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CBSi 7th Anniversary: 7 Reasons to Celebrate! (Photos) #CBSi7

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc 7th Anniversary Marriott Hotel

Time flies so fast. Our beloved blogging organization will be celebrating its 7th year of founding this Sunday, February 15 at Marriott Hotel.  February 14 is the actual founding anniversary but we’ll celebrate it on the 15th for the obvious reason that everyone is busy during the former.

Cebu Bloggers Society 7 Years Ago

From its humble beginnings, CBSi has become a community that doesn’t only promote camaraderie within the blogging sphere but has also been inspiring its members to pursue careers in the online writing and marketing professions.

CBSi’s main vision is fueled by the passion to promote Cebu through blogging and encourage Cebuanos to know more about their native homeland.

Cebu Bloggers Society 7 years ago came into existence on Valentines Day.  I’m not sure if Mark Monta (the founder) has really nothing to do on that day (no date? lol) but thanks to him, CBSi was born and from there everything became history.

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc 7 Years Ago

This photo shows how we look like seven blogging years ago.  Everyone looks so young.  I mean what the heck, we really look like c^$###! Hehe!

7 Reasons Why I’m Celebrating

Cebu Bloggers Society is one of the main reasons of my big career change 5 years ago.  The organization enables me to meet many amazing people who have influenced in shaping my worldview when it comes earning money and doing business through the internet.

Without further ado, here are the top 7 reasons I’m celebrating.

1. Because I owe my very first news blogging coverage with CBSi.

US Election Coverage 2008 Cebu Bloggers Society

Seven years ago, I have no idea how to cover news via blogging. This photo was taken during US Election Watch 2008 wherein our group was invited as part of the new media.

2. I met a lot of interesting and amazing personalities through CBSi.

Cebu Bloggers Society DYAB Guesting 7 years ago

My active years in the organization were filled mostly with amazing and talented people.  This photo was seven years ago when we guested in a local radio tech program hosted by a prominent Cebuano journalist.

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc 7 Years Ago with Attorney Ethelbert Ouano 2

Uhmmn, yes. The guy beside me is an inspiration and one of the very few that I look up to.  He’s no other than Atty. Ethelbert Ouano.  There’s no dull moment when you are with this person.  He is CBSi irreplaceable legal adviser. (;

3. CBSi made me understand more the importance of gender equality.

Cebu Bloggers Society DYAB Guesting 7 years ago with Xerxes Bernades

The group is composed of diverse individuals from heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, and every thing in between.  Every one in the group wholeheartedly embraces and respects each fellow member disregarding gender preference.  And, this is what made me stick more to the group.

4. It was CBSi that helped me mend my broken heart. (LOL)

Cebu Bloggers Society 6 years ago at McBillys House

A group of cheerful people plus a bit of alcohol solved it all. Well, they have no idea why I got myself drunk. Lol! Photo above was taken 6 years ago at McBilly’s house.

5. CBSi helps me polish my skills in writing, blogging, and marketing.

Cebu Bloggers Society

During my active years in the group, I learned a lot of things that help me enhanced my skills more specifically in writing, blogging, and online marketing.  Photo above was taken during our monthly Board of Trustees and Committee meeting.

6. It was in CBSi that I learned how to loot for foods.  LOL!

Cebu Bloggers Society and Foods

We always get invited to food parties and you know, eating is always fun when you are with a group of people. I can’t count anymore how many times I overeat when I was with CBSi peeps. (:

7.  Because I experienced my very first SANDSTORM with CBSi.

Cebu Bloggers Society Sandstorm experience 2009 2

Our sandstorm experience in Sumilon Island way back 2009 is still very vivid in my mind.  When it hit us I thought I won’t survive and gonna die.  LOL!

I really have so many things to say but I still have a lot of pending work this week.  Will continue this list if I’ll get some “free time” next time.

Happy 7th Anniversary CBSi! Cheers to more years of blogging! Namaste!

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Avalon is this Year’s Venue Host for the 7th Best Cebu Blogs Awards

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2013 Trophies

Last year's trophies

Last year, Avalon hosted the venue for the 6th Best Cebu Blogs Awards.  This coming 7th of December, they will host again  the venue for the awarding night of our 7th year of recognizing Cebu’s finest bloggers.  We had a great awarding night in there last year and we look forward to a more fun and enjoyable event this December.  Below are a few throwback photos of last year’s awarding night.

And below is a peek of the entrance to the venue inside the Avalon.

The Avalon Cebu Hosts Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 - Entrance

For this year’s awards, we have already wrapped up who the winners are.  You can make a guess who they are by checking the finalist here.



This year’s awarding event is made possible by the following sponsors, donors, and partners.

Gold Sponsors



Silver Sponsors

Silver_KK logo(10incheswidth)


Donor Sponsors




Donor_Island Grill Express

Media Partners


Official Photographer

Alvin Asayas Photography

Blog Partners

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - FaceCebu

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - cebufitnessblog

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - Empress Of Drac

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - Geemiz

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - The Gumshoes by Hannah Marie Suquib

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner -  One Frozen Mind

The Organizers

Before I will end this post, I would like to mention the major effort exerted by Mark Monta (BCBA founder) to make this bloggers recognition event an official tradition every year.  Also, to all my co-organizers, Geezelle Tapangan, Chanel Marie and Kevin Maglinte for all the efforts and support.  Lastly, a special mention to our resident judge, Miss Nancy Cudis for the undying support.  See you guys on the 7th next month.  I’m excited to see all the winners. (:

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Nominate Your Favorite Blogs for Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2013 #bcba2013

Do you know someone who writes online through a blog site? Do you have a favorite blogger you want to be recognized as one of Cebu’s finest? Then here’s your chance to help them get noticed.  Nominate your favorite blog by filling up this form.  This year’s contest mechanics and guidelines can be found here.

The Best Cebu Blogs Awards has been recognizing Cebu’s finest bloggers in the past five years.  Now, in its sixth year, BCBA continues to pool the best online writers here in the Queen City of the South.  Qualified nominees will compete for the Top 10 Famous Cebu Blogs and for the main competition – the Best Cebu Blogs by Niche for the following categories.

  • Best Cebu Technology Blog
  • Best Cebu Personal Blog
  • Best Cebu Travel Blog
  • Best Cebu Food Blog
  • Best Cebu Fashion Blog
  • Best Cebu Photo Blog
  • Best Cebu Entertainment Blog

To help your favorite blog win a top spot, visit the Best Cebu Blogs Awards Fan Page to vote.   Learn more about BCBA by visiting this link.

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Freelancing: The Definitive How-To Home Phone Setup Guide for Freelance Bloggers

N.B.: The article below is not just helpful for freelance bloggers but to any freelancers who travel a lot.  It is written by Rachel Greenberg, a fellow writer from the

Whether I’m blogging silly photos of my cat in a bunny costume or offering tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur, the beauty of blogging is that I can write from the comfort of my own home. For all of those at-home bloggers that use a residential VoIP system, they get to experience the best of both worlds: they can work in their PJs, but they also have a fully-featured phone system that gives a highly professional outward appearance.

With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), customers get a cheap Internet home phone service that is as fully-featured and reliable as any traditional home phone service, but without the high costs associated with traditional providers. In so doing, at-home bloggers can make every penny count without sacrificing quality home phone service.

Cost Savings

If I’m blogging just for fun, blogging full-time, or blogging for a little supplemental cash, I’m most likely in the market for a money saving telephone system.

Installing a telephone line in your home office with a traditional phone provider can result in a huge bill. Traditional phone services often charge installation fees and technician fees on top of you regular high monthly phone bill. And if you want to add a second line, that’ll cost you another pricey visit from the technician.

With a residential VoIP provider, however, you receive much cheaper monthly service, while in many cases installation is completely free of charge. VoIP services usually cost $10 to $20 per line, while traditional phone companies are notorious for charging between $20 and $40 per line.

Free Features

VoIP systems can also offer your at-home business a professional outward appearance to the public. With VoIP companies, you can receive numerous free phone features, such as conference calling, call waiting, and call forwarding, which can make your residential blogging business seem more capable and efficient. Oftentimes, traditional phone companies otherwise charge you for these basic features.

Unlimited Nationwide Calls

Well-respected bloggers need to keep up to date on the latest trends, whether it’s a new technology popular among teens or a promising new anti-aging solution, you need to stay on top of the fads.

In some cases, you’ll want to receive first-hand information, and that more than likely means picking up the phone to call experts, witnesses, and other bloggers. It’s not uncommon, however, that you will need to interview someone who lives on the other side of the country.

The good news is that you don’t have to forgo valuable quotes and opinions from those subjects just because of your fear of long distance calling charges. Countless VoIP providers offer free and unlimited domestic calling on basic residential plans. These basic plans allow you to spend as much time as you want on a nationwide call, jotting down all the juicy details for must-read blog entry.

Low International Calling Rates

Some of the most successful bloggers have worldwide followers. Acquiring a readership that spans the globe means adapting to an international audience. Bloggers need to write about topics that will interest and intrigue international readers, and to do so, bloggers just may have to pick up the phone.

Regardless of whether I’m blogging about current events in China, or announcing a popular hair treatment in the UK, I’ll want to be able to cover every story without worrying about the related phone bills.

Fortunately, various residential VoIP providers offer affordable international calling rates. Many providers charge just pennies per minute for international calling, while others provide unlimited international calling plans. These international calling plans offer unlimited calling to various international destinations for a set fee each month. Residential VoIP provider ITP, for example, features a global calling plan with unlimited calling to 60 countries for a flat rate of $24.99/month.


Perhaps I’m conducting research at the library for my latest blog entry or maybe I’m just hanging out in the coffee shop while I work. With a VoIP provider, I can continue to send and receive VoIP calls even if I’m miles away from my residential landline.

One of the most convenient aspects of VoIP is that with a hosted VoIP system, you can receive your VoIP calls on virtually any mobile device, from PC and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

Simply log into your VoIP account on any of these devices, and a softphone will appear on your screen. A softphone is an on screen dialpad, which allows you to use your device to make a call through your regular landline phone number. You can also receive incoming calls to your home phone number this way.

This is a great feature for bloggers who want the freedom to blog outside of their homes and still remain accessible by their VoIP number. This feature also allows you to take advantage of those unlimited nationwide calls and low calling rates for international calls from any remote location.

Photo above is used under Creative Commons License. Credit.

About the Guest Author
Rachel Greenberg
is a tech and telecom writer and editor.

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World Blogathon – Cebu Bloggers Promoting Advocacies through Blogging

Today, December 8, 2012, the first World Blogathon will be happening from 1PM to 6PM at Andy Hotel, Mandaue City. This one of a kind event is spearheaded by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.’s Outreach Committee chaired by Jaysee Pingkian, the main initiator of the activity. World Blogathon aims to highlight various advocacy-oriented organizations by letting their voices be heard through blogging and social media.

How to Join?

If you are a blogger and would like to join the activity today, you can still catch up by filling up this registration form. On the other hand, if you are like me who can’t attend the event but are willing to support the cause, you may blog about World Blogathon and share your post to your readers and network of friends.

More information about World Blogathon

To learn more about World Blogathon, you may visit the following pages.

Official Website:

FB Page:

Facebook Group:

What is the Twitter Account of World Blogathon?

As of now the account is still being taken care of. For the mean time, you may use this hashtag #worldblogathon every time you tweet anything related to the activity.

How about Cebu Bloggers Society? How Can I join?

If you are a Cebu-based blogger and would like to join US, then you can visit our membership application page to apply.

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The 5th Best Cebu Blogs Awards This Sunday

In the Queen City of the South, there’s only one award-giving body in blogging that consistently recognizes Cebuano and Cebu-based bloggers for five years now – the Best Cebu Blogs Awards. And, I’m very proud that I’m part of its core organizing team. The Best Cebu Blogs Awards has been pooling the best and finest bloggers in Cebu since 2008, and for this year, we are proud to present our top 30 qualified nominated blogs from various niches, authored by the finest Cebuano and Cebu-based bloggers. (These blogs are judged by some of the most respected names in the media and leaders of various online communities all over the country.)

The Awarding Night will be held this Sunday, December 9, 6 to 9PM at Insular Square Mandaue.

The Top 30 Qualified Nominees for BCBA 2012

  1. by Gino Go (Travel & Personal)
  2. by Herbert Kikoy (Personal & Technology)
  3. by Jan Errol Duazo (Personal & Lifestyle)
  4. by Jeanne Miraflor (Personal & Food)
  5. by James Arnold Nogra (Technology, Events, & Entertainment)
  6. by Joyceren Miyah Genibaña (Food & Personal)
  7. by Justinne Go (Food)
  8. by Rabsin Dela Cruz (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  9. by Ken Taarup (Personal, Events, & Entertainment)
  10. by Robert Mancelita Jr. (Technology)
  11. by Burt Lao (Travel & Lifestyle)
  12. by Jewey Ann Torrefranca (Personal & Travel)
  13. by Jona Branzuela Bering (Travel & Photoblog)
  14. by Kareen Satorre (Travel & Lifestyle)
  15. by Kristine Roa (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  16. by Marco Diala (Food)
  17. by Marco Diala (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  18. by Marryl Giela Erojo (Personal & Food)
  19. by Moon Ray Lo (Travel)
  20. by Maria Patricia Rosario Zosa (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  21. by Alexa Martin (Personal, Lifestyle, & Fashion)
  22. by Mary Angeli Bas (Food)
  23. by Brandon Gibson (Events & Entertainment)
  24. by Carla Alferez (Personal, Lifestyle, & Fashion)
  25. by Cindy Solon (Personal & Travel)
  26. by Daniel Dumaraos (Personal)
  27. by Gerrymie Tampus (Photoblog)
  28. by John Canonigo (Personal & Travel)
  29. by John Ross Castano (Events & Entertainment)
  30. by Verge Gamotan (Photoblog)

Sponsors and Partners

The 5th Best Cebu Blogs Awards will not be possible without the help of our sponsors and partners.

Globe Telecommunication | Insular Square Mandaue | Multiply

TMX Philippines Inc. | Buddies | GT Cosmetics | Diamond Suites | Orange Brutus

Heart Tea Milk Tea |PR Works | Choi City | Starbucks | Geiser Maclang

Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. | Alvin Asayas Photography | Event Photographers Cebu

Face Cebu | Empress of Drac | Bjorn Cebuano | Jaysee Blabs | Geemiz | Chic in the Tropics | Shanky Baby

A Frugal Cebuana Blogger is a proud blog partner of BCBA 2012.

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Understanding and Treating Internet Addiction

Hanny on his laptop_MMVIII

In today’s tech-oriented society, and especially among college students, it can be hard to differentiate between regular Internet usage and a genuine addiction. After all, many people can hardly survive an evening without checking Facebook or peeking at Twitter on their mobile phones. Internet addiction is a very real concern, however, and it can have lasting consequences for sufferers. Here are a few of the most prevalent types of addiction:

• Cybersex addiction; users might be addicted to pornography or adult chat rooms as well
• Cyber-relationship addiction; people who forge tight bonds with virtual or online friends at the expense of real-life relationships may face this addiction
• Compulsive behavior; addicts may be unable to stop gambling, playing games or bidding in online auctions
• Information overload; some people may become so absorbed in surfing the Internet that their productivity and family relationships suffer.

How to Identify an Addiction

There is a fine line between addiction and an Internet-focused lifestyle. If online behaviors have a negative impact on a person’s real life, then those behaviors may be part of an addiction. For example, a person may miss work in order to get online. Alternatively, a person’s personal relationships might suffer if he is searching for intimacy through online relationships and cybersex rather than interpersonal relations in real life.

There are several other prevalent signs of an addiction:
• A person attempts to stop Internet usage unsuccessfully
• He lies about his Internet usage to friends, family or therapists
• He looks forward to his next Internet usage and plans his day around getting online
• He becomes irritable when separated from the Internet for any period of time
• He uses the Internet as a way to avoid or escape real-life concerns or issues

Any time a behavior interferes with a person’s regular life, it causes harm. If you or someone you know is suffering from Internet addiction, it may be time to call a therapist. Working with a trained professional can help you identify ways to reduce your Internet usage or avoid behaviors that are addictive until you’re able to get them under control.

Some Internet addiction programs focus on limiting time spent online and pursuing other activities instead. Even people who are not addicted could certainly benefit from pursuing outside interests to help encourage physical well-being and healthy relationships. For severe cases, rehabilitation centers exist that allow individuals to recover form Internet addiction without the stress or temptation of daily life interfering.

About the Guest Blogger

Richard Barnes is a tech savvy writer.  He’s currently planning to take an online course in  political management masters programs.

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Seven of Cebu’s Finest Online Publishers

Before we’ll bid good bye to 2011, let me introduce to you the winners of the 4th Annual Best Cebu Blogs Awards, held last 9th of December at SM City Cebu.  These bloggers were selected from over a hundred nominees and underwent over 2 months of intensive screening process.

Best Cebu Fashion Blog Winner  – Fedwilyn P. Villarba of
Best Cebu Personal Blog Winner – Ken Rodriguez Taarup of
Best Cebu Food Blog Winner – Jeane Miraflor of
Best Cebu Technology Blog Winner – Bert Azura Padilla of
Best Cebu Travel Blog Winner – Mark Gallardo of
Best Cebu PhotoBlog Winner – Gerard Domanguera of
Best Cebu Events Blog Winner – Ronnell Padillo of

An article published via SunStar Cebu listed all the winners including the Top 10 Famous Bloggers according to Facebook Like.  See the article’s screen shot below.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards is the only independent award giving body in Cebu that recognizes the importance of online publishing and how it currently shapes and affects today’s media consumption.
View photos of the awarding night here.  To learn more about BCBA visit our website at

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Are You Ready for VBS 2011 Tomorrow?

The official list of registered participants was already released by the Secretariat Committee yesterday.  Double check if you can find your name in the final list (the list is arranged alphabetically by name).  Read more notes and instructions here.

Be sure to be there on time.  The first 50 walk-in registrants will receive special prizes.   This is part of the event’s Early Bird promo.  Be there in SM Trade Hall as early as 7:30AM.  SM’s Gate 5 will be open by then.  Read the Entrance Instruction here.

Don’t forget to bring your wifi devices.  SM Trade Hall area is a wifi zone.  Spread the news about Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 by using #vbs2011 as your twitter hashtag.  You can also use it as a marker if you are posting in Facebook and other social networking accounts.

And, DON’T forget to CHECK-IN the moment you arrive in the venue.  Let your friends know that you are attending one of the country’s largest social media summits by checking in at Visayas  Blogging Summit 2011 in foursquare.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring with you notebooks and pen.  Chris Ducker, one of the featured speakers at theBlogWorldExpo in Los Angeles, USA this year, is VBS 2011’s Keynote Speaker.

Excited much?  Check VBS 2011 website to learn more about the people behind the event.

See you. (:

N.B.: Also, get your cameras ready all the time.  Miss Earth Candidates will be dropping by at the summit at around 11 AM.

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This Blog Is Now DoFollow

For the sake of giving back and spreading the link-love, I decided to turn this site into a DoFollow blog. It’s now time to share the link juice and make everyone (with the exception of spammers and malicious bots) happy.

What the heck is DoFollow?

DoFollow is actually a SEO jargon which is used to label a link that passes a value through a link-back from (i.e. your comments) to your website. All blog-sites and websites are NoFollow by default and it’s up to the site admin or blogger if he wanted to change the link attribute to DoFollow.

Benefits of DoFollow Blogs

DoFollow blogs exist to encourage commenting and discussions but it can also be very beneficial especially to people who just launched their blogs/websites. If you have a new blog and wanted to promote it, you can just look for blogs that are Do-Follow and try to comment on their post. Every back-link of your approved comment passes a value to your blog-site giving it a good reputation and value to search engines. Back-links are just like friends, the more friends you have the more popular you are. Same with your blog-site. The more back-links it has the more popular it become to search engines. Being popular to search engines means it’s well-indexed and is ranked higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Abuse on DoFollow Blogs

Because DoFollow blogs passes link-juice and popularity, lots of netizens called spammers attacked unaware DoFollow blog owners spamming blog posts with nonsense comments to create key-word oriented back-links to their commercial websites. This, is the very reason why lots of website/blog admins prefer NoFollow over DoFollow.

Comment moderation on DoFollow blogs is very strict. Kindly read the comment policy of this blog before posting your feedback. Happy blogging and don’t abuse the DoFollow feature.

Share This Post Features Cebu’s Trendy Online Shop – WAGW

As part of the launching of’s new E-Commerce system here in Cebu, they feature one of the most successful online shops that is originally created by three Cebuana sisters. WAGW or What A Girl Wants, the trendy shop located at the 2nd floor of Ayala Mall Centre, started as a mere online shop in way back 2008.

The three Cebuana sisters who have no background on how to build a website make use of’s user-friendly platform to sell their products. After a few years of hard work and maintaining their online presence through, WAGW has now reached avid customers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. They also have clients from outside the country like Singapore, USA, Dubai, and a lot more.

What A Girl Wants is featured on the top 1 spot of’s Top 10 Online Boutiques: 2011 Edition. Below is an excerpt why a lot of people love WAGW.

They’ve enlisted the help of real Filipino models, fashion stylists, hairstylists and makeup artists to come up with editorial spreads that give you ideas on how to mix and match their clothes. They’ve also collaborated with emerging fashion icons such as Laureen Uy and Camille Co to help them come up with collections for the young and trendy market.

With Multiply’s new interface and more refined e-commerce system, small online store owners and shoppers are expected to reap better and bigger benefits.

Multiply.Com Launches New E-Commerce System in Cebu, one of the most visited and largest social networking sites in the Philippines launched their new E-Commerce System in Cebu last June 16, 2011 at Formo Bar & Restaurant, Banilad, Cebu City. This new system is their main ace and what makes them stand out from the rest of social networking sites that are also popular in the country.

Multiply Commerce has upgraded features for both shoppers and merchants. For shoppers, Multipy Commerce introduced teh Marketplace that offers a listing of the variety of shops available so people can easily find what they’re looking for. For sellers, the Multiply Commerce program was developed to help them manage and grow their business. Read more here.

Share This Post, Buy More for Less

It was early this January (before the Sinulog Festival) that a business team from Manila visited here in Cebu to introduce the country’s newest group buying site – is the very first group buying site in the Philippines which features the best discount deals on restaurants and hotels, theme parks, concerts, shows, foods & beverages, and I hope they would include (in the future) RTW items like cotton jeans, t-shirts, blouses, jackets, shoes, and even nursing scrubs or any standard uniform for workers.

I think this kind of buying trend will become very popular to Cebuanos since this gives us the convenience of buying online – items on display are offered in affordable prices because it would be bought in bulk.  This is ideal for families, barkadas, office workers, groups, or any individuals who wanted to spend less for more.

I hope will not limit the type of products that they will display on their online store.  They can also display cosplay costumes like school girl uniforms, nursing uniforms, lolita, and a lot more.

Visit to see their latest products and offerings.

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World Bloggers’ Day 2010

At first glance, the thought of initiating a worldwide event is like a vagary.  People are raising their eyebrows, some are pessimistic, and some don’t even give a deal.  The main point here is that, we successfully initiated something which would result to a global impact later on.  We don’t need to expect a lot because this is the first, and though we have some failures, we surely can learn from it.

I wanted to congratulate Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. for successfully launching the very first World Bloggers’ Day event at Parkmall Cebu just a while ago.  It’s actually the very first time that all blogging communities around the Philippines made representations for each group.

The event started with an Invocation led by Willand Cuna (CBS member), followed by a welcome address by Miss Ma. Carla Estella, PR Officer of Parkmall, Cebu.  This was followed by the presentation of the blogging communities from around the Phillippines by Mark Monta, founder of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc..  Three blogging communities sent in their presentations: Manila Bloggers’ Network (headed by Azrael Coladilla), SOCKSARGEN Bloggers (headed by Avel Mananzala), and Davao Bloggers (headed by Ria Jose).  And, of course, Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. had also presented a short AVP about their organization.

After the blogging community presentations, Mark Monta presented the newly elected CBSI officers to the public.  The following are Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.’s newly elected officers.

President - Vernon Joseph Go
VP for Content Management - Michelle Louise Maglasang
VP for Corporate Affairs - Agnes E. Jimenez
VP for Education - Jerry Gervacio
VP for Marketing - Michael Sinjin Pineda
VP Membership - Clarence Andrew Mongado
VP for Ways and Means - Mark Monta
Treasurer - Bryan Karl Yuson
Secretary - Wilhelmina Sarawi
Auditor - Jorich Ponio
BOTs for Special Projects
- Gerrymie Tampus
- Guada Conception Esmena
- Mark Alessandrew Abitona
- Prince Ryan Gilig
- Ruben Licera Jr.
Ombudsman/Legal Counsel - Atty. Ethelbert Ouano

The presentation of officers was then followed by the unveiling of Parkmall’s monthly blogging contest.  Agnes Jimenez, the Events Coordinator, presented the contest’s guideline and mechanics.  This blogging competition is open to all Cebu-based bloggers.

The bloggers then enjoyed a sumptuous dinner prepared by Parkmall’s best food tenants.  The event ended with the awarding of the blogger of the day, the one with the best cast-away outfit, and a closing remark by CBSI’s new president, Mr. Vernon Joseph Go.

A lot of raffle prizes were also given during the event.  By the way, Ricky dela Cruz of, won the best cast-away outfit contest.  Atty. Ethelbert Ouano and Doyzkie Buenaviajie were the men of the event (emcees).  Thanks a lot to Parkmall’s Marketing Team, headed by Madam Judith Letty Sellner for the major support and sponsorship.

N.B.: Before ending this post, I would also want to give special thanks to the special team behind World Bloggers’ Day’s online launching.

Graphics and Design - Jim Villaflores
Press Release - Bert Padilla
Post & RSVP - Michelle Louise Maglasang
Article - Milafel Hope Dacanay
Wikipedia Release - Jerry Gervacio (to be published later)
Others - Mark Monta, Agnes Jimenez

Photos will follow later.

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PLDT Watchpad Has Over 100K Subscribers

PLDT myDSL Watchpad has over a hundred thousand subscribers and it’s growing”, revealed Miss Myla Villanueva, Senior Product Manager, during the short interview after the ribbon cutting of the launching of the myPLDT Speedster Bus last March 27, 2010 at Formo Restaurants.

Speedster Bus Launching at Formo Restaurants

When asked about the specific number of subscribers, Miss Villanueva replied that it is confidential.  She, however, quipped that this is to lessen transparency to competitors.

PLDT myDSL Watchpad is the very first internet TV in the Philippines and it is also the pioneer in the industry.  And, it is FREE to all PLDT users.  Its target market is mainly the young generation who are common patriots of the of the online world.  In terms of browser compatibility, it is best viewed using Internet Explorer.

This is how the inside of the myPLDT Speedster Bus looks like

You can watch the following channels thru your myPLDT Watchpad.

  • Channel [V]
  • CNN
  • National Geographic, myView
  • E!, Smart Shopping, TBN-World
  • PBO, RCTV, Go, Splash
  • CNBC, Cartoon Network, Animax, History, The Biography Channel, Crime & Investigation, Living Asia

Photo Credits: Jose Farrugia and Wilhelmina Sarawi

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Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign

Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign

Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign is the most respected web design and rugs company worldwide.  It is founded by expert Web Design professionals who are responsible for the big success of their very first Rugs Portal client.  Aside from web design, they also offer Affordable Outsourcing Web Solutions that cater to various medium businesses worldwide.

 webthesurfi rugs webdesign

Through the years, Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign has already proved its significance in the online industry by winning various Web Design awards and being listed in Forbes Magazine’s most profitable online business.  The company also received the highest merit given to a web design and rugs establishment.

And as mentioned above, Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign tipped the point of success of Rugs Portal.  Because of this, the latter almost entrust to them all of their web design and rugs projects.  Through this, Webthesurfi Rugs Webdesign is a name to reckon in the multimedia and design and outsourcing industry.

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Attention, The Facebook Psychology

Sashi Buri! Do you know that your most beloved Facebook was created by a 20 year-old geek in his college dorm (5 years ago), and a movie about it will be released this year starring no other than Justine Timberlake?

Well, if you are reading this post, it’s 99.9 percent that you are a Facebook user and you are somewhat curious with the title above.  The only thing you and I know is that, Facebook is the best social networking site ever existed in this friggin’ universe.  And you know that I’m not making a baseless statement.  I can attest to this and I can personally go into detail why Facebook is the most superior social networking site in the world wide web.

Aside from the usual social networking features (well, they are really not usual but I will go into details about this in my next post), there is this main factor which makes FB superior among other social networking sites.  I’m referring to TOUCH.  Touch is a term in psychology which is parallel to ATTENTION.  From infanthood to adulthood (an even from conception), the human consciousness always craves for this kind of warmth and bliss.  Everyone loves attention.  Well, not necessarily to become the center of it, but attention from the people they treasure like friends, lovers, family members, and the likes.  Most children who lack attention have high probability of becoming rebellious and tend to develop self hate and low confidence when they grow up.

So, what is the physical or rather virtual manifestation of attention in Facebook?  We can start with its “like” feature.  Believe it or not, you can’t find this feature in other social networking sites.  FB pioneered the use of the “like” button that enables users to like theirs or other users’ statuses, photos, notes, posts, quizzes results, and all activities published on their newsfeeds and walls.  This button looks like any other button out there but if you will examine it closely, it is actually one of the reasons why most FB users are active and love to share their online activities with friends.  If your status is being liked by your friends, it’s a positive form of attention and you will surely post another one again and again.

Another feature that triggers the manifestation of attention is the “tag” feature. If you found out that someone tagged you in his/her note (or post, or photo), the very first thing that would come into mind is that, that person remembers you and he/she wanted to share something with you.  Being tagged would give you a feeling of belongingness and can actually hype up your self-esteem.  Being tagged means that the person who tagged you has given an ounce of his time in paying attention to who you are.

The last feature that would make a complete combo to the features I mentioned above, is the “comment” feature.  This is rather a common one, but it is only in FB wherein you can comment in every activity your friends published (on their walls or newsfeeds).  Just like the like button, comments are one of the strongest manifestation of attention you can get after posting your activities on your wall.  But, it could result to positive or negative reinforcement.  Unlike the like button which only gives positive reinforcement, the comment feature can actually affect your temperament especially if the comments are bashful and indifferent, and contain personal attacks.  This is actually the form of attention that most users wanted to avoid.  Uhmn, well, there are actually deviant ones.  These are FB users who would do everything to anger or irritate anyone in their networks just to gather lots of comments.  They are called KSP (Kulang Sa Pansin).

Conclusion: Like button + tag + comment = The FB Attention Combo.

Ja Mata Ne!

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Cebu Bloggers Society for PBA 2009 Special Awards: Blogger’s Choice

In the end, my loyalty to CBS prevails.  At first, I hesitated doing this because of that little mess that happened a month ago.  But when I think of it now, it’s just like a tiny splat of mud that temporarily stirs the very still water.  Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., no matter what will happen, is still the only winner in my mind and heart.

CBS is very dear to me because of various personal and official reasons.  This is why I’m voting for it ( in the PBA’s Bloggers Choice Award.  In the near future, I am quite sure that CBS will not only become the leading bloggers group in Cebu, but also, will become the Philippines’ premiere blogging community.  This is because, as what Bimbo Cabochan said, “CBS is a very powerful group.”

CBS is the most organized blogging community in the country and has the highest number of active members compared to other blogging organizations outside of Cebu.  Unity, respect, humility, and camaraderie are the main components that bond the group together.  Being tagged as a “very bureaucratic” organization is definitely a compliment.  Arigatou ne!

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Have you tried shopping online?

Devastated by the very unfortunate twist of event last 21st of August, I decided not to shop in that mall for a while.  Well, I’m referring to that most heartbreaking moment when my precious bag was stolen by some heartless homosapien inside McDonald’s at Ayala Mall, Cebu.  I won’t elaborate more about the incident because I will write a separate entry about it.  It’s just very unfortunate that all my personal belongings were stolen along with my bag.

That is one of the reasons why I opted to shop online these days.  Because of that incident I was left with no ATM and credit cards up to now.  It’s a good thing that I still have my paypal account which I use when I make online transactions.  And also, thanks to ShopWiki.  Their free online service made my online shopping faster and hassle free.  Whether you are shopping for cosmetics like mascaras, lipsticks, foundation, and concealers, or if you are looking for the latest  gadgets like digital cameras, cellphones, and laptops – you can find them all at ShopWiki.

ShopWiki is like a mall where you can find almost everything you wanted to purchase online.  From collectibles, food and beverages, pets, furnitures, DVDs to fashion and gift guides. This is the best alternative shopping portal especially for those people who got phobias shopping in malls infested by soul-less criminals.

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SEO Marketing – A Rough Draft

Aside from email marketing and pay per click (PPC) advertising, there is one strategy that has been used by successful online marketers worldwide.  And that is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing that proves to be very effective because it uses SEs (Search Engines) as its means of attracting website traffic.  This traffic includes people who are searching for anything on the web.  It is reported that more than 80% of American internet users are using search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc. to look for stuffs to buy, or services to subscribe to online.  This means that if someone wanted to outsource services, he would likely use google to search for companies who offer outsourcing services.

It is recommended for online outsourcing businesses to use SEO to market their services.  Why SEO? Because it is more effective than paid advertising and PPC.  SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies that has been used by multinational companies all over the globe.

Below are things you need to know on how to optimize your website so that it will be indexed by search engines.

Identify Relevant Keywords – Let us take for example  The possible keywords that should be used in order for it to top the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are support resort, online support, online support staff, hire staff online, outsource php programmer, outsource customer support and the list goes on.  These keywords should be placed on your site as meta tags.  If your website will top on SERPs, then a high volume of traffic will come in.  This means greater chances of attracting new customers to subscribe to your services.

Sitemap –  This is actually very important in search engine optimization because it allows web crawlers to easily access your website content.

Link Building – This includes exchanging of links if you have a blog, or if your website has a link category.  This could also help increase traffic generation, thus increasing chances of getting new customers.

Submission to Directory Sites/RSS Sites/Social Bookmarking Sites – Also a part of link building.  Another way of increasing the popularity of your site through the power of directory listing.

Article Submission – To maintain your online business credibility, it is also important to publish articles that are related to the services you offered.  This is another way of informing the public that the company doesn’t solely exist for profit.

Blogs – It is one of the most effective SEO tools.  This is because blogs are search engine friendly.  Unlike static websites, blog sites have mechanisms wherein search engine web crawlers can easily penetrate.  Most successful companies have blogs on their websites.

Forums –  There are lots of online forums where you can advertise your services by putting a link or banner in your signature.  There are also people who frequent in forums who are looking for cheap, yet high quality outsourcing services.

Social Networking Sites – Facebook, Friendster, Multiply and the likes are effective advertising mediums you can use to market your website for FREE. On the other hand, you can also tap bloggers to blog about your services.  This is what other companies have been doing as part of their online marketing strategy.  In my next article I will discuss in full details the importance of site mapping in search engine optimization.

Your site’s exposure to social networking sites is not actually part of Search Engine Optimization.  It’s more on Social Media Marketing.

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Satellite TV is also the IN thing nowadays

Although the internet is the more prominent communication medium that takes the world by storm today, there’s a long time invention that captured the hearts of most couch potatoes.  This is the more sophisticated, more powerful Satellite TV.  I’ve been planning to get one, that’s why I searched for  some infos online last night and found Satellite TV

As I was browsing through the site, I noticed that it has all the comprehensive information about the best deals on Satelilte TV.  The website provides their readers informations regarding the latest Direct TV Deals.  They have various articles about Direct TV Specials, and their hompage is updated daily with the latest Satellite TV Deals worldwide.

If you’re looking for a larger channel selection, then Dish Network is the satellite provider that you should subscribe to.  They are one of the world’s largest satellite provider with over 180 channels to choose from.  The following are Dish Network’s Free Offer:

  • NO Equipment to Buy
  • FREE Multi-Room Installation!
  • FREE DISH Home Protection Plan
  • 100% Digital Programming
  • FREE Upgrade to a DVR 510/625
  • FREE High Definition Mpeg-4 Vip211
  • New High Definition DVR Mpeg-4 Vip622
  • FREE LIFETIME Equip. Warranty
  • Programming for Everyone!
  • Local Networks Available

You can save up to $500 if you sign up today.  Check Satellite TV for more ideal satellite tv offers.  You can also check and compare satellite providers.  Satellite TV also recommends Direct TV satellite provider.   You can make two separate lists of features and offers of  Direct TV vs. Dish Network.  That way, you can have a clear comparison between the two, and decide which satellite provider better suits your needs.

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5th iBlog Summit Assessment

Before anything else, I need to thank Miss Aileen Estoquia, for her help during our stay inside the UP Diliman Village. Xie xie ni for the very affordable, yet, very great accomodation. I also want to mention Mr. Xerxes Aaron Chua Bernades, my ultimate travel companion. Without him, my journey to Manila wouldn’t be that exciting.

I think, I’m the kind who expect too much, but has very low acceptance. I mean the summit is okay, but it is not what I expected it to be. This may sound unfair to the organizers who had shed rivers of sweats to make the event successful, but this is only my personal observation. This doesn’t necessarily reflect the majority’s impression. To make this review not so bias, I will enumerate first the positive stuffs.


  1. It was held in a very comfortable venue.
  2. The activities started on time.
  3. Free snacks and lunch.
  4. Presentation equipments were all ready.
  5. Some nice speakers(i.e. those ones who tackled Photoblogging 102, Video Blogging…)
  6. Nice Q & A facilitation.
  7. Great after party treats.


  1. There were no ice-breakers in between the talks.
  2. A certain speaker didn’t discuss well the topic assigned to him. He seemed like he was just talking to himself and was talking about how people treated him because of the peculiarity of his blog. I don’t even think he’s aware of the audience’s reaction while he was there on stage. Good thing his partner saved the topic.
  3. A few speakers were just merely reading from their power point presentation. Tsk…tsk…
  4. A certain speaker was out of his mind. He suggested a system of leveling among bloggers, which I find unrealistic and should only remain a theory. From an artist to a maven? What is that? Jeezzz…
  5. IDs were only given to the first 300 web registrants. This actually made me feel alienated. I’m soo weird. Haha…
  6. Some of the participants had no free lunch(mostly those late ones). This is understandable since the event had a limited budget.
  7. Siopao tragedy. I didn’t even bother to continue eating that thing. Haist…the prize of freebies…I sound sooo pathetic. I know. Hahaha!
  8. There’s no getting to know each other activity or program during the after party. Bloggers from Manila stayed with their crowd, and bloggers from the south…well, had also obviously stayed with their own crowd. There were only a very few bloggers who made efforts to reach out to other bloggers. Everyone was very comfortable with their own beloved minions. Or, is it just me? Hehehe!

Lastly, to be fair, I did enjoy the overall event. I also learned a lot of new things and had also met few interesting people. Btw, here’s a CBS group pic during the after party at Katips.

Photo Credits: lord_dracula and vanjahnn

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Into the Wild, Wild CBS Camp Out

If you wanted to seek diversion from your stationary and monotonous office slave life, habituated by same old faces of your friends and comrades, getting too close for comfort with your clanmates, tired of doing same old stuff, and wanting to breathe another flavor of carbonated oxygen, then you should have been hanging out with the CBS crowd.

The CBS crowd, a mob of cool online addicts who share common personality disorders, just had their first summer camp out and team building at Jardin De Busay.  An overdosage of appreciation goes to Mr. Vanjahnn, a fellow CBS mob member, for letting the the whole gang stay at their beautiful place.

The whole gang of raucous blogging cyborgs had spread live bullets of laughter and lethal nonsense talks all over the bloody place.  At the end of the team building initiation, team Wang-Wang, a team full of semi-carnal blogging cyborgs, emerged victorious over their lousy opponent, the name I won’t mention because I’m afraid it would just be a waste of bandwidth(peace team unknown, lolers).

On the other hand, a certain lousy cyborg got drunk and wasted during the event because he bragged that he can drink el hombre like a beer.  The result?  Well, the rest of the cyborg addicts molested his wasted moments and took a lot of photos to scandalized his holy body.  Lolers!  Peace be with you whoever you are.  Hahahahaha!

Below is the confidential list of cyborgs who made it to the said gathering:

  1. Vanjahnn of
  2. Mark of
  3. Mikyu of
  4. Clarence of
  5. Kai of
  6. Miong of
  7. Empress of
  8. McBilly of
  9. Attorney of
  10. Prince of
  11. Aldwin of
  12. Bryan of
  13. Jorich of
  14. Tiannex of
  15. Timoy of

Xie, Xie Ni for the fun and baka moments.  Hehehehe.

Photo Credits: Vanjahnn

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Maribago Bluewater Summer Blowout

A fellow Cebu Bloggers Society member, Pinoy Blogger, just informed the group recently that there will be a free summer blow out this coming May.  This event will be sponsored by Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort in cooperation with Pinoy World.  This activity is actually open to all bloggers in Cebu, but most specifically to CBS members.

Free resort accomodations, fun games, and sumptuous foods are waiting for all the participants.  In the games, the lucky bloggers can win gift certificates and other freebies.  In order to participate to this great summer event, the blogger must visit Pinoy Blogger’s post and follow a few easy instructions to register.

The posted date of this event was set to 9th of May, but this is in conflict with the schedule of the iBlog Summit in Manila which will be held on the same date also.  The CBS VP for Events, Xerxes Bernadez,  asked Pinoy Blogger to move this activity to 16th of May.

For further details about this event please visit Pinoy World.  And if you wanted to know more about this beach resort, you can visit Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort’s blog.

Photo Credit:

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The Convenience of MUD Games

Multi User Dungeon(MUD) games are becoming more and more popular because of social networking sites.  This text-based type of online entertainment conquered the hearts of many not just because it serves as an interconnecting bond between online users, but it is also very convenient to play compared to RPGs and PC games.  The latter which are more into GUI(Graphical User Interface) consume a lot of space in you PC’s memory and installation is a must to play.  On the other hand, MUD games don’t require any of those because you will just play it online along with your friends without the hassle of installation and lagging because of memory space problem.

In MUDs, players are whisked into another dimension wherein golds, jobs, coins, abilities, comrades and the likes are the basic necessities to level up and defeat enemies.  Through text-based battles and competitions, a gamer can gain wealth, skills, properties, favors and all.  Anyone can play and the best thing about it is it’s for free.  You can actually play and gain friends at the same time, and it could lavish your vocabulary with massive gamer and out of this world terms.

When playing MUD games please keep this motto in mind: “If it moves, kill it. If it kills you, try killing something else.” I got this from Vampire Wars FAQ page.  Anyways, below is an example of an MUD game.

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My site is not indexed in Google

I dunno what happened.  I’ve been busy for a few weeks and laid low in checking my site’s stats.  I just found out yesterday that this site has been removed from google’s search results list.  I found this by keying in my major keyword “empressofdrac“.  I used to google my site using that keyword and my main page always tops the results list, but yesterday, it’s the other way around.  I can’t find my site even in the last pages of the results list.  Instead it’s my forum which is hosted freely in on the top .

I googled to check what happened.  I found out that google will remove your site if you put illegal stuff in there or when you do some dirty tricks to raise your page’s popularity.  But I did none of the above.

I checked my all in one SEO plug in set up and what I noticed is all the no index options are checked.  But I don’t think this has something to do with it.  The no index there are just for my categories, archives, and tag archives.  This is really a mystery to me.  I guess I need to do further investigation.

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