Apathy considered top problem of the youth today

Members of the Aboitiz Leaders of Excellence (ALEx) of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. work together to climb the initiative wall during the group’s integration activity last Oct. 2 to 3. The successful climbing of the initiative wall signified their commitment towards responsible youth leadership and active citizenship through ALEx. Apathy or the young people’s […]

Attention, The Facebook Psychology

Sashi Buri! Do you know that your most beloved Facebook was created by a 20 year-old geek in his college dorm (5 years ago), and a movie about it will be released this year starring no other than Justine Timberlake? Well, if you are reading this post, it’s 99.9 percent that you are a Facebook […]

Does Britney Spears really has a Bipolar Disorder?

Well, if she has, she must be under a really good medication, for she’s kicking  her ass off again in the recently held 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. In the recently concluded video awards, Brit made a victorious comeback. She just won three Moonmen. These includes Video of the Year, Best Female Video and Best […]

Do you know the secret for a happy life?

Nobody in this bloody universe wants to feel sad and lonely.  Everyone likes to be happy.  Human beings NEED to be happy. But, what’s happiness without pains and sacrifices? How can you recognize happiness when you haven’t experienced loneliness or sadness yet? It is inhibition-activation. Yes! In order for us mortals to experience the pleasure […]


Whew! At last! I finished this one. I actually had this concept just last week, and I was thinking how can I interpret it in photoshop.  Well, this isn’t that special to start with because my work isn’t that great, but then I’m still proud because I put some effort on this one. We were […]

Teleological Approach To Personality

by EOD This is just a summary… In a relativist point of view, personality development varies from culture to culture, from place to place. So does the development of a unique Filipino personality. On the other hand, the Teleological Approach is in lieu of universalism. Personality development is greatly correlated with consequentialism (individuals are consquentialists […]

Seung Cho is a Paranoid Schizophrenic…

That’s the initial analysis of an expert told Larry King, on his show Larry King Live, about the 23-year old gunman, Seung Cho of Virginia Tech University. I am kinda fascinated with this case since it involves more on psychological aspects of the human brain as it’s being put into some mysterious twists and turns. […]