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CBSi 7th Anniversary: 7 Reasons to Celebrate! (Photos) #CBSi7

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc 7th Anniversary Marriott Hotel

Time flies so fast. Our beloved blogging organization will be celebrating its 7th year of founding this Sunday, February 15 at Marriott Hotel.  February 14 is the actual founding anniversary but we’ll celebrate it on the 15th for the obvious reason that everyone is busy during the former.

Cebu Bloggers Society 7 Years Ago

From its humble beginnings, CBSi has become a community that doesn’t only promote camaraderie within the blogging sphere but has also been inspiring its members to pursue careers in the online writing and marketing professions.

CBSi’s main vision is fueled by the passion to promote Cebu through blogging and encourage Cebuanos to know more about their native homeland.

Cebu Bloggers Society 7 years ago came into existence on Valentines Day.  I’m not sure if Mark Monta (the founder) has really nothing to do on that day (no date? lol) but thanks to him, CBSi was born and from there everything became history.

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc 7 Years Ago

This photo shows how we look like seven blogging years ago.  Everyone looks so young.  I mean what the heck, we really look like c^$###! Hehe!

7 Reasons Why I’m Celebrating

Cebu Bloggers Society is one of the main reasons of my big career change 5 years ago.  The organization enables me to meet many amazing people who have influenced in shaping my worldview when it comes earning money and doing business through the internet.

Without further ado, here are the top 7 reasons I’m celebrating.

1. Because I owe my very first news blogging coverage with CBSi.

US Election Coverage 2008 Cebu Bloggers Society

Seven years ago, I have no idea how to cover news via blogging. This photo was taken during US Election Watch 2008 wherein our group was invited as part of the new media.

2. I met a lot of interesting and amazing personalities through CBSi.

Cebu Bloggers Society DYAB Guesting 7 years ago

My active years in the organization were filled mostly with amazing and talented people.  This photo was seven years ago when we guested in a local radio tech program hosted by a prominent Cebuano journalist.

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc 7 Years Ago with Attorney Ethelbert Ouano 2

Uhmmn, yes. The guy beside me is an inspiration and one of the very few that I look up to.  He’s no other than Atty. Ethelbert Ouano.  There’s no dull moment when you are with this person.  He is CBSi irreplaceable legal adviser. (;

3. CBSi made me understand more the importance of gender equality.

Cebu Bloggers Society DYAB Guesting 7 years ago with Xerxes Bernades

The group is composed of diverse individuals from heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, and every thing in between.  Every one in the group wholeheartedly embraces and respects each fellow member disregarding gender preference.  And, this is what made me stick more to the group.

4. It was CBSi that helped me mend my broken heart. (LOL)

Cebu Bloggers Society 6 years ago at McBillys House

A group of cheerful people plus a bit of alcohol solved it all. Well, they have no idea why I got myself drunk. Lol! Photo above was taken 6 years ago at McBilly’s house.

5. CBSi helps me polish my skills in writing, blogging, and marketing.

Cebu Bloggers Society

During my active years in the group, I learned a lot of things that help me enhanced my skills more specifically in writing, blogging, and online marketing.  Photo above was taken during our monthly Board of Trustees and Committee meeting.

6. It was in CBSi that I learned how to loot for foods.  LOL!

Cebu Bloggers Society and Foods

We always get invited to food parties and you know, eating is always fun when you are with a group of people. I can’t count anymore how many times I overeat when I was with CBSi peeps. (:

7.  Because I experienced my very first SANDSTORM with CBSi.

Cebu Bloggers Society Sandstorm experience 2009 2

Our sandstorm experience in Sumilon Island way back 2009 is still very vivid in my mind.  When it hit us I thought I won’t survive and gonna die.  LOL!

I really have so many things to say but I still have a lot of pending work this week.  Will continue this list if I’ll get some “free time” next time.

Happy 7th Anniversary CBSi! Cheers to more years of blogging! Namaste!

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Bacolod’s The Ruins – Picturesque Burnt Remains of aTragic Past

The Ruins in the backdrop.

The Ruins in the backdrop.

In the midst of a vast sugar cane plantation, there lay a stunning panoramic European structure, a non-living witness of a violent past that will be remembered forever in history.

The burnt remains of  Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson’s grand mansion is now a famous tourist spot in Talisay City, Bacolod.

Tagged as the largest residential mansion built before the World War II era, The Ruins is now just a pale reflection of the 903 square meter structure that was once a symbol of wealth and abundance.

The Violent History

Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a known sugar baron in the 1900’s, built the mansion for his first wife, and it became a home for their unmarried children. When World War II broke out, the guerrillas decided to burn it to stop Japanese invaders from utilizing it as their headquarters.

Another version of the story is that, Don Mariano went mad after the death of his first wife and burned the mansion himself. This is actually just a rumor to put a romantic twist to the whole story.  But, whichever version you want to believe, it was told that it took several days before most of the mansion’s parts were burned down.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

When we went there last year, they only charged us Php60 per person.  There are discounts for students and children though but we didn’t bother to ask.

How to Get There?

Panoramic view.

Panoramic view.

Here’s an accurate direction they provided on their official website.

Proceed to Bata (PEPSI bottling plant) and turn east. About 600 meters, you will see a cellsite above a 2 story building on the left. Opposite that building you will see a big sign that says “THIS WAY TO THE RUINS”. You will enter that narrow street leading to Rose Lawn Memorial Garden. Follow the small red and yellow signs on the electrical posts which will lead you all the way to The RUINS.

 Note: This is part 2 of my Bacolod Post series.  Part 1 here.

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A Visit to the Farm – Toledo, Cebu #TravelReview2013 (Photos)

Note: This is part 7 of my #TravelReview2013 photo-blog post series.  Since I haven’t blog that much last year, I’m doing this series to feature all the travels I did on that year.  And, because my brain is still not yet ready for lengthy word combats, let all the photos do the talking. (:


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WellCome – A Budget Hotel with a Rooftop Pool #TravelReview2013 (Photos)

Note: This is part 6 of my #TravelReview2013 photo-blog post series.  Since I haven’t blog that much last year, I’m doing this series to feature all the travels I did on that year.  And, because my brain is still not yet ready for lengthy word combats, let all the photos do the talking. (:


More about WellCome at

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Alona Beach Panglao Island Bohol #TravelReview2013 (Photos)

Note: This is part 2 of my #TravelReview2013 photo-blog post series.  Since I haven’t blog that much last year, I’m doing this series to feature all the travels I did on that year.  And, because my brain is still not yet ready for lengthy word combats, let all the photos do the talking. (:

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol 2

Morning stroll with inday Minette at Alona Beach.

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol 3

Early morning beach shot.

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol 4

Testing the water for a quick morning swim.

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol 5

I was left alone, ruminating by myself.  LOL!

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol 6

The beach-lover chick.

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol 7

Save mother earth. (:

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol 8

Afternoon shot by the beach.

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol 9

Bohol Diver’s Club beach

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol 10

Dude at BDC’s beach garden.

Bohol Divers Resort Alona Beach Panglao Bohol

Morning breakfast with dude at Bohol Diver’s Club.  Their breakfast buffet is yummy!

More about Alona Beach at

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Mt. Manghilao – Danao’s Highest Mountain Peak #TravelReview2013 (Photos)

Note: This is part 1 of my #TravelReview2013 photo-blog post series.  Since I haven’t blog that much last year, I’m doing this series to feature all the travels I did on that year.  And, because my brain is still not yet ready for lengthy word combats, let all the photos do the talking. (:

Danao Mountain Peak 2

My pretty little sister enjoying the mountain view at the private rest house of Soulmate’s hubby.

Danao Mountain Peak 3

The view from the private rest house.

Danao Mountain Peak 4

The epic carabao pic. In the photo is my younger sister and Chiel, one of my close buddies. (:

Danao Mountain Peak 5

Nice skyline view.  This is the path leading to the private rest house.

Danao Mountain Peak 6

Another shot inside the forest.

Danao Mountain Peak 7

Simply amazing mountain view.

Danao Mountain Peak 8

Some of the people who celebrated mine and Soulmate’s birthday last year.  From left to right: Chiel, me, Soulmate, dude, manash.

Danao Mountain Peak 9

Jeepney ride with my dorky little sister and two of my friends.

Danao Mountain Peak 10

Meditating pose with the birthday girls: me and Soulmate.

Danao Mountain Peak

Sky, mountain, forest.

More info about Mt. Manghilao at

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Masskara Festival 2013: A Glimpse of the Street Dancing Parade (Photos)

Because I didn’t find the time to get my media ID from a prominent blogger who offered us an ID pass, I had no choice but to battle my way down to the street dancers.  Starting from the very strong crowd, photography enthusiasts, and down to a group of Caucasians (a foreign TV crew I guess) who dominated the street every time a group of dancers passes by.

Bacolod 2013 Masskara Festival 5

At first I was kind of contented just taking photos from afar, but then I thought, I was there to document the event.  It’s just unfair not take some close-up photos.

Bacolod 2013 Masskara Festival 18

I easily made my way to a group of local photographers but there’s just something in the crowd that made them hesitate to go near towards the main attraction.  And it’s no other than this group of foreign TV crew who were also covering the street parade.  This group is so domineering.  They have all the lenses and have this very “authoritative air” every time they take their position to get a good shot/video each time the dancers stop by to perform.

Bacolod 2013 Masskara Festival 6

Fortunately for me, I didn’t find this group a hindrance at all.  I used their domineering presence to get some good close-up photos.  Every time a new group of dancers stopped by, I immediately positioned myself by their (foreign crew) side.  It was a BREEZE!!! (:

Bacolod 2013 Masskara Festival 12

Having a foreign TV crew by your side is AWESOME!!!! LOL!

Bacolod 2013 Masskara Festival 10

I only took a few photos as the heat of the sun is something that I can’t bear.

Bacolod 2013 Masskara Festival 11

All these photos were taken on the 21st of October.  That was on Sunday.  The 3rd of day of our trip there in Bacolod.  More stories of our Bacolod travel in my next blog posts.  For more street parade photos, you may visit my Facebook fanpage.


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ASKATO Trio at Seattle’s Best

After their hilarious body massage and farting session at Nua Thai, the Askato Trio proceeded to their next destination.

It was in Seattle’s Best located at The Terraces, Ayala Center. Here are photos to back up their bloody alibis.

Seattles Best

Seattle’s Best

There were just a few people when we came in around one in the morning.

Seattles Best Coffees

Seattle’s Best Coffees

We ordered Vanilla and Avocado Shakes, and Java Chip Coffee.


NBI Special Defective Agent HUHU2.



NBI Special Defective Agent HUHU1.



The ASKATO grand nanny…wahahahhahahaha…

The Askato Duo

The other Askato member refused to be molested photogically. Hehehehe.

More pics here.

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Warm Brownie Cup at La Marea

La Marea at The Walk

La Marea at The Walk

NBI Special Defective Agents HUHU1 and HUHU2 went to La Marea yesterday to chill out.  They were disturbed by Team Darwino’s mobs while they were working at their hide out.  HUHU2 treated HUHU1 a warm brownie cup.  HUHU2 was telling HUHU1 that La Marea’s warm brownie cup is very delectable, but HUHU1 can’t agree after tasting it.

Warm Brownie Cups

Warm Brownie Cups

The warm brownie cup which is for HUHU1’s estimation very expensive tastes like Ngohiong’s EXpress FOBI(Fried or Baked Ice Cream).  HUHU1 wanted to chill at that place again but won’t be eating any warm brownie cups.

A warm brownie cup tastes like champorado minus the vanilla ice cream

A warm brownie cup tastes like champorado minus the vanilla ice cream

NB: This post was inspired by Mindless Self Indulgence’s The Retard Song.  Click here to watch the MV of this song.

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Vanilla Mangatar Cuties

These are the mortals I work with every day. Thanks to Daddy Reymund for these cute mangatars. Lay the red carpet down for the Vanilla Cuties!!! Wohooo!

From left side-first row: Empress, the gothic enthusiast; Dreadz, the genius-rasta-php programmer; Cheche, the ultimate fashionista; Chubby, the everdearest so lovable chinita; Doi, the coolest boy of them all; Jet, the long-haired TA; Jza, the super beautiful mommy; Madz, the coolest and prettiest wifey; Micay, the sultry lady; Soulmate, my ever beautiful soulmate; Mon, the super daddy who created all the avatars; Nadj, the super sexy php programmer; Shirley, the ever daring and witty one; Sky, vainglorious mortal; Witch, the super lovable model; Tintin, the sexiest and most confident mom in the whole world, and Trishie, the ever lovely and fish-loving fairy.

Aren’t we cute? Hehehe!

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Flash backs

I‘ve been trying to connect online thru the speedstream router management interface but of futile result. It always says:
“The local connection is still busy, please wait a few seconds before attempting to connect.”

So this is the prize of lower line and internet fee(5h plus per month at 512mbps). I just finished my breakfast and I just have this urge to write. I arrived around 7:30am from work. It was raining heavily when I left the office early this morning. The rain made me feel awake and as usual I cannot sleep.

So, what’s the latest buzz in town? The Ces Drilon kidnapping case is over. Manny Villar’s rumored pre-campaign ad is still aired on TVs nationwide and Ces Drilon really looks ugly without her make up on (have you noticed that?). Hehehe!

with my sis and mama at Seafront, Liloan

My stomach is full and I just want to step aside, and look back at the stuffs that I’ve done these past few weeks. Uhmmn, let’s start from the last week of April. Whew! That was when I went to Badian Island with deathgod, pervertsniper, dondon, and jc_hitomi. And then, on the first week of May, we went to Tubod Flowing Waters in Minglanilla for our team outing. Mid week of May was our forum outing at Franziska’s Beach Resort in Liloan. And then, a week after that we had our family outing at Seafront Beach Resort also in Liloan wherein we celebrated Inday Tin-tin’s passing of the CPA board exam. Last week of May was Maybel’s birthday. We went to Davinci’s Pizza in Jones along with deathgod and pervertsniper, and then, we went to videoke at The Beat’s Family KTV bar, and then went to disco near the place(wherein Maybel met her current bf).  Hahahahaha!

with at ems and my god daughter…

Last first week of June was Ate Em’s Wedding at Metro Park Hotel in Lahug. And then after that, I went to Bantayan Island with deathgod and his officemates. It serves as deathgod’s last outing with his team mates because he received a new job offer from a software company in Bohol.

Sugarbeach, Bantayan Island

Today is his first day of work as a project implementor at Wizzard Technologies. He texted me yesterday that he’s a little bit nervous. Hehehe. I’m quite happy that he has now a better job. I mean he’s not satisfied with his job before. I just texted him a while ago and gave him words of encouragement. Yeah! We’re good friends, but some people just can’t help themselves and still tease us that we’re still lovers. Well, we are happy of what we are now. We are good as friends. We don’t click as lovers. But then, no one knows what the future holds for us. He actually asked me a couple of times what will my answer be if he would want me back in the near future. My answer is I will decide when that time comes. Lolers!

with chubby and soulmate at Mango Square after videoke

Anyways, I had so much fun last Sunday night when I went to a videoke bar in Mango Square with my bloody officemates. We had so much fun singing our hearts out and dancing ’til our feet hurt. Hehehe! I feel a little bit sleepy now. It’s still raining outside and my eyelids are already heavy. ‘Till next time mortals. Avrio!

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Summer is officially over!

And I immensely enjoyed the season sooo much! Whew! Today is the 1st of June and I just made the toughest decision ever. I hope this is the best thing to do and I hope that there would be no regrets.

I just discovered that having lots of alternatives is not easy at all. It’s so hard to choose from lots of great choices. It’s not easy to choose specially when all the choices are dearest to your heart. But then, at the end one should make one. And that is what I just did. It is really scary because every decision you’ll make has it’s own consequences. And most mortals are afraid to commit mistakes and so do I. But as what my favorite philosopher said…

“There are no mistakes! Events that we bring to ourselves, no matter how unpleasant are necessary to learn life; whatever steps we take, they are necessary to reach the peak we want to go.”

And I know that Osho is definitely right and I’m forever thankful to all his teachings for they serve as guides in my everyday life. Anyways, here are few pics last 17th and 18th of May during our Forum outing. More pics can be found in my friendster account.

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Crazy Day and Oblation Run

Oblation Run

I had a very GREAT day last friday! Whew! We have our Crazy Day and Oblation Run as the main course and dessert, respectively (hahahahaha!). The long awaited parade of “bolbits” and “camels” had finally c0me.

The hordes of dusty foot creatures patiently awaited the most anticipated “camel” show event which is of course the oblation run (running naked with black masks on their bloody faces) by the newly recruit APO members (who are mostly from other schools). When obli’s statue was blindfolded with black cloth everyone knew that it’s the bloody signal that “camels” will be running around the campus soon. Eveybody got ready with their cameras, necks stretched upward-sideward waiting for the mighty wicks to come rushing down the campus aisles (wahehehehe!). Here are some pics for your eyes to feast…

inspired by one of the otakus last Otaku Festival…hehehe…

here comes super journal articles (ka-oa pud aning costume ni pong oist…tsk…tsk…)

with sarah raven and her famous hungry-look…slamdunk the funk! hehehe…

can you see the marching wicks from afar? hehehehe…

For more Oblation Run close up photos click here.

For more Crazy Day photos click here .

Ta ta,


Download Oblation Run Photos Here

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Whew! At last! I finished this one. I actually had this concept just last week, and I was thinking how can I interpret it in photoshop.  Well, this isn’t that special to start with because my work isn’t that great, but then I’m still proud because I put some effort on this one.

We were actually talking in our Pysch 141 class last week about the the contributions of our genetic structure in the changes of our behaviours. And then we ended up discussing about the great resemblance of chimpanzees’ genetic structure to human beings’. The chimpz are humans closest relatives. The percentage of resemblance is 99.9%. And it’s only the gene which made our jaws move that made us different from them.

Well, it’s very embarassing because the chimpz greatly denied the statement above. What a very shocking reaction form our beloved chimpz! They cannot accept the fact that assholes and asswipes like us are claiming them as our closest relatives. Ahehehehe! Just kidding! (Well, we really don’t know for sure. Hahahaha!)

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UP’s CRSIS, a pain in the ass…

Well, talking about pains in our asses…UP’s CRSIS’s the name baby…hell yeah! The university’s new online enrollment system became a burden instead of a solution to slow enrollment process. Wege, I and Roni have started processing our enrollment last Monday and up to now we are not enrolled yet. What the heck!

Roni texting…after we had our temporary form 5 signed by our adviser…

The server is always down! OMG! Where’s the back-up? And the students have no absolute control over their CRSIS accounts. We cannot confirm our subjects beyond the scheduled dates and because of this we have to approach someone who has the admin log ins for us to check if our subjects have been confirmed. And the worst is we have to line up in the CSO for48 friggin’ years before we can get our official form 5. Talking about hassles!

Wege in deep thoughts, while we’re waiting for our turn at
the College Secretary’s Office…

We should go to school very early this monday, or else we’ll be picking our numb asses in the trash…ahehehe! Anyways, Wege and her mother went home earlier yesterday and that left us (Roni and I)
with nothing else to do. So, we headed up to Ayala land…ahehehe… and hang our sore asses out at pizza hut…ahehehe…

ala mode ice cream…chillaxxx…

Roni babe…

Haist…need to sleep now…

Ta ta


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I miss Philo…

This is the second time that I met a teacher who is so passionate, and very devoted to his profession. The first time was when I was in highschool, and it was Mr. Candano, my English teacher. Now, it’s prof. Espiritu, my Philo teacher.

Prof. Espiritu in white long sleeves

Prof. Espiritu in white long sleeves

The common ground of these two fellows, is they see to it that every person would feel special every time they’re around. These kind of people are so rare to find and so precious to lose. Anyways, here are photos of my Philo class last semester…

Thats me in stripes(:

That’s me in stripes(:

This afternoon, as I went to Sir Espiritu’s table in the faculty room to let him sign my AdMat form for Philo 171, I was actually surprised he still remembers my fondness of Osho, and he told me to look for Osho’s lecture in YouTube. I hope to meet more people like him…just wishful thinking. (:

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