In the Dojo

One early morning, in the city’s famous beer dojo, three drunk senpai were in a very intimate drunkard discussion… kioas(talking to isda): you mean you can steal that giant bottle up there? isda: sure, i can. i just need your help and influence. twistedsui(to kioas): you guys are dreaming…(chuckles) kioas: i think that is possible. […]

Happy 3rd Anniversary Immortals!

21st of April 2006-21st of April 2009.  It’s been three years that we’ve been tossing each others nonsense ramblings inside our little hive in cyberspace.  Three years of knowing each others clumsiness and silliness.  Three years of sharing each others secrets and painful dramas in life.  It’s been a great pleasure knowing that somewhere in […]