Mothers, How Healthy is the Space You Live In?

Note from blog owner: Since I’ll be having a newborn a couple of months from now, I’m featuring here an article from a guest contributor, Derek Lotts, an Advisory Editor of, on how to make sure that our place becomes an ideal abode for our newborn infants.  I still don’t know where to categorize […]

Losing Weight and Eating Healthy while on a Budget

Photo Credit Anyone who wants to lose weight or lose the belly fat must perfectly understand that to achieve that goal, diet and exercise should go together. Not just one, but both. But given our modern trying times, another key factor comes into the picture: budget. And honestly, it plays a very big role in […]

Research Says Being Overweight Can Lessen the Risk of Breast Cancer

Being overweight or obese during adolescence reduces a woman’s chances of getting breast cancer, researchers at Harvard Medical School discovered. This finding doesn’t mean that younger women could just eat chocolates and fast foods anytime. The present study by Karin B. Michels and colleagues lends a new view on the relationship between adult weight change […]

Frugal Recipe: GAPS Spaghetti Squash Pasta

Note: Aside from the fact that this recipe is budget-friendly, this is also very healthy as 1 cup serving of cooked spaghetti squash only contains 42 calories, too low compared to a cup of cooked pasta which contains 221 calories.  This is a great alternative if you are maintaining a low-calorie diet. One of the […]

Why is Korea Obsessed with Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery?

Note: This is a guest post written by Joon Lee, a blogger from South Korea. Despite not wanting to be sucked in by media – with its overtly ridiculous obsession and glorification of beautiful people – there is no point in denying it: beauty rules. Everywhere we look, we are constantly reminded of how much […]

The Increasing Number of AIDS Victim in Cebu

This is a guest post by Lords Screwbero. Photo Credit: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or  HIV-AIDS is caused due to the Human immune deficiency virus (HIV). AIDS is a life threatening disease and a challenge for the medical world across the globe. The number of AIDS cases reported in a year is increasing in some […]

Plastic Surgery In The Philippines

Image Source/Corbis The Philippines is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular medical tourism destinations. People from around the globe head to the archipelago each year to undergo a wide range of treatments. Plastic surgery abroad, particularly in the Philippines, is all the rage now due to the world class medical facilities, the highly […]

Too Much Computer Work Causes RSI

N.B.: For over 3 months now, I’m currently experiencing RSI due to so much computer work.  Here’s a guest post about RSI and how to treat it from Ana Brady.  Hope this will help fellow computer workers relieve or treat their RSI problems. – Empress Of Drac What is RSI and How to Treat It With […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Photo Credit Fundraising for medical research has become an important element of raising disease awareness, and nowhere has it been more effective than for breast cancer. With the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which was established in 1982, millions of women and their families have been educated about  breast cancer treatment, prevention and support. Other efforts […]

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

The rise of the Korean entertainment industry highlights a lot of interesting facts about Korea’s culture and lifestyle.  We, Cebuanos, are fond of watching Korean drama series and we are even big fans of some of these K-Pop artists.  Hollywood’s monopoly of the entertainment industry has been put to an end since the turn of […]

Mosbeau Launches All-In-One Facial Products

Mosbeau Philippines just recently launched their newest beauty products – the Mosbeau All-In-One Facial Cream and the Mosbeau All-In-One Soap. This All-In-One beauty product concept puts an end to tedious beauty regimens. This simply stunning facial skin care innovation gives you the benefits of whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, UV protection and peeling. First in the Philippines […]

The 30-Day Mosbeau Whitening Challenge

Update: Sorry for this very late notification.  I had only used the product for around 3 days, after that I stopped.  I can’t tolerate the smell. My younger sister was the one who continued taking it. Update: It indeed had lighten up my sister’s skin but she doesn’t want to continue taking it because of […]

Frizberry Yogurt Opening at SM!

Thousands of years ago, Mesopotamians made the very first yogurt.  There are actually evidence that these people had domesticated goats and sheep, and the milk that they got from those animals were stored in gourds, then later on the milk became a curd.  This curd was the early form of yogurt. Thousands of years later […]

Ashtanga Vinsaya Yoga at Body Mind Well-Being Inc.

Photo by Leo Castillo I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I and my officemates were actually planning to enroll in a yoga class long before I was invited to a Yoga Workshop along with my CBS mate, Prince Ryan Gilig.  I’ve been planning to enroll in any health and fitness program, but my […]