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Avalon is this Year’s Venue Host for the 7th Best Cebu Blogs Awards

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2013 Trophies

Last year's trophies

Last year, Avalon hosted the venue for the 6th Best Cebu Blogs Awards.  This coming 7th of December, they will host again  the venue for the awarding night of our 7th year of recognizing Cebu’s finest bloggers.  We had a great awarding night in there last year and we look forward to a more fun and enjoyable event this December.  Below are a few throwback photos of last year’s awarding night.

And below is a peek of the entrance to the venue inside the Avalon.

The Avalon Cebu Hosts Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 - Entrance

For this year’s awards, we have already wrapped up who the winners are.  You can make a guess who they are by checking the finalist here.



This year’s awarding event is made possible by the following sponsors, donors, and partners.

Gold Sponsors



Silver Sponsors

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Donor Sponsors




Donor_Island Grill Express

Media Partners



Official Photographer

Alvin Asayas Photography

Blog Partners

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - FaceCebu

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - cebufitnessblog

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - Empress Of Drac

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - Geemiz

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - The Gumshoes by Hannah Marie Suquib

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner -  One Frozen Mind

The Organizers

Before I will end this post, I would like to mention the major effort exerted by Mark Monta (BCBA founder) to make this bloggers recognition event an official tradition every year.  Also, to all my co-organizers, Geezelle Tapangan, Chanel Marie and Kevin Maglinte for all the efforts and support.  Lastly, a special mention to our resident judge, Miss Nancy Cudis for the undying support.  See you guys on the 7th next month.  I’m excited to see all the winners. (:

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Nominate Your Favorite Blogs for Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2013 #bcba2013

Do you know someone who writes online through a blog site? Do you have a favorite blogger you want to be recognized as one of Cebu’s finest? Then here’s your chance to help them get noticed.  Nominate your favorite blog by filling up this form.  This year’s contest mechanics and guidelines can be found here.

The Best Cebu Blogs Awards has been recognizing Cebu’s finest bloggers in the past five years.  Now, in its sixth year, BCBA continues to pool the best online writers here in the Queen City of the South.  Qualified nominees will compete for the Top 10 Famous Cebu Blogs and for the main competition – the Best Cebu Blogs by Niche for the following categories.

  • Best Cebu Technology Blog
  • Best Cebu Personal Blog
  • Best Cebu Travel Blog
  • Best Cebu Food Blog
  • Best Cebu Fashion Blog
  • Best Cebu Photo Blog
  • Best Cebu Entertainment Blog

To help your favorite blog win a top spot, visit the Best Cebu Blogs Awards Fan Page to vote.   Learn more about BCBA by visiting this link.

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The 5th Best Cebu Blogs Awards This Sunday

In the Queen City of the South, there’s only one award-giving body in blogging that consistently recognizes Cebuano and Cebu-based bloggers for five years now – the Best Cebu Blogs Awards. And, I’m very proud that I’m part of its core organizing team. The Best Cebu Blogs Awards has been pooling the best and finest bloggers in Cebu since 2008, and for this year, we are proud to present our top 30 qualified nominated blogs from various niches, authored by the finest Cebuano and Cebu-based bloggers. (These blogs are judged by some of the most respected names in the media and leaders of various online communities all over the country.)

The Awarding Night will be held this Sunday, December 9, 6 to 9PM at Insular Square Mandaue.

The Top 30 Qualified Nominees for BCBA 2012

  1. mynomadichabits.com by Gino Go (Travel & Personal)
  2. herbertkikoy.info by Herbert Kikoy (Personal & Technology)
  3. rockinerrol.blogspot.com by Jan Errol Duazo (Personal & Lifestyle)
  4. food-diary.net by Jeanne Miraflor (Personal & Food)
  5. babydesertwolf.blogspot.com by James Arnold Nogra (Technology, Events, & Entertainment)
  6. bigfoodforlife.blogspot.com by Joyceren Miyah Genibaña (Food & Personal)
  7. babeforfood.blogspot.com by Justinne Go (Food)
  8. finlust.blogspot.com by Rabsin Dela Cruz (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  9. aroundtheflexure.com by Ken Taarup (Personal, Events, & Entertainment)
  10. techbuzz.ph by Robert Mancelita Jr. (Technology)
  11. everythingcebu.com by Burt Lao (Travel & Lifestyle)
  12. thepausesbetween.wordpress.com by Jewey Ann Torrefranca (Personal & Travel)
  13. backpackingwithabook.com by Jona Branzuela Bering (Travel & Photoblog)
  14. laagannacebuana.me by Kareen Satorre (Travel & Lifestyle)
  15. instylecebu.com by Kristine Roa (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  16. lamikaayo.com by Marco Diala (Food)
  17. philippinestreetfashion.com by Marco Diala (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  18. marrylallwrite.com by Marryl Giela Erojo (Personal & Food)
  19. travelerscouch.blogspot.com by Moon Ray Lo (Travel)
  20. onethirdpoundpatty.com by Maria Patricia Rosario Zosa (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  21. iamalexa.biz by Alexa Martin (Personal, Lifestyle, & Fashion)
  22. foodiecraft.com by Mary Angeli Bas (Food)
  23. boyerz.tumblr.com by Brandon Gibson (Events & Entertainment)
  24. damselindopeness.blogspot.com by Carla Alferez (Personal, Lifestyle, & Fashion)
  25. from-seatosummit.blogspot.com by Cindy Solon (Personal & Travel)
  26. dumaraos.com by Daniel Dumaraos (Personal)
  27. cebuphotolog.blogspot.com by Gerrymie Tampus (Photoblog)
  28. istoryadista.blogspot.com by John Canonigo (Personal & Travel)
  29. kernelscorner.blogspot.com by John Ross Castano (Events & Entertainment)
  30. vergegamotan.com/blog by Verge Gamotan (Photoblog)

Sponsors and Partners

The 5th Best Cebu Blogs Awards will not be possible without the help of our sponsors and partners.

Globe Telecommunication | Insular Square Mandaue | Multiply

TMX Philippines Inc. | Buddies | GT Cosmetics | Diamond Suites | Orange Brutus

Heart Tea Milk Tea |PR Works | Choi City | Starbucks | Geiser Maclang

Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. | Alvin Asayas Photography | Event Photographers Cebu

Face Cebu | Empress of Drac | Bjorn Cebuano | Jaysee Blabs | Geemiz | Chic in the Tropics | Shanky Baby

A Frugal Cebuana Blogger is a proud blog partner of BCBA 2012.

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Seven of Cebu’s Finest Online Publishers

Before we’ll bid good bye to 2011, let me introduce to you the winners of the 4th Annual Best Cebu Blogs Awards, held last 9th of December at SM City Cebu.  These bloggers were selected from over a hundred nominees and underwent over 2 months of intensive screening process.

Best Cebu Fashion Blog Winner  – Fedwilyn P. Villarba of www.chicinthetropics.blogspot.com
Best Cebu Personal Blog Winner – Ken Rodriguez Taarup of www.aroundtheflexure.com
Best Cebu Food Blog Winner – Jeane Miraflor of www.food-diary.net
Best Cebu Technology Blog Winner – Bert Azura Padilla of www.cebutechblogger.com
Best Cebu Travel Blog Winner – Mark Gallardo of www.triptabai.com
Best Cebu PhotoBlog Winner – Gerard Domanguera of www.tikboy.com
Best Cebu Events Blog Winner – Ronnell Padillo of www.ronnellpadillo.com

An article published via SunStar Cebu listed all the winners including the Top 10 Famous Bloggers according to Facebook Like.  See the article’s screen shot below.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards is the only independent award giving body in Cebu that recognizes the importance of online publishing and how it currently shapes and affects today’s media consumption.
View photos of the awarding night here.  To learn more about BCBA visit our website at www.bestcebublogs.com.

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