeed within their respective markets.  Sumulong says the Thakral Group recognizes the tremendous opportunities of Cebu and its nearby cities can offer.

For a start, the Thakral Group will be hiring around 5 to 6 people as the pioneering staff in their distributing branch in the city.  They will also find strategic partner-resellers to distribute products from IT giants like EMC, IBM, Lenovo, and a lot more.

In Philippines alone, Thakral Group has already have 500 resellers.  The company has a 12-year experience as authorized distributor of IBM, Red Hat Linux, Oracle and Acer.

Corporate Profile

Founded in 1905, Thakral Group is one of Singapore’s largest homegrown conglomerates with operations spanning 35 countries and employing in excess of 10, 000 people worldwide.  While Thakral’s roots were in trading and textiles, the group has since forayed into electronics distribution, real estate, hotel establishments, manufacturing, IT and value-added consulting services.

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Google in Cebu

Are you one of those Google fanatics who always miss the chance of attending their conferences and events because most of them were held in Manila or outside the country?  Well, now is your chance to catch up with the biggest search engine in the world.

Google Japan will be sending their Software Engineer, Dan Cedric Delima here in Cebu to lead an innovation forum entitled, “ Inspiring Innovation: the Google Way”  on Friday, March 12, 2010 at the Conference Hall, Library Building, UP Visayas Cebu College.

The whole day event will begin with talks in the morning which will feature developments in open source, Google maps  and their applications. An award for the best Google application will be given in the afternoon following a DevCon Hackathon.

This Innovation forum was organized  by  Google, UPV Cebu DOST Technology Business Incubator , GTUG – Cebu, Developers Connect (DevCon), Philippine Emerging Start-Ups Open (PESO), Brain Gain Network (BGN) and the Ayala Technology Business Incubator (AyalaTBI). The Innovation Forum is one of the regular tech forums that AyalaTBI holds in Makati and regional centers in the country with partners. It has been running since 2007.

The event is free.  Interested participants may call  232 49995 for details.

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Lenovo’s First Product and Press Launching in Cebu

February 17, 2010 – Lenovo has just launched their new IdeaPad laptops a while ago at Laguna Garden Cafe, Biliran Rd., Cebu Business Park, Cebu City.  The event is also their very first press launching in the city.  Their main purpose is to convey Cebu’s consumer market that the company has a serious commitment in providing beyond the edge personal computing designs and engineering which are tailored to the customer’s taste and lifestyle.

S10-3t, S10-3, Y550P, and Y460 are the new IdeaPad laptop PCs which are being launched along with the IdeaCentre B500 desktop.  All these new products have combinations of stylish designs and innovative features enabled by the ultra low power Intel Core processor family and improved performance with an Intel Core i7 processor.  Microsoft’s Windows 7 is the operating system for each product which includes LEE (Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows 7).  LEE is the result of joint engineering by Lenovo in collaboration  with Microsoft to provide users with faster system boot and shutdown, richer multimedia features and easy system maintenance tools.

According to Michael Ngan, Country Manager for Consumer Business, Lenovo Philippines, Lenovo’s Idea products are designed with the user experience in mind.  With that, he means that every aspect of product design and technology is engineered to improve how consumers seamlessly use these products to enrich their daily lives.

IdeaPad S10-3t and S10-3 are next-generation netbooks with style and rich multimedia.  These products have a combination of portability, style and industry leading technologies that will help redefine the netbook category.  Other than that, S10-3t is the very first multitouch capacitive convertible netbook tablet. (SRP for S10-3t: Php 29,900; SRP for S10-3: Php 23,900)


  • 10.1-inch screen (can swivel 180 degrees for S10-3t)
  • Intel Atom N470 processors
  • 320 GB HDD memory storage
  • Dolby Headphone audio
  • DirectShare (to easily synchronize file with another laptop without having to connect to the internet )

Cool Features:

  • Maplife – location based mapping software
  • VeriFace – face recognition and Active Protection System to protect the PC hard drive from suddn bumps or falls

IdeaPad Y550P’s cutting-edge power is ideal for today’s multi-tasker.  This IdeaPad is the most powerful laptop in Lenovo’s portfolio. (SRP: starts at Php 75,000)


  • Intel Core i7 processor (with Intel Turbo Boost Technology)
  • NVIDIA discrete graphics
  • 15.6inch HD widescreen display
  • Dolby Home Theater

IdeaPad Y460 Laptop is ideal for users looking for the ultimate, mobile entertainment experience.  Its switchable graphics design doesn’t compromise battery life and it’s equipped with JBL-designed speakers and Dolby Home Theater surround sound. (SRP: Php 54,500)

IdeaCentre B500 desktop offers immersive entertainment experience with its Quad core processing power along with intel Core 2 Quad inside.  Its sleek design featuring a 23in Full HD screen and high-quality JBL-brand integrated speakers provie a quality viewing experience. (SRP: Php 65,900)

Lenovo has only one store branch here in Cebu and it is located at Cyberzone, SM City.

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From Microsoft seminar to Asia’s oldest street, Colon

This is the first time in four weeks that I managed to go home early.  Yes, as early as 7pm.  This is because I never thought that our supervisor would force me not to report to work since I was three hours late.  Three hours late because I attended a five-hour seminar this morning and this afternoon.

My friend was actually the organizer of the said event.  She invited me along with my other three colleagues, but only one managed to go with me.  The seminar is actually about Microsoft’s newest released operating system, the Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office System, Exchange Server 2007, Windows Server 2008, and about their new Financing Program for their clients.

To start with, I’m not really that impressed with Windows Vista.  I would rather use XP or any other Linux distros.  Vista has definitely an unquestionable GUI superiority, but it doesn’t outweigh its functionality and efficiency.  Aside that it has still lots of bugs, it would also consume a lot of your PC’s memory space.  But then, there’s is no denying with the reality.  XP will be totally eradicated in the market by 2014.  So, end users has no other choice but to upgrade to mighty Vista.  Well, that is, if we won’t opt to open source platforms.  Platforms and applications with no 24-hour customer support, as what one of the speakers pointed out jestingly.

Nevertheless, the seminar focused on the advantages brought by their new upgraded innovation(which by the way, copied Linux multiple desktops feature).  I just can’t help it.  The multiple desktop panel feature is just too obvious.  Anyways, the speakers stressed out that Vista is only compatible with today’s computers.  That means that if you’re using a 4-year old motherboard and processor(like me), then you must also upgrade it to the latest ones like core 2 duo, quad, extreme or to quad core so that you can run it smoothly and buglessly.  Oh well, right, but for personal computers, I don’t think those processors are practical to use.  But then most end users just don’t care.  As long as it is the latest, they would grab it up.  Not thinking that they’re putting their hard-earned money to waste.

Okay, back to topic.  Windows Vista according to Microsoft people is created to change the whole image of Windows.  This operating system is more powerful and efficient when it comes to security and privacy, performance and reliability, deployment and servicing, management, instant search, smart organization, visualization, user experience, networking, mobility, collaboration and synchronization.  Well, this is in comparison to their previous platforms.

In Vista Enterprise Edition, the user can now encrypt their PCs local drives and all the files and data in them.  This is actually a built-in feature in Vista, which means that the user won’t need any third party software anymore if he needs to encrypt any of his files.  Vista’s security feature can also automatically disabled access to your network from infected PCs.

The 2007 Microsoft Office System has subtle improvements.  It adopted an XML-based file format for MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  There are live layout preview and image customization features for Word, and improved graphical and visual presentation for Excel and PowerPoint.  You can even save your word document as an HTML file(this one is really cool).

Anyways, I won’t discuss here their other application softwares for those are not of my concern anymore.  For those Microsoft fanatics out there(those mortals who buy genuine Microsoft stuffs), the company has launched a financing program which allows their clients to pay for  their products in installment basis.  Unfortunately, this program is for small and medium business only.

I guess this is a very long post already.  I’m too eager to end this bloody ramblings since I just bought a DVD copy of ISWAK 2.  I bought it at Colon this late afternoon and I’m super duper excited to watch it.   Hmmmn… I need to make a separate post about Colon Street in my next entry.   Hehehehe!  So long penguins!

N.B. I wrote this post also to give thanks to my friend and her fellow NgKhai organizers for the very delectable luncheon they served this noon.  Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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