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Shangril-La Mactan’s Cowrie Cove Restaurant: Food Review

Are you looking for a restaurant to spend your special days or holidays here in Cebu?  Cowrie Cove Restaurant in Shangri-La, Mactan is one of Cebu’s fine dining destinations wherein you can enjoy your food while savoring the view of the beach.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to sample their Festive menu along with my fellow members of Cebu Bloggers Society.  Here’s the menu that Cowrie Cove specifically prepared for us.

Cowrie Cove Shangrila Mactan Cebu2

Here are the people I was with while enjoying the foods, small chitchats, the sea breeze, and the pleasant humid atmosphere at the sea view part of Cowrie Cove.

Cowrie Cove Restaurant Shangrila Mactan with Cebu Bloggers Society

Photo Credit: Sinjin Pineda of

Food Ratings and Review for Each Dish Served

We officially started our dinner with this appetizer.

This is the Sauteed King Prawn with Orange Salad and Roasted Carrot.  The sauteed prawn is a 9, orange salad an 8, and the roasted baby carrot a 9.5.  I love everything about this appetizer.  The flavor is very light and citrusy.

Next is the soup.

For our soup, we had the Pan Seared Scallop in a Truffle  Scented Polenta Soup with Parmesan Tips. The pan seared scallop is an 8.  Overall rating for this soup is 7.

Next is our main course.

The is Surf and Turf.  This main course is composed of Roasted Beef Tenderloin Rossini, Rock Lobster, Strawberries, and Balsamic Vinegar.  Definitely a winner.  Roasted beef tenderloin is a 9 and Rock Lobster a 10.

And last, but not the least, the dessert.

To cap off our dinner, we had Oven Roasted Apple and Raisin Vanilla Ice cream.  The roasted apple is a 7 and the raisin vanilla ice cream a 7.5.

The ambiance inside and outside Cowrie Cove is an 8 and the food service is a 9.5.  Overall, I enjoyed our dinner and would love to go back there to try their other menus.


N.B.: I am not paid to write this review.  Cebu Bloggers Society is a non-profit organization that mainly aims to promote everything about Cebu.  Happy New Year!

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Get 1/2 Dozen of Krispy Kreme Original Glaze for Only Php78

Calling all Krispy Kreme lovers!  In celebration of Krispy Kreme’s 78th birthday, they will be having a one-day promo tomorrow, July 13, wherein all KK lovers can buy 1/2 dozen of its original glaze doughnuts for only Php78.00.

Cebu Bloggers Society Celebrates Krispy Kreme 78th Birthday 5

You should show the KK crew that you installed your Krispy Kreme app in your smartphone (Android and iOS).

Cebu Bloggers Society Celebrates Krispy Kreme 78th Birthday 12


Those who don’t have Android or iOS on their phones can just take a screenshot of their promo on their Facebook fan page.  Each customer is entitled to buy 1 dozen honey glaze doughnuts under the promo.

Cebu Bloggers Celebrates Krispy Kreme’s 78th Birthday

Cebu Bloggers Society Celebrates Krispy Kreme 78th BirthdayPhoto Credit: Sinjin Pineda

Bloggers in Cebu celebrated in advance Krispy Kreme’s birthday at KK’s IT Park, Lahug branch last Friday.   Happy Birthday KK!

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Happy 78th Birthday #KrispyKreme. #HBDKrispyKreme #JoyInABox #CBSForever @krispykremeph #foods #foodporn #doughnuts

Happy 78th Birthday #KrispyKreme. #HBDKrispyKreme #JoyInABox #CBSForever @krispykremeph #foods #foodporn #doughnuts

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I’ve never eaten so much scallops in my life. In Gigantes, scallops are of bloody abundance. Each of our meal (except breakfast) always comes with it and is cooked in various ways. Would never forget the small mountains of scallop shells scattered all over the island. Accommodation is too basic even for a budget traveller like me but they make it up by serving us very generous servings of seafoods every meal. #gigantesisland #seafood #scallops #seashells #giganteshideaway #foodporn

I’ve never eaten so much scallops in my life. In Gigantes, scallops are of bloody abundance. Each of our meal (except breakfast) always comes with it and is cooked in various ways. Would never forget the small mountains of scallop shells scattered all over the island. Accommodation is too basic even for a budget traveller like me but they make it up by serving us very generous servings of seafoods every meal. #gigantesisland #seafood #scallops #seashells #giganteshideaway #foodporn

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Our first breakfast here in Capas. Loading up for our trekking later. #foodporn #instafood #foods

Our first breakfast here in Capas. Loading up for our trekking later. #foodporn #instafood #foods

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Project Happiness Bakehouse Opens in Cebu

Project Happiness Bakehouse Cebu

I used to just gawk at PH Bakehouse’s creations via Facebook because they were only exclusively distributed near Cavite area before.  Just lately, I was really surprised that the owners, Iris and Marcel Pulga, had officially opened their very first store here in Cebu.  Project Happiness Bakehouse opened their door to Cebuano customers last Saturday (November 8).  You can visit them at Arcada 5, Highway Tipolo, Mandaue City.

PH Bakehouse Creations

Project Happiness Bakehouse specializes in custom-made celebration cakes for all occasions and dessert buffets.  One thing that I like the most with their cakes is the fondant decorations.  Their Candy Crush themed fondant cake is really cool.Project Happiness Bakehouse Candy Crush Fondant Cake

I haven’t bought a fondant cake from them yet but I had the chance to taste a few of their creations during their launching and tasting activity last Saturday.  Below are a few of my favorite ones.

Chili Chocolate - PH Bakehouse Cebu

Chili Chocolate

This one is definitely mouth-watering and very unforgettable.  I mean there are other yummy chocolates in the buffet but this one sticks in my head because it is something that I don’t usually eat.  I would really love to hoard these sweets and munch them while I’m working.  (:

PH Bakehouse Cebu 3

Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

I’m not sure if that’s the actual name but I’m quite sure that’s how it should be described.  This is another of their creation that I really, really love.  I hope I can afford to hoard these yummies. Lols!

Dulce de Leche - PH Bakehouse Cebu

Dulce de Leche

In the photo, they may look like your average cup cakes, but once you taste them, you’ll definitely want for more. (:

PH Bakehouse Cebu

These mini cup cakes are definitely yummy.  I don’t really expect that they are that good.  The raves from their customers in Facebook are definitely true.

More photos of their baked creations that I took last Saturday.

To see the rest of the baked creations, click here.


The pricing for each cake or baked goodies depends on the quantity of  the customer’s order.  A fondant cake (the size and decoration like of that one in the gallery above) is priced around Php5,000 to Php6,000.  More information about their pricing here.


You may just fill up this order form or you can directly call/text PH Bakehouse through this # 0927.861.5008.  If you are more comfortable via email, contact them at, or if you are in Facebook, just send them a PM.  Iris and Marcel do their best to reply within 24 hours.


Oops, I almost forgot.  With me are Iris and Marcel Pulga during the launching of Project Happiness Bakehouse last November 8.

With Iris and Marcel - PH Bakehouse Cebu Owners

That was actually the first time I met Iris in person.  We used to be online co-workers before, and we chatted a lot in Skype.  Nice meeting you, ris.  Congrats in opening your very own bakehouse.

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La BUSA Italian Restaurant & Bar, Newly Opened Hangout Place for Italian Food Lovers

La Busa Italian Restaurant Lahug near JYMall

Last night I went to La BUSA Italian Restaurant & Bar with my CBSi pals to check out the newly opened place.  We were entertained by Stefano Quaquarelli, the chef and owner of the resto.  We had a good time checking their menu while catching up with each other.

La Busa Italian Restaurant Cebu - Cebu Bloggers Society Members 2

La BUSA is located at the ground floor of  Tsai Hotel and Residences.  It is a few walks away from JY Square Mall in Lahug.

Highly Recommended Courses in the Menu

Chef Stefanno assured us that all foods in their menu are cooked from fresh ingredients.  He goes to the market daily to buy them.  I assume that the restaurant is a family business because he is running it along with his mom.  The two of them were quite busy in the kitchen when we arrived.

La Busa Italian Restaurant Cebu - Braciola Di Maiale Pan Seared Pork Chop with Saute Beans

Braciola Di Maiale Pan Seared Pork Chop with Saute Beans – definitely a must try.

La Busa Italian Restaurant Cebu - Lasagna Classic Italian Recipe

Lasagna Classic Italian Recipe – nothing can go wrong with this one.

Highly Recommended Desserts

All their desserts are super yummy.  Unfortunately, I haven’t tasted their Panna Cotta because they run out of ingredients. ):

La Busa Italian Restaurant Cebu - Tiramisu


La Busa Italian Restaurant Cebu -  Cheesecake

Cheese Cake in a Glass

La Busa Italian Restaurant Cebu - Apple Pie

Apple Pie

The Interior

La Busa Italian Restaurant Lahug Cebu City

La Busa Italian Restaurant Cebu - Drink List

La Busa Italian Restaurant Cebu - Interior

Menu and Prices

Compared to other Italian restaurants, La BUSA has more reasonable prices and much much cheaper than Italiannis in Ayala Terraces.  Click image below to clearly see the menu.

La Busa Italian Restaurant Cebu - Menu with Prices

About Chef Stefano Quaquarelli

Chef Stefanno of La BUSA Italian Restaurant and Bar Lahug Cebu

Chef Stefanno has worked in various Italian restaurants in China such as La Bettola, La Bottega, Frantoi Celletti, and Gisa Italian Restaurant.  He started the pre-opening of La BUSA on July this year and looks forward for its official public launching soon.

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Lapu-lapu SuTukil Resto – A Big Rip Off! #ReviewTuesday

The day we returned here in Cebu from our Manila trip, dude and I already decided that we’ll eat at Sutukil.  The fact that I’ve already went to Sutukil (a seafood restaurant near Capitol) made me think that we’ll be dining at a nice restaurant with fresh and sumptuous seafood dishes in the menu.  But, the next thing that happened to our food trip in Lapu-lapu is contrary to what I was expecting.

The Foursquare Search

Since I have no idea where Sutukil is located in Lapu-lapu, I used Foursquare to search for its specific location.  I found out that it is located near Mactan Shrine.  Note: I had no idea that the one I found in Foursquare is not the restaurant that I was looking.

When we arrived at the place, I was a bit shocked because it was absolutely contrary to what I expected.  I was expecting the same Sutukil resto, the one we dined in a few years ago for my friend’s birthday celebration.

The moment we stepped out of the taxi, we were immediately mobbed by men, each of them was convincing us to choose their Sutukil resto.  Another man, offered us umbrella to avoid the heat of the sun.  I was like – is this a joke?  Are we lost?  And then the truth just sank in.  We were indeed at Sutukil but it is not the resto where I dined in a few years ago. ):

SuTuKil Restaurants in Lapu-lapu

The SuTuKil in Lapu-lapu is a cluster of locally-owned small restaurants that offer the famous Cebu dishes – Su (Sugba), Tu (Tuwa), Kil (Kilaw).  I was actually a bit disappointed when we arrived at the actual area.  While the the salesmen were busy convincing us to check each of the resto they represented, I can’t help but feel a sense of dread – something inside my head was telling me to leave and look for another place to eat.  But, before I can make a decision, my mouth had already spoken.  I’ve already told the “salesman” that we will be dining at their resto because it had a second floor and has a view by the beach.

Sutukil LapulapuCredit as tagged

This is how the Sutukil restaurants look like.  The unfortunate thing is until now I still can’t recall the name of the  resto where we dined in.

Fredz Sutukil LapulapuPhoto Credit: Pierre Marius

 I tried to search for some photos online and I got this one.  Still, I’m not sure if this is the resto.  All I can remember is the cashier area that is decorated by seashells.   I only managed to take photos of the inside.  See pictures below.

SuTuKil Lapulapu

This is how the inside looks like.  We were going to the 2nd floor because we were being promised of a good lunch view there.

Lunch View SuTuKil Lapulapu

But it was not what I expected.  Though the place is airy and has a good view of the beach, it smells muddy and surrounded by hostile people and children begging for money from the guests.  But, all these downsides shouldn’t have mattered if the foods are good and if they are fairly priced.

The Rip Off Menu

Though this story may seem a bit sad but we actually have a very hearty lunch.  Part of our laugh trip were the unsuspecting Koreans (who also got ripped off big time – no idea how much they have paid but I’m quite sure the rate is higher than ours).  We were also serenaded by a group of in-house “band” who also asked for a payment for their 10-minute show.

Moving on, after having so much fun, criticizing our food and our lunch neighbors, we got the shock of our lives when the bill arrived.  The total cost of our lunch is Php1, 500 plus.  I can’t recall the exact total cost but that’s the very close estimate.  WTF!  I can’t believe I’ll be paying this amount over a 3-course menu and a side dish in a local restaurant situated in a shanty place, smelly muddy beach, hostile people all over the area, and worst, a facility that’s only at par with ordinary “Karenderya” (tiny restaurants in street corners).  Below are the photos of the foods that we ordered.

Mud Crab in Chilli Sauce Sutukil Lapulapu

This is Mud Crab in Chilli Sauce.  We only had four of this because I felt (when I ordered) the price for each crab is super expensive.

Mud Crab in Chilli Sauce 2 Sutukil Lapulapu

Though it tastes good, my friend commented that the sauce is purely made from ketchup.  The other two of my companions echoed the same opinion.

Grilled Fish Sutukil Lapulapu

There’s really nothing special with this grilled fish.  I have no fucking idea why it cost us a lot.  This is from the fish that I ordered.  The waiter/cook in the counter offered us that they will grill half of the fish and they will make a “tinula” of the other half.

Tinulang Isda Sutukil Lapulapu

This is the rip off Tinula that they served.  The head of the fish is like an omen that foretells our ominous fate. ):

Kinilaw na Gusu - Sutukil Lapulapu

The Kinilaw na Gusu which normally costs Php10 to 30 at local Karenderyas cost us a lot in this food trip.  How fucking great is that?  Because I get so agitated after looking at the receipt, I forgot to keep it after we exited from that bloody restaurant.  The only thing that I can’t forget is the additional payments they asked us for the cooking service – Mad Crab Chilli Sauce Cooking Fee, Fish Tinula Cooking Fee, and Grilled Fish Cooking Fee.  Each payment costs at least Php80.00 (that’s a chicken meal in KFC already!!!).

Normally, I really don’t complain about food prices if it is fairly priced.  Like those restaurants in IT Park and Ayala Terraces that offer good ambiance, service, and of course a menu that is jam-packed with sumptuous dishes.  But, this one I really can’t just let go.  The place is awful, the food is so-so, and the pricing is a BIG rip off!!! No wonder we were the only guests (except the Koreans) on that day.

Please, please, please.  For your own wallet and palate sake, avoid this Sutukil Restaurants near Mactan Shrine.  For affordable yet super delectable seafood dishes you can try AA BBQ and Neo-Neo.

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Yoshinoya – An Affordable Japanese Resto #FoodieWednesday

Dude and I often look for affordable Japanese restaurants and we were amazed at what we found when we visited MOA a few weeks ago.  This Japanese resto is actually located beside J.CO store, the doughnut shop that I was talking in my previous post.  Look at how bloody affordable their menu is.

Yoshinoya Japanese Resto Manila - Menu

Their prices are around 20% lower compared to Tokyo Joe’s (another Japanese resto where dude and I go to here in Cebu).  I was really in the mood to eat a lot when we were on our way.  But, my friggin’ migraine has stolen my appetite the moment we entered the store.  ):  Nevertheless, I really enjoyed their California Maki and their Beef Yakiniku.

Yoshinoya  California Maki

California Maki is my all-time favorite Japanese dish.  My Japanese meal is not complete without it.  This set is priced at P59.00.  Super cheap!! (:

Beef Yakiniku - Yoshinoya ManilaThis Beef Yakiniku is priced at P195.00.  We also ordered a Bento for each of us because it is way cheaper compared to single dish orders.

Bento sets - Yoshinoya Manila

Each Bento is comprised of a soup, an appetizer, the main dish, rice, and a dessert.  Their Bentos are priced from P159.00 to P179.00.  Really affordable compared to other Japanese restaurants I’ve been to.


We’ll definitely go back to this resto in our next trip to Manila. (:

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Frugal Recipes: Simple Desserts Cooked in the Microwave

N.B: It’s not yet too late to greet everyone a Happy New Year!! Here’s another gastronomic offering from one of my semi-regular contributors, Clare of My Passion For Food.  I’ve already tried creating the first recipe (the Chocolate Mug Cake) but I haven’t perfected the right taste of the cake yet. ):  Here’s how my mug cake looks like.

I’ve already done three batches but the results were the same. ):  You can see that my mug cake is dry and doesn’t taste right. ):

I think I need more batches to take on to get the perfect microwaved chocolate mug cake.

So, here are Clare’s Affordable and Simple Dessert Recipes that can be baked using a Microwave Oven.


Sometimes we don’t have the time (or skills) to whip up a culinary masterpiece, but don’t worry! What if you could make easy and very tasty desserts in the microwave? Well you can!

Here are a couple of delicious desserts which will either make the perfect ending to a divine meal or can just be eaten as a snack!

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake (1 serving)

Photo Credit

4 tbsp flour
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp oil
3 tbsp chocolate chips
1 drop vanilla extract

1.    Mix the dry ingredients in a large, microwave-safe mug. Add the egg and mix well.
2.    Pour in the milk and oil and mix well again.
3.    Add the chocolate chips and vanilla extract and mix well again.
4.    Place the mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts.
5.    Allow to cool for a while and then either eat from the mug or tip it onto a plate.

Note: The mixture will rise over the top of the mug so don’t be surprised!

Microwave sponge pudding (4 servings)

Photo Credit

50g (2oz) butter
50g (2oz) caster sugar
50g (2oz) self raising flour
1 medium egg, beaten
2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp jam or syrup

1.    In a medium bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until smooth.
2.    Slowly mix in the egg and milk so the butter does not curdle.
3.    Sift in the flour and gently fold in.
4.    Put 2tbsp of golden syrup, treacle or jam in the bottom of a microwave-safe bowl. Pour the batter on top.
5.    Cover and cook for 3.5 minutes in the microwave on full power or until the pudding appears set and the top is sticky.
6.    Serve hot.

About the Guest Author

Clare Carmichael is the blogger behind My Passion For Food and HungryHouse, the UK’s leading online takeaway platform that features restaurants across the country including Glasgow, Brighton and Nottingham. Just visit the website and order delicious cuisines such as Thai, Chinese and Italian.

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Foods That Are Easy To Prepare During Emergency Situations

Note: Have you ever planned for ISHTF (if shit hits the fan)?  Do you think you can survive a week of staying inside your house during emergency situations and are secured that you won’t run out of foods to eat?  If you haven’t yet, then keep on reading the guest article below from

With the “Zombie Apocalypse” (pun intended) quickly approaching, it is important to consider stockpiling food, water, and other necessities. Even those who are not worried about the Zombie Apocalypse in particular (and think preppers are weird and crazy) must have heard the countless news stories about food shortages around the globe.

Many analysts claim that the average person currently spends about a tenth of their income on food, but these analysts anticipate that this number will increase in the future. It may increase to as much as a third. To fight back in times like these, consumers have a few options.

One of the most viable options is to become food sufficient. By growing and storing your own food, you will increase your chances of surviving anything from a food shortage to a Zombie Apocalypse.

Growing your own food is one of the best ways to be self-sufficient. For best results, you should be able to can and store that food so that it lasts well into the winter months. Daily Bread – your source for the best food storage――has a lot of great ideas on how to store your necessities.

Eventually, you will need to eat your stored foods, and you may even have to come up with some innovative ways to prepare those foods. Luckily, there are several foods that are simple to prepare during an emergency.

When menu planning for an emergency, you should try to think of dishes that do not require any electricity to make, and you should focus on cooking methods that do not waste water. Potatoes are an incredible starch, and they can easily be roasted in the ashes of a smoldering fire. To add a little protein to your meal, you should consider beans. Canned or jarred beans are a simple and nutritious meal on their own, and they are doubly good when scooped over a potato. As long as you have a fire, you can get creative with your beans. A can of tomatoes, a bit of beans, and some chili powder will make a great campfire chili.

When stockpiling food for an emergency, you should focus more on your nutritional needs than your taste buds. Whole wheat crackers are easy to store, and they will make a great snack with peanut butter. You may even cover them with a canned meat like tuna. When you sprinkle a little salt on any of these treats, you will have a tasty little meal.

Dessert is important even in emergencies. Unfortunately, you may not be able to have ice cream or cake. However, a simple jar of peaches or applesauce is a great way to end a tasty emergency meal.

Photo used under Creative Commons License | Credit

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Top Filipino Restaurants in London

Note: Here is a another guest post by Clare Carmichael, a food blogger from UK.

London is a great city and there’s so much to do you’re sure to have a whale of a time. The only problem is that the British aren’t exactly known for their cooking skills so if you’re sick of greasy fry-ups and equally-as-greasy fish & chips then why not go to one of the many Filipino restaurants in London and eat a bit closer to home?

Here are a few Filipino restaurants in London:

Lutong Pinoy Filipino Restaurant

– 10 Kenway Rd, South Kensington, SW5 0RR.

With the all-you-can-eat buffet at the Filipino Restaurant costing £8.00 it means you’re able to try as many Filipino delights at once AND not break the bank. Don’t worry if you’ve nothing to chat about over dinner as there’s a TV in the corner showing Filipino game shows! If you still have some room left at the end then it’s recommended that you order the Ginatanng Bilo-Bilo, which is a steaming bowl of sago and yam in coconut milk.

Josephine’s Filipino Restaurant

–  4 Charlotte St., Fitzrovia, W1T 2LP.
Here you can sample your favourite dishes from the Philippines! The restaurant opened in 1996 and has welcomed many celebrities through its doors including celebrity chef, Gino D’Acampo, Ricky Gervais, Ken Livingstone and many others. The most popular dishes at Josephine’s are Adobo, Lechon Kawali and Halo Halo. The restaurant also caters for parties, weddings and corporate events.

Photo Credit: Kake Pugh

Kusinang Munti

– 913 Garratt Lane, Tooting Broadway, SW17 0LT.
This restaurant serves the finest Oriental and Asian cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Halal, but specialises in Filipino delicacies as well. A buffet is available or alternatively you can order à la carte specialities such as kare-kare, dinuguan, binagoongang baboy and many more. Kusinang Munti seats up to 55 people and can be booked for parties and special occasions.

Port of Manila

– 129-131 Brackenbury Rd, Hammersmith, W6 0BQ.
Port of Manila has received the prestigious AA Rosette Award for Culinary Excellence so it must be doing something right! Their dishes are made using recipes from all over the Philippines and the staff is known to be extremely friendly and welcoming. The food is also available for takeaway, which is perfect if you don’t want to venture outside, but are in the mood for some lovely Filipino food. This establishment has also been frequented by many V.I.P. guests such as Ambassador Lagdameo, Sarah Geronimo and Sharon Cuneta.


– 228 St. Paul’s Rd, Islington, N1 2LJ.
This Filipino restaurant also serves organic food so it’s perfect if you’re looking for Filipino grub AND are health-conscious. This establishment is best known for its breakfasts and lunches and there’s also karaoke so why not make a full night out of it? Tasty Filipino food and then a singsong afterwards. Parties of up to 25 people can be catered for and there’s also a back garden where people can sit and watch the world go by.

Photo Credit: Ewan-M

Bintang Restaurant

– 93 Kentish Town Rd, NW1 8NY.
This restaurant, which opened in 1987, specialises in Pan Asian fusion cuisine and serves dishes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, of course! The interior consists of dark wood, bamboo plants and varied artwork. If you don’t like forking out for expensive wines you’ll be pleased to know that this restaurant has a BYOB policy so just head to the nearest shop and choose your own wine. If you want to celebrate there they accommodate parties of more than 15 people.

About the Guest Author
This has been a guest post by Clare Carmichael, a freelance writer for My Passion For Food and the hungryhouse magazine. The UK’s leading food delivery platform featuring restaurants from across the country including Nottingham, Glasgow and Birmingham.

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Cebu’s Authentic Cuisines

Note: This is a guest post from

Cebu has a rich and wonderful culture. The food is particularly appealing, as it has flavors that will appeal to everyone’s tastes. Whether you are looking for sweet, spicy, or salty foods, there is sure to be something for everyone in Cebu.

Two foods that are quite popular among the Cebuanos are their local chili pepper and their native vinegar. The chili peppers there are smaller than most, at no longer than an inch. Known as silis, they are impossible to eat alone, so they are used for flavoring dishes. It is common to squeeze their juice into sauces for an exquisite burst of flavor. The vinegar is made from the sap of the coconut trees, and is developed from the alcoholic drink called tuba. It is used to flavor nearly all of the dishes in Cebu.

Cebu Ngohiong Photo Credit: georgeparrilla

If you are looking for something quick to eat on your journeys in Cebu, look no further than the alluring street snacks. Some popular ones are the Chinese snack Cebu Ngohiong, which is a lumpia (a type of wrap) filled with meat and veggies, with spicy sauce on top. It is common to put pork in them. Another great street snack is Special Cuchinta, which is a sweet snack that is made with brown sugar, flour, lye, and has grated coconut on top. The cucumber relish and molded fruit gelatin are other common snacks in Cebu.

Cebu Cuchinta Photo Credit:

Speaking of fruit, there are many wonderful dishes and treats which are made using the local fruit of Cebu. For a truly sweet treat, try a crunchy banana lollipop made with a banana, melted chocolate for a topping, peanut butter, shortening, and corn flakes cereal. A dish love by most pregnant women is the green mango salad. This has such diverse foods that seem to have conflicting flavors, but they are a great blend together. It consists of siling labuyo, red bell pepper, mango, green onions, shrimp, and patis. Melons are also quite popular on the island.

Green Mango Salad Photo Credit:

From the amazing restaurants serving local and International fair to the street vendors, you will not be at a loss for places in finding Cebuano foods. Even if you are far from Cebu, you can re-create the taste of Cebu in your own kitchen. Just do some recipe research online, and keep an open mind.

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How app-etising! The top food apps worldwide

Note: This is a guest post by Clare Carmichael, a food blogger from UK.

Technology is evolving as we speak and it seems like every day there are new gadgets popping up, claiming to make our life easier.

Nowadays you can feel like you’re some sort of noob if you’re not up to date. I won’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to meet a friend and they’ve been running late and used Facebook to tell me this because they presumed I had internet on my phone. In the end I gave in to peer pressure and bought myself an iPhone, which has changed my life!

I have to admit that I’ve become slightly addicted to buying apps…many of which I don’t even need! Food apps are my favourite because I love cooking and trying out new recipes. I justify my addiction by saying it’ll make my dinner parties even more spectacular!

I thought I would compile a list of the best food apps for you to enjoy:

Food Magazine Philippines

Food Magazine is known and trusted for its recipes. In each issue you’ll find at least 30 of the newest recipes to try out. The nutritional content in also given so you won’t be left wondering! Learn about home basics such as how to budget, decorate, organise and store – you’ll find a bit of everything in this magazine app. Available for iPad and Android. Rating 4.5/5.

Easy Food Magazine

If you’re on a budget and also don’t have much time to cook then this is the app for you! There are hundreds of recipes. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, whether you’re cooking for a dinner party or just for yourself, you’ll get great hints and tips from this app. Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Rating 4.5/5.

Jamie Oliver 20 minute meals

Have you always wanted to cook like the famous Jamie Oliver? This app is great for busy people who still want to cook for themselves rather than grab a cheeky takeaway on the way home from work. Each recipe is presented in easy-to-understand steps and there are photos too so you can’t really go wrong. Jamie also features in a few videos in which he gives out helpful tips. Available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Rating 4.2/5.

Food Planner

Food Planner is a great way to organise what you’re going to eat throughout the week so you know exactly what ingredients to purchase when you shop. You can use your own recipes or find ones online. It’s even possible to edit the recipes in case there’s something you want to add or omit to the ingredients. Available for Android. Rating 4.4/5.


This app has over 25,000 recipes to choose from and many have been professionally tested and featured in top magazines such as Gourmet and Bon Appétit. The step-by-step guide makes cooking easy to understand and you can even save the best recipes to your Favourites. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android. Rating 3.5/5.


If you’re ever in the UK and have no idea where to go to satisfy your hunger cravings then why not download the hungryhouse app. Just type in the cuisine you’re craving for and you’ll be shown a list of the nearest restaurants and their menus as well as customer reviews so you know which places have been recommended. Either visit the restaurant or use the app to order a takeaway directly to you. It couldn’t be easier! Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. Rating 4.5/5.

So what are you waiting for? Get great hints and tips from these apps and you’ll be a professional chef before you know it!

This has been a guest post by Clare Carmichael, a freelance writer for mypassionforfood and the hungryhouse magazine. The UK’s leading food delivery platform featuring restaurants from across the country including Brighton, Manchester and Glasgow.

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Choi City: A High-Class yet Affordable Chinese Seafood Restaurant for Cebuanos

Cebuanos love Chinese cuisines, the very reason why there are lots of Chinese restaurants that can be found in the city.  Unfortunately, though there are many places to go to if you want to eat Chinese foods, there are just a very few that offer authentic Chinese dishes as most of them fall in the fast-food chain category.

My Newly Discovered Chinese Seafood Resto

Classy, warm, festive…these are the first three adjectives that came to mind when I stepped into Choi City, a Chinese seafood restaurant that offers authentic Cantonese cuisine.  But, it’s not the ambiance that made a lasting impression on me – it’s the customer service and the VIP treatment, and of course the exquisite dishes that were meticulously prepared and served.

Authentic Cantonese Cuisine

More Photos Here

In Cebu, there are only a very few restaurants that offer authentic Cantonese dishes.  Choi City brings the popular Hongkong taste directly to the picky palates of Cebuanos.  This is made possible by their four super chefs headed by Executive Chef Siu Bing and three others from famous restaurants in Hongkong and China.

What makes Cantonese stands out from the wide variety of Chinese foods out there?  It’s on how this kind of foods are prepared and cooked.  Cantonese cuisines are prepared properly using fresh ingredients.  They are cooked through boiling, stir frying, steaming, charcoal grilling, and double boiling.  Most often, Cantonese foods are cooked meticulously to retain its natural flavors and only a modest amount of seasonings is used to avoid intensifying the flavors of the ingredients.

Roast Layered Pork: My Personal Favorite

Though most of my friends love the Braised Abalone and Lobster, my picky palates and taste buds couldn’t help but fell in love with the Roast Layered Pork among all the dishes that were served on our table.  It is roasted into perfection and is unforgettable because its meat is non-greasy yet juicy and tender, and it has a scrumptious crispy skin to die for.  I’m not exaggerating, but I can dine there and just eat as many servings of the dish and I won’t even take a second look at other dishes.  I’m such a pork lover. (:  Check photos of our dinner here.

Choi City Offers Authentic Chinese Dishes at Affordable Prices

At first glance, you would never think that Choi City, despite having an ambiance of a high-class restaurant, is also offering affordable menu for Cebuanos who don’t want to spend too much.  Though expensive seafood dishes are available for patrons who are seafood lovers, there are also additional options for those ones with limited budget.

What Other Cebuanos are saying?

Below is a testimonial video documenting what other Cebuanos are saying about Choi City.

Other than that, here are some actual testimonials from food bloggers all over Cebu.

… the Choi City version of the classic Shabu Shabu, infusing it with an exquisite, addictive secret broth that can leave you craving for

For sure, families and groups of friends could enjoy bonding time over a shabu-shabu buffet. Having a remarkable meal with your family or friends around you is the kind of thing that would help you make a great memory

The place may look like that of a high-end restaurant and so is the food but the price considering everything that I have mentioned, is actually affordable. According to the owners, the Choi City food served anywhere else tastes in the same way as in Cebu’s Choi branch. The management guaranteed that they welcome everyone and they serve everyone in the same

Visit Choi City at G/F South Arcade, Banilad Town Centre, Banilad Cebu City.  They also accept bookings for meetings, conferences, and parties.  Call 239-0800 or 239-0999.  You can visit their Facebook fan page at or follow their Twitter account @choi_city.

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Cebu’s Top 5 Delicacies

(This is a guest post by Ann Joy Perez)

This article will surely keep your gastronomic juices flowing. We will be tackling the top five most delightful delicacies here in Cebu that will literally make your mouths water. Most of the local delicacies posted here are also found in the nooks and crooks of department stores, hotels, resorts, supermarkets and groceries in other cities and provinces in the country. But there’s nothing that can beat the authentic ones from its very native origin, so make sure you have a bite yourself when you come here in Cebu.

1) Lechon

CNT's Lechon| Photo Credit:

A trip to Cebu is never complete without trying the original lechon. Lechons or roasted pigs are very famous in the Philippines, and the best ones are found in this city. Made with “secret” ingredients and spices, the flavorful Cebu lechons can stand out on its own even without Mang Tomas and additional condiments.

Lechon houses are proven to be profitable, as many locals and foreign tourists alike line up to the bountiful stores and diners offering lechon. They can be eaten as servings in a plate or ordered as a whole to bring home to family and friends in their respective hometowns.

You can also buy lechon parts chopped and weighed per kilogram in the most popular store found at the back of SM City Cebu. It is called the CNT’s Lechon, where a kilo is priced at around 400 to 450 pesos, while a medium-sized whole roasted pig is at 3500 pesos.

2) Chicharon

Chicharon| Photo

The chicharon is a sumptuous food entrée that is made up of crispy deep-fried pork skin. It is usually put as toppings in dishes like palabok, noodles and soups. Chicharon in Cebu comes with the natural, hot and salty flavors. Often, it is soaked in vinegar and chili to complement and even improve its tastiness.

Do not underestimate chicharon as it goes through a tedious process of cooking: deep fried, sun dried, oil drained, cooled and reheated three to four times! The finished product is packed as special and regular. The special variety consist of the puffed deep-fried pork skin having little strip of pork fat. Each bite is a piece of heaven. The regular kind is purely skin and is equally delicious.

3) Chorizo de Cebu

Chorizo| Photo Credit:

Cebu Chorizo might be deemed as the spitting image of the typical longaanisa (Filipino native sausages) but taste a bit different. Having a combination of sweet flavor and local spices, the chorizo contains more meat and lesser fat than the longaanisa. It is processed with a curing mix of salt, phosphate and chilled water. You can find that in most eating places in Cebu, the chorizo is grilled and served in a stick with three to four pieces and rice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

4) Otap

Otap| Photo

One of the trademarks of Cebu, the Otap is a crispy baked biscuit that is made up of eggs, flour, shortening, sugar and margarine. It has a unique flaxy texture, so have your other hand supporting the hand you use to hold the Otap piece to catch the falling flakes from the main body. Else, you’re sure to have a sweet-dusty floor. The taste is a fusion of sweetness and burnt flavor. You can find the best Otap in Shamrock branches near Colon and Fuente Osmena in Cebu and a store near the Lapu Lapu City Hall which near the Mactan International Airport.

5) Dried Danggit and Pusit

Dried Danggit and Pusit| Photo Credit:

Last but not least in the list are dried pusit (squid) and dangggit (salted fish) found in the Taboan Market. You will be shocked at how affordable they are here in Cebu as compared to those packed and sold in Manila. Here, the price is at 600 pesos per kilogram. As a great pasalubong, it can be packed in smaller bags—each at 100 grams is recommended, for your family and friends.


Besides the glorious attractions and tourist spots you can find here in Cebu, you will also get to enjoy our mouth-watering delicacies. The next time you’re traveling here, have fun while eating these tasty foods!

About the Guest Author

Ann Joy Perez is an alumna from Arellano University Philippines, a former Marketing Assistant and a 25 year old, single. She is into almost all types of Music especially love songs. She also loves playing basketball, video games,watching entertainment and films.  Follow her in Tumblr.

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The Best Chicken Pork Adobo in Cebu

This is a guest post by  James Edlund.

Chicken pork is something which I don’t usually think of as a delicacy but in the Philippines, China, and Japan, it is certainly on top of the range stuff.

There is a wide variety of restaurants which serve this kind of dish especially in Philippines, and one which springs to mind almost immediately is the Jo’s Chicken Inato, which is really a beautiful place to sit and eat.

Jo’s Chicken Inato has everything offered by the beach-side terrace cafes on the Cebu Island — pork adobo, Anejo rum, even palms trees and very nice interior. Granted, the palm trees are plastic and the ocean is quite far away but everything is quite magical and truly beautiful.

I have the opportunity to sample their chicken pork with sauces and aromas which make the taste truly something special. Although this might not be to everyone’s taste, Jo’s Chicken Inato is definitely the place to go for if you want some good chicken pork adobo.

According to the Food Guide for Philippine restaurants, another good place to eat chicken pork adobo is Golden Cowrie Restaurant, located on one of the oldest streets in the Philippines. It has good chicken and pork adobo, sinigang, a sour soup with fish in it, and tinola.

Whether you are dining al fresco in summer or else indoors, the Golden Cowrie is always a popular choice where the food is good and the prices are reasonable. It is also a popular choice for tourists from different countries when visiting the Philippines.

The chicken pork adobo is basically braised pork and chicken in a tangy hot sauce which makes it pretty much a delicious dish.

The island of Cebu definitely offers a lot in terms of restaurants and places to go to, but the one I have recommended here is definitely something which you should try if you are into pork as well as chicken.  Cebu has everything, from excellent cuisine to location and suchlike.

About the Guest Blogger:

James Edlund is a freelance writer and also works at – an online custom writing company.

Photo Credit: Original image file name Chicken-Pork-Adobo.jpg is used under the permission of the owner – Orville Quillao of

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Itadakimasu! Foodies rejoice! The legendary SumoSam has exciting news in store for all Japanese food enthusiasts. SumoSam takes diners’ experience to the next level with its all-new Delivery Service. Now you can enjoy your favorite Japanese-American fusion dishes in the comforts of your own home.

Contact (032) 401-0643 or 0917-7957562 for a legendary Japanese dining experience.  SumoSam delivers for free to the following selected locations around Cebu City: Ayala Business Park, IT Park, Escario and Gorordo area, Mabolo and Juan Luna areas. A delivery fee of P50 applies for deliveries outside of the selected areas and below the minimum purchase of P800.  Delivery Hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The first ever Japanese restaurant to deliver, SumoSam is sure to satisfy your Japanese cuisine cravings. Feast on the restaurant’s unique take on steaks, seafood and sushi at home, in the office or just about anywhere. Enjoy delectable delights for the whole family from authentic noodles, ramen, donburi and signature Wagyu dishes, classic tempura and sashimi, healthy options such as salads, tofu and seafood to fusion dishes such as pizza, all made of only the freshest and best quality ingredients. Cap off the meal with a selection of mouthwatering desserts. For parties, SumoSam delivers regular and large-sized party platters of assorted rolls, sushi and sashimi for up to 20 persons. All these sumptuous treats are simply just a phone call away. It’s the ultimate dining experience without having to brave the traffic, making it convenient and stress-free.

With a diverse and creative menu selection, huge servings, reasonable prices, friendly and amicable staff and excellent customer service fit for a king, SumoSam is fast becoming the popular choice for get-togethers with friends and family. Get your SumoSam fix today.

SumoSam is located at the ground floor of The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu (beside TGIF) and is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, Monday to Sunday. SumoSam also accepts catering, functions and private events. Like us on or follow SumoSam on Twitter @ilovesumosam.

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Times May Be a Changin’, But the Russian Cuisine Isn’t Going Anywhere

This is a guest post by Lizz Dorovitsine, a fellow blogger from Russia.  I would like to share her food story to my Cebuano-based readers to give them a glimpse about Russian culture – especially their foods.  I hope you’ll enjoy her story. – Empress Of Drac

I am a Russian-American at heart (both my parents immigrated to the States just a year before I was born) so you’d think that, when I decided to live in Russia for a year, I’d be somewhat used to the food. I could not be more wrong.

About two weeks after moving here, I began to despair of ever eating another nutritious meal. Almost every meal consisted of some form of meat and potatoes, with none of the healthy grains, vegetables, or fruits I was used to seeing, and I was forced to turn to McDonalds salads for my necessary intake of greens (definitely a low point in my life).

But eventually, Russian cuisine started to make sense to me – I not only found cultural reasons for the carb-heavy diet, but I also started trying out more traditional Russian dishes and realized that maybe there was more to Russian food that I originally thought.

Let’s start at the very beginning. When I first started questioning the Russian need for meat and potatoes, my grandfather explained their diet in historical terms. Imagine, for a minute, that you lived back in ancient Russia, a freezing, barren wasteland, and had to figure out some way to live through the winter. Forget preserving anything fresh, because that’ll spoil right away. Instead, the Russian people back then stored meat, in the form of actual living animals or salted meats which were stored throughout the cold, and root vegetables, such as beets, carrots, and onions. They also needed food that was starch-heavy and was rich in calories, but inexpensive to grow or raise. Hence, the Russian culinary love for potatoes was born.

Kotlety [Photo Credit:]

Russians also eat a lot of bread and use fatty condiments, such as mayonnaise and sour cream. As I soon learned, this trait is tied to the poverty in which many Russian citizens lived as well. Throughout history, Russians needed to eat foods that would get them through the freezing winters and difficult times – historically, Russia’s had quite a few of those, the most recent example being the Soviet Era. So what better way to pack on the pounds than adding bread and extra calories to everything? Of course, this is no longer necessary, but a lot of Russian food is based on these primary ingredients – and they actually taste amazing.

One such example is a pancake dish that Russians love. These pancakes, or “bliny”, are essentially a Russian version of crepes, which can be eaten with everything from caviar to Nutella or jam. There’s even a special week right before Lent, called Maslenitsa, where the primary food is pancakes. It’s a genius idea, and a delicious meal at any time on top of that. Russians also eat a lot of soup – understandable because their country is freezing. My personal favorite is a soup called “borscht”, a distinctly red soup made of beets, along with other root vegetables, potatoes, and meat. The taste is really unique, because of the beet-infused broth, and topped with sour cream, this dish cannot be beat.

Bliny [Photo Credit:]

Russians have their fair share of delicious entrees too. I was completely opposed to eating sour cream in any dishes when I first got here – the taste was bland and it wasn’t even healthy. But a lot of really great dishes here are made with sour cream – in fact, one chicken dish with a sour cream and carrot sauce has become my favorite. And while the ingredients Russian use in the kitchen may not be too varied, the resulting meals come in all shapes and sizes, making for an exquisite culinary experience.

Russian food can be a little hard to understand at first – I would be the first to admit it – but once you understand some of the history behind Russian cuisine and try more of their meals, it’s hard not to fall in love with Russian food.

Lizz Dorovitsine is a high-school graduate who took a gap year to live and work in Russia. She currently works as an English editor for the World Economic Journal, and writes for her personal blog, “How to Survive Russia” ( in her free time. To read more about Lizz’s story, click here: .
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Shamcey Supsup Visits Coffee Dream Cebu

Earlier this evening, Miss Shamcey Supsup, Miss Universe 3rd Runner up, visited and graced Coffee Dream’s 15th Anniversary Celebration and the launching of their newest branch in Paseo Arcenas, Banawa, Cebu City.  Miss Supsup was the special guest of Coffee Dream Company, Inc. as they celebrated their 15 years of living the passion – bringing the ultimate coffee experience to every Filipino.

Supsup along with Mr. Glenn Anthony Soco, President and Founder of Coffee Dream, led the the launching of the 15th-year activities and graced the ceremonial ribbon-cutting.  The Arcenas Estate branch (in Banawa) is the latest addition to the growing number of stores of Coffee Dream.  This branch features a different feel using new set of furniture, new colors and an expanded menu.  The store offers wines and premium beers with additional food items to compliment it.  This concept came to mind to enhance the “third place” definition of Filipinos as part of Coffee Dream’s effort to be adaptive to the needs and wants of the community.

In lieu with their 15th anniversary celebration, Coffee Dream also launched several campaigns as part of their way of thanking their loyal costumers.

1. Pick-a-prize promo – entitles customers to a freebie/privilege for a minimum purchase of 150 pesos.  The customer will pick-a-prize and instantly get a prize.

2. Capture your dream – an on-line photo contest where entries will be submitted and posted on-line through the Coffee Dream’s Facebook fan page.  The most creative photo showcasing Coffee Dream will win cash prizes and gift certificates.

3. Coffee Dream extends a 15% discount on a special featured Chilled Blend of the Month.

4. Free re-fill of freshly brewed coffee from 10:15AM to 1:15PM every 15th of every month.

About Coffee Dream

Coffee Dream, a Cebuano-owned coffee chain, has been serving the Cebuano coffee drinkers for over 15 years now through their 33 branches all over the country. Their very first shop was built in 1996 located at the 4th floor of Ayala Mall (near the Cinemas). In the first half of 2011, they opened 3 new stores to fully serve the coffee-loving Cebuanos and of course, the Filipinos as a whole. Read more here.

About Shamcey Supsup

Miss Shamcey Supsup is a top-notched  architecture graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman.  She recently bagged the 3rd place in the recently held Miss Universe competition in Brazil.

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Coffee Dream Banawa Branch Opens Today

Coffee Dream, a Cebuano-owned coffee chain, will open their newest branch located in Paseo Arcenas, Banawa Cebu City later today at 5PM. This opening is also in celebration of their 15 years of serving great-tasting coffee to the most energetic and coolest people in the Philippine archipelago – the Cebuanos. (:

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Krispy Kreme Opens First Branch in Cebu

Tomorrow, October 22, 2011, is the official opening of the very first branch of Krispy Kreme here in the Queen City of the South. Krispy Kreme Ayala Center’s door will open at exactly 10:00 AM to serve the doughnut-loving Cebuanos, who for a long period of time, had been dreaming of having a Krispy Kreme branch here in the island.

Empty your stomach and get ready to assimilate the newest best-tasting doughnut in town. Hop in and visit Krispy Kreme Ayala Center to enjoy a world-class doughnut trip experience.

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Oyster Bay, One of Cebu’s Best Seafood Restaurants

If you haven’t been to Bridges Town Square in Mandaue City then it’s now your time to check this urban sub-district that houses one of Cebu’s best seafood restaurants, the Oyster Bay.

The Oyster Bay is conveniently located inside the vicinity of the Bridges Town Square with a landscape that mimics a restaurant by the seaside. It is surrounded by coconut trees, small ponds and tiny seaside-like canals wherein small fishes and sharks are the center of attraction.

The restaurant’s ambiance offers comfort and relaxation especially to people who are working in a fast-paced environment. Most costumers who dine in are group of friends, families, business associates, and busy individuals who wanted to experience the lull of the sea in the city.

Baked Oyster

Oyster Bay’s main attraction of course, is their menu jam-packed with fresh and sumptuous seafood, meat, and poultry dishes. Customers can choose from a variety of appetizers . Their Baked Oyster with cheese and garlic is a bestseller. Their Oyster Bay Adobo and Crispy Dinuguan are bestsellers from their meat and poultry menu. Diwal and Oyster Bay Paella are among the bestsellers from their Seafood Specials menu. Check their comprehensive seafood menu here.

The Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant also offers accommodation for any special occasion, be it for intimate family gatherings; corporate meetings; or banquet for large groups of up to 180 persons. You can choose between dining al fresco in a beach ambiance complete with coconut trees, white sand, and a saltwater lagoon or in the comfort of an air-conditioned room with a view of the lagoon. Their air-conditioned room and function room can accommodate up to 80 persons. They also configure the room to fit smaller groups of 30-50 persons. Source: OysterBay Website

For reservation, please contact 344-7038 or email Visit this link to see more Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant photos.

Photo Credits: Mark Monta of FaceCebu.Net & Michael Sinjin Pineda of Libotero.Com

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Santiago, Cebu’s First South American Resto

Santiago Restaurant of South America is the newest palatable temptation in town and the very first restaurant in the city that offers authentic South American cuisine.

Santiago is the only restaurant in the Philippines that caters South American dishes. The resto bills its menu as “a continent of crossroads cuisines” headlining as it does choice dishes from all the countries of the whole continent of South America, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Suriname and Guyana.

Santiago’s Ceviche de Atun con Gengibre, Soy y Sesame

One of the dishes that appeals to me the most is their Ceviche de Atun con Gengibre, Soy y Sesame (Gingered Tuna). It is an appetizer composed of tuna in ginger, lime and soy topped with sesame seeds and crumbled bacon. I remember the Japanese sashimi while chewing the sweet tuna. It’s distinct subtle taste and its soufflé-like meat when rolled into a light chilli dip is “mashithhaa” (delicious in Korean). Though Gingered Tuna is a sashimi-inspired dish, the ginger-lime-chilli-sesame combo and its preparation process are the factors that keep its South American flare.

The Santiago Restaurant is located at Days Hotel Cebu,Airport Road Matumbo Hills, Lapu-lapu City.For reservation and more details please contact (032) 340-7890 or 341-0476.For more photos of the dishes, kindly check the video above.

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Coffee Dream, A Homegrown Cebuano Blend

Coffee Dream – A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue Branch

Coffee Dream, a Cebuano-owned coffee chain, has been serving the Cebuano coffee drinkers for over 15 years now through their 33 branches all over the country. Their very first shop was built in 1996 located at the 4th floor of Ayala Mall (near the Cinemas). In the first half of 2011, they opened 3 new stores to fully serve the coffee-loving Cebuanos and of course, the Filipinos as a whole.

Quiet coffee houses like this, make perfect places to relax and take your laptop where you can play any kinds of board games and get on with some work, or meet with friends for a catch up. The Coffee Dream café has a creative menu which offers a variety of hot and cold beverages, from hot creamy lattes to iced coffee milkshakes.

Along with the change of Cebuano’s urban lifestyle brought by the local economic developments, the coffee shop industry has also evolved – adapting the transformation of the customers’ expectations, trends and demands. In lieu with this, Coffee Dream doesn’t only put effort in improving their coffees, its creative team has also successfully pull out a unique brand which makes it stood out from the rest of the competing coffee shops.

100% Cebuano

Coffee Dream makes use of local Cebuano talent in presenting a modern and contemporary approach that the locales can surely relate and connect to. Their shop’s interior design is influenced by the famous international Cebuano furniture designer, Kenneth Cobonpue. The coffee they used are locally produced by rural farmers. Even the paintings on their shop’s walls are done by local painters.

The Coffee Dream Logo

The new logo is a steaming coffee in a cup when viewed from the top. This concept presents a different perspective which reflects how Coffee Dream innovates coffee to keep at par with the foreign brands and other local competitors. At first glance, the logo initially shows a cloud over an oval-shaped figure but if you look at it closely, you would notice that your hot cappuccino has already been served and you just missed the sweet smile of the amicable waiter. Stir it for a while and don’t drink hastily. Your tongue might get burned. (;

Coffee Dream A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue Branch

Cebu Bloggers Society Members Attending the Coffee Dream A.S. Fortuna Bloggers’ Gathering

Coffee Dream has just opened it’s new branch in A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue branch.  It  is situated at the ground floor of Benedicto’s College.  Check the map and location details here.

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