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12 Capture-worthy Places in Asia Every Photographers Must not Miss

It’s no secret that Asia is home to some of the best scenic views in the world. Considering that it’s the world’s largest continent, you’re sure to discover places any photographer will deem as paradise.

However, the entire continent is vast and it would be tremendously time-consuming for you if you’re embarking on a quest to capture the best places with only your camera and your wanderlust to bank on. You need proper information to make your hunt for great capture-worthy sites as efficient as possible.

Make your travel photography a breeze with these 12 capture-worthy places in Asia:

The Picture-Perfect White Beach of Boracay

Photo courtesy of Hani_Han via Pixabay

The breathtaking contrast of Boracay’s sky blue waters and pristine white sands makes it impossible for photography enthusiasts and professional photographers to walk away without capturing a great shot.

Aside from the health benefits of going to the beach, another great reason why photographers visit this famous Philippine island is its underwater scenery. If you’re willing, a quick scuba diving lesson will allow you to capture the stunning coral reefs and marine ecosystem with your waterproof camera.

The Serenity of Li Riverriver-892346_1920

Photo courtesy of DEZALB via Pixabay

The serene beauty of China’s Li River is another place that budding photographers shouldn’t miss out on. The calm water, the towering mountains, and the touch of fog gives an otherworldly atmosphere that amplifies the scenic effect of your shots.

It’s highly suggested for photographers to take the raft when looking for great angles. Compared to being on a cruise, it allows you to get a closer look at the water . Best of all, the raftman is always willing to stop so you can take clearer, better photos.

The Kikuchi River Paradisejapan-1040657_1920

Photo courtesy of DeltaWorks via Pixabay

Kikuchi River in Japan allows you to be more attuned to the unrivalled beauty of nature. Capturing how the luminous waters, engulfed by trees, while making its way through the Kikuchi Valley produces engaging and dynamic photos.  

Kikuchi Valley is also known as the “Healing Forest.” Just like the benefits of relaxing by the beach, visiting this

renowned Japanese forest bathing site can boost your health and reduce stress while engaging all of your senses, making it a great place for great photos and relaxation.   

The Dazzling Sheikh Zhayed Grand Mosquemosque-618303_1920
Photo courtesy of
jpeter2 via Pixabay

The architectural beauty of this mosque in Abu Dhabi makes it one of the most noteworthy places every photographer should visit. The beautiful harmony of white and gold, decorated with subtle lines and paintings, bring out its solemn structural beauty no photographer should miss when visiting Asia.

The perfect time to visit Sheikh Zhayed Grand Mosque is around 4 o’clock as you can take photos of this structural beauty at your own pace. By the time you had your fill of photos, end the day gracefully by taking the complimentary Sunset Tour offered at 5 p.m. and try to capture the precise moment when the mosque is bathed in sunset colors.

The Splendid Angkor Wat Temple Complexangkor-809753_1920

Photo courtesy of Poswiecie via Pixabay

The Angkor Wat is the reason why 50% of tourists visit Cambodia. Visiting the place itself will answer the question why. The marvelous photos one can capture at different angles make it a photographer’s dream. The imposing archaic elements of the temple complex allow you to take splendid shots with almost no mechanical assistance from your camera at all.

The Majestic Taj Mahaltaj-mahal-1030894_1920

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

The Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world for a good reason. The spectacular weave of details and balance is noteworthy, and these critical elements are the reasons why the Taj Mahal is heavily regarded as the best example of Mughal architecture and India’s jewel of Muslim art.

With Taj Mahal, close up photos alone won’t do justice to its beauty. Make sure to take wide angles to capture all of its architectural glory. One good tip is to position yourself across the river so you can take photos without interfering activities.   

A Touch of Delicate History with Ephesus

Photo courtesy of tpsdave via Pixabay

One way to ensure that you’re seeing the best of Asia is to visit the delicate remnants at Ephesus. The remaining structures are still something to marvel at. It will be a great addition to any photographer’s photo journal as it allows you to capture the history of Turkey in its splendid aftermath.

The Enchanting View of Phu Quoc Island

Photo courtesy of Quangle via Piabay

Phu Quoc Island offers photographers what an untouched natural environment looks like. This peaceful island has scenic spots that can easily be captured into stunning photos. In addition to the picture-perfect sunset by the beach,  the hospitality of the locals will be one more reason that makes the trip to Vietnam worthwhile.

The Fascinating Gardens by the Bay

Photo courtesy of cegoh via Pixabay

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay offers unique images waiting to be captured. This enthralling blend of structure and nature makes it appealing for photographers and tourists alike. Make sure to enjoy a fine long walk on a warm evening to get a beautiful shot.

The Lovely Racha Island

Photo courtesy of karin_isme via Pixabay

Racha Island is one of the pleasant discoveries you’ll encounter in Asia. The way the fine white sand meets the clear waters will make you reach for your smartphone or camera for a quick snap. Another reason why visiting this uninhabited island of Thailand is that it offers solitude for people looking for a private moment to themselves. This makes it easy for photographers to take marvelous photos without too much human traffic.

The Delightful Offers of Nusa Dua

Photo courtesy of Mariamichelle via Pixabay

Indonesia’s Nusa Dua is a great place for photographers looking for quality shots of turquoise waters meeting whitish sands. It’s a bit isolated, allowing photographers to roam around and take great shots without any difficulty. Visit the Geger Temple, located at the top of the cliff, for better angles and a bird’s eye view of the entire location.

The Stunning Banpo Bridge

Photo courtesy tpsdave via Pixabay

The Banpo Bridge is one of South Korea’s architectural highlights and is the world’s longest bridge fountain. It’s definitely one of Asia’s structural features that photographers shouldn’t miss. One of the major reason is its dynamic nature: the fountain is designed to perform various shows day in, day out.

The fountain boasts a hundred configurations that simulate the movements of willow branches and its leaves during the day. During the night, the fountain dances to the beat of music while being illuminated by 200 different lights. The sheer number of combinations the fountain offers make it a must-capture for every photographer visiting Asia.

Visiting these 12 capture-worthy places encourages photographers to come up with a noteworthy photography portfolio. The photos of these places will make a stellar addition, not only to your photo journal, but to your travel experience as well. When you’re on a travel photography journey, don’t just focus on looking for visually-appealing places, look for places that can enhance your travel experience as well.  That’s how you know that you’ve truly found one of the best capture-worthy places in Asia.

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Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn

Doesn’t the mere thought of traveling makes you happy and giddy? While typing “things to do” and “what to eat” in a certain country or city, you suddenly realize how wonderful it is to live. Add a little more something to it like a diploma and a degree and you got the recipe for the most perfect getaway.

It should not be surprising that the number of international students around the world is on the rise. Studying abroad has “lucky” written all over it. It’s not every day that you get to travel while learning. According to a 2009 statistics from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, there are around 3.7 million international students worldwide. UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics finds that the numbers are increasing by 12% each year, which means that as of 2015, some 2.6 million students have had the privilege to study abroad. In short, there are at least six million extremely lucky individuals who get to experience first-hand the benefits of traveling and learning at the same time.

The U.S., European countries, and major Asian cities are among the most popular destinations for international students. Young people get to study abroad via sponsorships, grants, and personal expense. Sometimes all it takes is to fill out that application form and know that there’s more to learning than crashing frat parties and scoring a date with a cheerleader or a football star. Yes, the struggles are real and there will be challenges and you will miss familiar places and faces. But it’s a big world out there. Go out, learn, and have fun.

Whether you are into the romantic, rustic, cultural or modern vibe, there is a very wide and diverse list of the best and coolest countries and cities to choose from, depending on the course or degree and other personal preferences. Here are some of them:

Oooh, Paris!

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 1

Photo courtesy of Foundry via

For the third year running, Paris was ranked number one in the QS Best Student Cities index. The French capital is admired for its architecture and cultural heritage. There are a lot of internationally-ranked universities in Paris that often attract those studying culture, humanities, design and architecture, and also fashion. Do you know what is the common course requirement for studying French architecture? A trip to the Louvre.

The cost of living in Paris is rather high, especially for students, but the tuition fees are relatively low compared to other cities which offsets living expenses. In addition, you can stare and have the cheesiest photo at the majestic Eiffel Tower as often as you want.

Diversity in South Africa

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 2

Photo courtesy of shilmar via

South Africa is among the most culturally and ethnically diverse places in the region. It’s history is also very interesting considering the country’s struggles during the apartheid and colonization. So if you want to learn about cultures, politics, and international studies, South Africa should be on top of your list. Plus, it’s also a great place to study linguistics. Did you know that they have 11 official languages? Nature is also a good discipline because of the wildlife and yes, the safari. And according to Abroad 101, Cape Town, South Africa’s capital, is among the top 10 friendliest cities in the world.

Awesome Australia

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 3

Photo courtesy of pattyjansen via

You’ll never be bored in Australia. It is truly the perfect setting to travel and learn. From the beaches to the rainforests and postcard-worthy sites, Australia is simply a gorgeous country. Most of Australia is known for the beach life, night life and music. And of course, the way humans co-exist with animals.

Among its strong academic programs involve ecology, geology and marine biology. This is mainly because of the country’s varied topography and unique climate. The student population in Australia is large, diverse, and inclusive. There are also a lot of internationally-ranked universities across the country; seven can be found in Melbourne.

Nerdy in Germany

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 4

Photo courtesy of tpsdave via

Germany is a cool destination for students, especially for those interested in the sciences and technology industries. It is a good place to study engineering and business, as it is a leader in both fields. Given its very rich history, Germany is also a good choice to study European politics. Students would also be glad to know that Germany, the world’s fourth largest economy, gives subsidies to foreign students, making it an affordable study destination.

Museums and gardens are aplenty. Beer is also part of the culture.  Party nights can be a little notorious in cities like Berlin.

Lots of lovin’ in Dublin

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 5

Photo courtesy of Clairetardy via

Ireland is a passionate nation. They pack so much pride for their sports teams, history, and heritage. Ireland is enriching on so many levels and it is just a fun country to be in. No wonder that among its strong academic programs are on the romance side — literature and writing. James Joyce, anyone?

Most Irish universities put a lot of academic responsibility on the students. These universities do not cover everything in lectures, and exams are not very popular either. Learning materials are given to students and they have to be responsible enough to go through them. Just a friendly reminder: it rains all the time in Dublin so be prepared. Aside from passport, visa, and other academic requirements, climate is also among the major things to consider when traveling and studying abroad.

A great Spanish mix

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 6

Photo courtesy of JoaquinAranoa via

There are a variety of lessons you can learn in studying abroad. Aside from the course requirements, there is also the rich history and culture. And when you think of the perfect mix of modernity and tradition, Spanish-speaking countries got you covered.

Spain has it all — culture, history, heritage, and tradition. Art, theater, architecture, and linguistics are perfect disciplines. Hailed as one of the most livable cities in the world, its capital Madrid is both enchanting and exotic. It’s very modern and the traveler in you will surely enjoy the awesome nightlife and flamenco dancing.

Argentina is also a good study destination. If you are looking for a Latin American perspective on politics, history, and religion, then Argentina is the place to be. Given the European history of its people, the social sciences are also a strong point. Argentina is also home to a lot of exciting rural areas and vibrant cities that you can explore.

The demand for quality universities in Costa Rica is high because of the high literacy in this Spanish-speaking country. It’s 96%! Costa Rica has a very lush environment, making environment-related fields of study its strong point. In fact, many of its universities sponsor educational trips to research on and explore the vast natural resources.

Royalty in the United Kingdom

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 7

Photo courtesy of pixolga via

The UK is home to some of the oldest and most respected universities in the world, so you are guaranteed to find a really good one. It also home to some of the world’s most notable politicians, economists, scientists, and writers so you could basically study anything in the UK. For the travel part, you can experience royalty in some of the palaces, eat fish and chips, dine al fresco, go crazy over soccer, and fall in love with the cute accent.

Fall easily with Italy

Sustainable Setting To Travel And Learn - 8

Photo courtesy of 762090 via

It’s easy to fall in love with Italy over and over again. The food is great and the sites are gorgeous. Every corner is worthy of a selfie and you won’t run out of updates and posts for your social media pages. Art, history, and architecture are good study courses in Italy. There is also Rome for classical history, arts and architecture. Then there’s Milan for fashion.

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity. You get to see the world in a different perspective. You don’t go by an itinerary, but instead slowly take it all in. Do not be intimidated by the thought of studying in a different country. Embrace it like a true citizen of the world.

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A once in a lifetime experience. Chilling beside Mount Pinatubo’s crater. #mountpinatubo #volcano #crater #river #sky #mountain #nature

A once in a lifetime experience. Chilling beside Mount Pinatubo’s crater. #mountpinatubo #volcano #crater #river #sky #mountain #nature

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Human remains inside the Pawikan Cave in Gigantes Sur. #cave #spelunkering #bones #pawikancave #gigantesisland

Human remains inside the Pawikan Cave in Gigantes Sur. #cave #spelunkering #bones #pawikancave #gigantesisland

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Can’t get enough. #bantigueisland #sandbar #beach #sea #sky

Can’t get enough. #bantigueisland #sandbar #beach #sea #sky

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Loving the very clear and cold water in this island’s sand bar. #beach #sandbar #bantigueisland #gigantes #sky #sea

Loving the very clear and cold water in this island’s sand bar. #beach #sandbar #bantigueisland #gigantes #sky #sea

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Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines. #baguio #baguiocity #mountaincity #mountain #sky

Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines. #baguio #baguiocity #mountaincity #mountain #sky

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It’s been 18 days now that I left the island of Pitogo and have been wandering on the road. This is actually the very first time that I travel this long. I’ve been planning for years to travel continuously but been held back by a lot of responsibilities. Now, I can tell that this is only the beginning of my wandering journey. This has been what I’ve been picturing myself for years…to wander…continuously… #wanderer #imnotatraveler #imawanderer

It’s been 18 days now that I left the island of Pitogo and have been wandering on the road. This is actually the very first time that I travel this long. I’ve been planning for years to travel continuously but been held back by a lot of responsibilities. Now, I can tell that this is only the beginning of my wandering journey. This has been what I’ve been picturing myself for years…to wander…continuously… #wanderer #imnotatraveler #imawanderer

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Bacolod’s The Ruins – Picturesque Burnt Remains of aTragic Past

The Ruins in the backdrop.

The Ruins in the backdrop.

In the midst of a vast sugar cane plantation, there lay a stunning panoramic European structure, a non-living witness of a violent past that will be remembered forever in history.

The burnt remains of  Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson’s grand mansion is now a famous tourist spot in Talisay City, Bacolod.

Tagged as the largest residential mansion built before the World War II era, The Ruins is now just a pale reflection of the 903 square meter structure that was once a symbol of wealth and abundance.

The Violent History

Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a known sugar baron in the 1900’s, built the mansion for his first wife, and it became a home for their unmarried children. When World War II broke out, the guerrillas decided to burn it to stop Japanese invaders from utilizing it as their headquarters.

Another version of the story is that, Don Mariano went mad after the death of his first wife and burned the mansion himself. This is actually just a rumor to put a romantic twist to the whole story.  But, whichever version you want to believe, it was told that it took several days before most of the mansion’s parts were burned down.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

When we went there last year, they only charged us Php60 per person.  There are discounts for students and children though but we didn’t bother to ask.

How to Get There?

Panoramic view.

Panoramic view.

Here’s an accurate direction they provided on their official website.

Proceed to Bata (PEPSI bottling plant) and turn east. About 600 meters, you will see a cellsite above a 2 story building on the left. Opposite that building you will see a big sign that says “THIS WAY TO THE RUINS”. You will enter that narrow street leading to Rose Lawn Memorial Garden. Follow the small red and yellow signs on the electrical posts which will lead you all the way to The RUINS.

 Note: This is part 2 of my Bacolod Post series.  Part 1 here.

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