Why We Love Porn?

Are you aware that the Adult Business is a multi-billion dollar industry? You might be downloading free porn from the net to your pc, but the ultimate truth is millions of people worldwide are stashing cash and credit cards to watch their favorite porn stars and fetishes. You may hear and see lots of activists […]

Cyber Relationships?

The onset of technological advancement has paved way to lots of possibilities and opportunities. The lifestyle of modernization is greatly embraced by people across cultures. Most people worldwide became dependent to this technological advancement, such as, you don’t have to go to Paris anymore to buy your favorite costumed made Italian lingerie. By a few […]

Olympics Deception

I’m quite flabbergasted with this news about the fake performance of a child balladeer during the opening day of the Olympics in Beijing, China. According to the news when Lin Miaoke, (in the right), opened her mouth to sing “Ode to the Motherland” during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, the voice that was […]

Gwen Garcia: A narcissist?

She caught my attention when one time I passed by South Bus Terminal and saw lots of big banners advertising or what we say promoting her “Catch Her If You Can” photography contest(this was last year, December 2007). Yeah, a photography contest and by all saints and demons(?) “her-she” as the main subject. I was […]

Graveyard in the campus…

After the Manila Pen incident waves of forums and events started to circulate in the school. The incident became a triggering event which causes slight aggressions (not the negative one) among radical organizations. Well, here’s one of the evidence. All I can say is that, what Trillanes and his comrades did is worthless. Their plans […]