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Xie Xie Ni!

Goshsh!! I just woke up with a heavy head this morning.  When I opened my eyes, I felt like the room was swirling around me.  My throat was very dry, yet my mouth has this somewhat bitter and acidic taste.  My stomach was somewhat full of acid and the very first thought that popped out from my drunken brain is to drink coffee.

The coffee tasted like a rusted water from the taste-point of my still tipsy tastebuds.  It didn’t taste like a coffee should be.  Fucking neurotransmitters!  Can’t translate simple task when the bloody head is still sulking.  Fuckin’ cheap tq! That thing must had burn my friggin’ tongue.  Lolers!

And then, my still dizzy head decided to try one more time.  I mean everything deserves a second chance.  So I made coffee again and I concluded that there’s really something wrong with my taste buds.  The coffee tasted like nothing, and my stomach was growling with acidic shit. Well, I’m not drunk.  Just a little dizzy.  Hehehe!

Anyways, I wanted to thank all the mortals who made my day happy yesterday.  Yesterday’s my birthday and I celebrated it along with Troy.  I gave him a cheap men perfume and a black chocolate. That was actually the very first time that I gave him something.  Hehehe!

Thanks to Nabet’s pink blouse.  Though it was intended as a Christmas present I received it the night before my birthday, so it’s like a birthday gift also.  Thank you so much Nabet.  All the Immortal girls are so grateful for all the blouses.  Thanks also to Rubin’s thoughtfulness for sending me flowers.  He didn’t give me food because I’m already fat.  Grrrr.  Thanks to Witch’s pair of earrings though I unintentionally broke the other pair.  Hehehe.  I hope Witch is not reading this post.  Thanks to Assassin’s virtual gift, but I’m really sad though.  That mortal didn’t even texted or greeted me yesterday.  I don’t know why.  Huhuhu!  Advance thank you also to Manash’s and HUHU2’s presents.  Hahaha!

Thank you soo much for all the mortals who greeted and made my day yesterday.  My Immortality Forum family, my SMART family, my Banana Networks officemates, my friends in Facebook, Multiply, Friendster…  Goshhh!!! I feel like an idiot enumerating these.  Hahaha!  Thank you also to my tagay mates last night.  See you this coming Sunday for another tagay session.  Hehehe!  Xie Xie, Xie Xie, Xie Xie Ni!

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Sinulog Night Madness

It’s already 3:56am, and I just got home with Manash and Jun2x from Grill Avenue. Manash has been puking shamelessly the moment we went out. She puked at the side of the street, at the taxi window, and in front of our house. We have to aid and support her balance while we walked her out from that place because she’s bloody drunk.

We started drinking beer the moment we arrived at Grill Avenue with a live show band entertaining the night crowd. Titah Binky was there along with her friends and her brother. I haven’t drank beer for a while because I stick to my promise to myself that I would only patronize hard drinks. But I got no choice that time because I had to compromise for the sake of camaraderie.

We were enjoying the entertainment on stage since one of the band’s vox was really a performer. At around 11pm Wasted signed off since she still has to wake up early because of work. But we didn’t believe her because her EX showed up there wearin a green shirt that matched the color of hers. It’s really too obvious. Viktor excused himself first and a few minutes later Wasted bid goodbye from the group. Hehehe. We are sooo green minded.

Earlier at Ayala

Earlier at Ayala

At around 12am or 1am I guess, Jun2x arrived. Manash and Titah Binky were already dancing beside our table. I can tell that Manash was already tipsy. My stomach already ached because of the heavy density of the beer and I had to pass. At around 1:30 or 2:00am I guess, Titah Binky and her friends signed off. She has to go home early because she’s taking medication for her gallstones problem.

When we finished our beer, we ordered margarita. Manash was already very tipsy and has been dancing crazily. Jun2x joined her later. The two were both tipsy already and I was laughing my heart out because Manash was obviously drunk and had caught attention from the crowds in another tables. We finished our margarita at around 3am after she finished her live show presentation starred by those brave enough people who were amply drunk to go dirty dancing with her. Hahahaha. Manash is really a spectacle when she’s drunk. Hehehe. Jia you, Jia you Manash!

Anyways, earlier that evening, we went to Ayala with Roni babe to watch the fireworks presentation. Unfortunately, we were at the wrong side of the mall. We didn’t able to see that fucking fireworks. Grrrr! We just hang out at Shakeys and stuffed ourselves with pizza, fried chicken, and a fucking pitcher of “not cold” iced tea. The mall was actually jam packed with people that’s why we got no other choice, but to eat at that friggin’ resto. Grrrrr.

Goofin around...

Goofin' around...

I guess I need to salute now. My head is bloody heavy, my fingers already numb…and I already see that big-eyed girl and those long, black fuckin’ of a hair…So long America!!!! Hehehehe…

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End of December Wrap Up

[mwrap][dcap]T[/dcap]ime flies so fast I merely noticed it. Christmas was just over and New Year is just a couple of days away. Sayonara 2008, Ne Hao 2009! I’ve been busy with my crappy addiction of wrinkle-tear-jerker stuffs that I got no time to post anything here. I even became a gluttonous machine I suddenly have the phobia of looking at my face in the mirror. And because I feel like a walking Buddha, I noticed that I don’t socialize that much lately. Oh crap! Am I going back to my old-boring introvert self? Jia You EOD, this is not the time to accommodate set backs and personality problems!

Some people would definitely laugh at me if I’ll tell them that I’m an introvert and I really hate socializing and being observe at. Though I already surpassed that phase, I could still feel the old me kicking persistently, trying to slow down and change my current way of perceiving the world around me. Man, this is really getting creepier. I can’t believe I’m retrospecting at this very bloody moment. I should wake up now before I could scare myself away. Lolers!

Chrismas Dinner with Friends

Anyways, we had a Christmas dinner last Saturday with my friends at Moon Cafe. These people are the same mortals I hang out with since 2006 at a small beach resort in Marigondon(though we were in a big group that time). Titah Binky(she’s not really a “titah”, but I’m fond of calling her that way) was there with her usual authoritative and kinky self. Hehehe. I really look up at her because she really has this strong personality that could convince you that there’s really no point of being a coward. Manash, my close friend for almost nine years who I despised a lot at our first few meetings way back 2001. I can’t believe that she’ll become one of my few treasured friends since I really didn’t like her before. I guess I tend not to like her that time because she’s too much of an extrovert. Up close she’s really the type of buddy whom you can bring and hang out with anywhere. Her openness and high degree of friendliness attracted mobs of men, you can’t help yourself to wonder how she managed to accommodate them all(Hehehe. Peace Nash!).

Kiere was also there. I was a bit shocked when I saw her wearing a scarf and black tops and jeans. I was wearing the same though my scarf was of different color. I’ve also seen this mortal’s ups and downs in life. Though I know that she had coped up well, I can still feel the burden she’s carrying inside her until now. She actually cries a lot and very emotional. I guess we are in the same wavelength though I could say that I managed to avoid that kind of stuff for almost a year now. We actually had a lot of misunderstandings before, but we have quickly settled them down.

Blueberry and Gtboi were also there. I mentioned them as one since they are a couple and it would be awkward to mention them individually. Blueberry and I are friends for almost three years now. This girl awed me a lot because she has done a lot of impossible things that I can’t imagine myself doing. She’s definitely not your average type of lady. We really want to name her baby girl Blueberry Cheesecake, but it sounds crazy and cheesy. I wish her well and a safe delivery this coming March. Jia You, Jia You bai! Hehehe.

The people who were supposed to go there, but failed are Tats, Wasted and Caloi. Hmmmn…It was actually Tats who suggested to hold the dinner at 27th, but he’s the one who failed to come. He texted that he’s on his way to Zamboanga to attend the funeral of a relative. How sooo Gabino Ang! Caloi, on the other hand, had a Team Building, and Wasted spent her holiday vacation in Butuan(her hometown). Titah Binky texted Khalai and Twistedsui, but as usual they didn’t manage to come. We also texted and called Isda, but I guess he’s busy since he didn’t answer our call nor reply to our text message. We also missed Nabet and Pepe. They are busy making themselves rich in Singapore. Hehehe. Other people whom I haven’t seen since that first Christmas gathering in 2006 are Xidvicious, and Captain Poloi.

After our dinner at Moon Cafe we went to KartZone. We didn’t like the atmosphere there so we transferred to Off Roads.

Meme Disney Land

I guess I overly exaggerate when I stated that I didn’t socialize a lot. I did went to a meme disneyland last 20th to 21st of December and I did enjoyed the whole day tour though it was very exhausting. I arrived around nine in the morning and I was a bit embarrassed because they were all waiting for me(to think the only one I know in the group is my friend). The next day, my friend was forced to watch a Shoujo series since he got no other choice. I actually have an unpleasant reminder from that trip. I bumped my right leg into the sharp edge part of the antique table in one of the spots we visited. It really hurt a lot and as I checked it now it left a hideous coloring at my upper thigh.

Monkey Networks Christmas

Banilya, Vanilya, Balila, Banana…Hahahaha! Our company’s name is sooo unique, it garnered lots of bloopers. Now, I’m calling it Monkey Networks so that everyone will be happy. Our company is actually the very first tenant who occupied the TGU building here in IT Park and we are also the very first tenant who used their lobby. It is where we held our Christmas Party.

Banana Networks Christmas

Banana Networks Christmas

What a very long post! Xie Xie everyone for reading and visiting. Jia You, Jia You!![/mwrap]

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CBS Xmas Farty!

CBS Xmas Farty

CBS Xmas Farty

[mwrap][dcap]N[/dcap]e Hao! This is only a quick post. We just finished our Company’s Christmas Party. We will be going to somewhere tonight. May be at Sun Flower or a place where we can chill out. Anyways, thanks to Vanjahnn for the successful CBS Christmas Party yesterday night. Thanks for the generous accomodation. I really love the view from the mountains overlooking the city. Such an awesome sight. Zai Jian![/mwrap]

Photo Credits: Vanjahnn

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Pacman, Oscar Dela Hoya’s New Idol

Hidden Soldiers!
Ang sagot ni Manny Pacquiao
nang tinanong siya kung ano
ang World’s Number 1 anti-dandruff

The text message above is definitely funny, but it is an ugly reflection of how most Pinoy discriminate someone who doesn’t speak fucking English fluently. This, also shows how narrow-minded most of us when it comes to how we measure intelligence and capability. No wonder we are still living in a developing country until now. Hypocrisy dominates most of our central traits which has blinded us to see genuine talent and ability. We always assume that when someone is good in speaking english, he or she is smart and intelligent and everything. How pathetically wrong!

Well, this post is definitely not intended to rant about how pathetic most Pinoy are. This post is intended to praise Manny Pacquiao, Oscar Dela Hoya’s new idol. The golden boy in the boxing arena who has been a reigning champion and living legend bowed down and surrendered to Pacman at the start of the ninth round in their recently concluded Dream Match at MGM Grand, Nevada, USA.

I never thought the game would end that way. Dela Hoya has more fighting advantages compared to Pacman. First, is the height advantage. Pacman is only 5′ 6″ tall compared to Dela Hoya’s 5′ 10″. Next, is the reach advantage. Dela Hoya has long arms compared to Manny which means a high hitting probability. The Golden Boy is also famous of his powerful left jab and has more fighting experiences compared to our pambansang kamao. But all of these expected advantages had been easily vanquished by Pacman’s agility, good footworks, lethal throws and punches, and a combination of consistent offensive and defensive moves.

Manny Pacquiao dominated the whole game from round one to round eight. He threw the first few punches in the first round and managed to avoid Dela Hoya’s. The Golden Boy was reduced to a mere punching bag in round four to eight. Pacman emerged victorious after Dela Hoya accepted defeat with an injured face and a black eye. Pacman, on the other hand, accepted the victory unscathed along with millions of victorious Filipino around the world. Our Pambansang Kamao has clearly obliterated USA’s Golden Boy after 8 rounds due to technical knock out. Yeeeyyyyyy!

N.B. Have you noticed that the background music played after each round was of Rammtein’s? I’m referring to GMA 7’s game coverage. Hehehe.

Photo Credits: BatchLinks

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2nd Otaku Festival in Cebu

After the successful First Otaku Festival held at UP Cebu grounds last February of 2008, here comes another round of event for local anime and manga lovers. The OTAKU FEST 2.0! “THE SAGA CONTINUES!”

This festival will be held at the same venue this 13th of December 2008 from 1pm to 9pm. There will be on-the-spot poster making contest, logo making competition, digital photography, dance competition, cosplay, DOTA, and a lot, lot more. The registration time for contestants will be from 12:30 to 1:00pm.

Please check this link for the tentative program flow. You can also contact or 09064656752 for further details and inquiries.[/mwrap]

Photo Credits: UP Otaku

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To My Manita/Manito: My Wishlist

It’s now exactly 41 days and 10 minutes before Christmas, but I’m really not that excited about it compared to those previous Christmases in the past few years. I rarely hear Christmas songs these past few weeks and the weather is really hot. I don’t know why I don’t feel any connection or anticipation about the coming festive celebration.

Anyways, we will have our company’s Christmas party this coming 14th of December. This is actually my first Christmas with the company, but it’s still the usual manita/manito stuff for exchanging gifts. We are obliged to announce our wish list so that our respective manitas or manitos will know what specific gifts they have to give us during the party. I really don’t fancy anything expensive. I just want stuffs that can make me laugh and can also make me cry at the same time. So here is my wish list:

Any DVD copies will do, but they should be clear copies.

1. Devil Beside You(Mike He and Rainie Yang). This is the best Asian Drama series according to

2. Vampire Knight(The Anime Series). I’ve actually read the manga, but it’s still stuck at chapter 43. I just want to have the anime series copy for a change.

3. Hana Yori Dango(The Japanese Version). Though this is a Jdrama which has the same plot with Meteor Garden, I still want to watch this because a lot of people said that it’s better than the Taiwanese version. They said that it’s more loyal to the manga compared to MG that has lots of additional scenes.

4. Princess Hours(Korean Series). According to BestStuff.Com, this is the best Korean Drama series of all time. I hope the review won’t fail my expectation. Hehehe.

5. My Girl(Another Korean Series). I dunno if this one is great, but a friend told me that it’s rather funny.

6. Claymore(The Anime Series). I’ve read the manga of this, and it’s still stuck at chapter 82. Just want to see the anime version for a change.

Hmmmn…I guess that’s all for now. I mean 14th of December is still several days away. I’ll just tell you if I’ve changed my mind. Anyways, any four of the above will do. Lolers!

Thanks Manita/Manito. (:

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I voted for Obama!

Yes, I did cast my vote for him in a mock poll during the US Election Watch 2008 at SM Atrium this morning. The Cebu Bloggers Society was invited by the US ambassador to the Philippines to attend the event. The venue was full of television screens that monitor the 2008 US Presidential Election.

Barack Obama is definitely the leading presidential candidate in almost all states. And as of the writing of this post it seems that victory is on the democrats side. Mccain, the republican candidate must brace himself well to accept defeat.

The US Election Watch 2008 was headed by Paul Jones, the U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission. The event were attended by different private sector representatives, media, americans, and a few prominent local personalities. Among these prominent personalities are local politicians like Mayor Jonas Cortes of Mandaue City, Rep. Raul Del Mar, and Rep. Neressa Soon Ruiz(attired in a maong mini-skirt with a glamorous hairdo). There were also local media reporters who covered the event. They were Rico Lucena of ABS-CBN Cebu and Bobby Nalzaro of GMA 7.

Of course, the group didn’t let the event pass without taking the opportunity to have our pictures taken with the above mentioned people. The event also has overflowing supply of american foods from generous sponsors.

Anyways, it would only take you a few seconds to cast your vote in their automated voting system process. This, I discovered when I casted my vote in their mock poll area. It is a far cry from our current voting process here in PI that is done manually.

On the other hand, I’m a little disappointed that I have to leave the event by 12 noon because of work.

Click here for more photos . Photo Credits: Clarence,Obnoxious Queer, and Athan Obs.

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CBS members interviewed by Jun Tariman of DYAB Cebu

The Cebu Bloggers Society members were invited by Jun Tariman to guest his tech radio segment program. This was aired thru DYAB Cebu at 3:00 to 3:30 pm, November 2, 2008, Sunday. The 30-minute interview were attended by Clarence of DahongLaya.Com, Kevin of, Zeniamai of Zeniamai.Wordpress.Com, Empress of EmpressOfDrac.Com, X of ObnoxiousQueer.Com, and Sinjin of Sinjin.Ph.

The special radio segment’s main topic is about blogging. Before the formal interview, the members introduced themselves to the listeners and provided quick background to their respective blogsites. After that, Kevin formally introduced the Cebu Bloggers Society group to the listeners.

Mr. Tariman began the interview by asking the group when does blogging started. It was then followed by series of discussions about how to earn money thru blogging, how to increase blogsite traffic, the role of Search Engine Optimization in promoting your blog, popular money transfer services you should use to claim your blogsite’s income, the importance of blogging in history, best blog platforms to use, and of course the basic steps on how to create a blog.

The 30-minute interview was also broadcast internationally thru live webcast.

Click here for more photos. Photo Credits: X

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Launching of Defcon Philippines, an IT Security organization

Defcon Philippines

Defcon Philippines

The soft launching of Defcon Philippines (DefconPH) on December 20, 2008 will bring together IT Security Professionals and Hackers to discuss their solutions, exploits and experiences in this complicated and critical field of IT Security arena. Attending this launching puts you one step ahead in preserving your company’s reputation, keeping your company solvent, and showing your value to your employer. DefconPH is a registered Defcon Group International as DC6332.

This half-day power packed event will cover the latest topics in IT security, hacking and protection. Learn how to avoid embarrassing and expensive data breaches, protect valuable information, and many more. Launching of this organization will commence in Handuraw, 460 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City from 1PM to 6PM. Respective sponsors are and . For more details visit the official website at or email now.

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Launching of Defcon Philippines, an IT Security organization
Launching of Defcon Philippines, an IT Security organization

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Digital Filipino Club and Bloggers Fellowship Night

The Digital Filipino Club successfully held this event at Teatro Casino in Waterfront, Cebu last 22nd of October. This Fellowship was organized by Miss Janette Toral and sponsored by PAGCOR. The event was crowded by online-affiliated people and was even made livelier by the present of the Cebu Bloggers Society members who became the event’s center of attraction because of their well-thought t-shirt design. All the participants enjoyed the event not only because of the freebies, but also it became a temporary venue of meeting individuals with the same line of interest.

After consuming their sumptuous dinner, the bloggers introduced themselves and talked something about their respective blogs. It was followed by a speech from a PAGCOR representative announcing their newest online marketing plan. Miss Janette Toral also made a brief introduction about the Digital Filipino Club’s members, history and as well as the latest club activities. Kevin Ray Chua and Winston, members of CBS also made special speeches on how they started their blogs and gave tips on how to increase blog popularity. There were also little talks about SEO and then followed by PAGCOR’s video presentation, a gaming event among bloggers, picture takings, and the awarding of raffle prizes.

Anyways, I met Beor and Galadriel of Istorya.Net during the event. I know them because I always hang out on their forum before. This is way back when my immaturish reflexes were still in control of my half-cooked brain. Beor is actually a very respectable and handsome man and her wife is really pretty in person. I actually have so much respect to them, and I look up to them like role models.

I guess I need to end this post here. It seems like I run out of ideas already. My lazy brain is already bitching me to finish the 4th book of the Twilight saga. So long penguins!

Check more photos here. (Photo Credits: Shinjin and X)

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Flash backs

I‘ve been trying to connect online thru the speedstream router management interface but of futile result. It always says:
“The local connection is still busy, please wait a few seconds before attempting to connect.”

So this is the prize of lower line and internet fee(5h plus per month at 512mbps). I just finished my breakfast and I just have this urge to write. I arrived around 7:30am from work. It was raining heavily when I left the office early this morning. The rain made me feel awake and as usual I cannot sleep.

So, what’s the latest buzz in town? The Ces Drilon kidnapping case is over. Manny Villar’s rumored pre-campaign ad is still aired on TVs nationwide and Ces Drilon really looks ugly without her make up on (have you noticed that?). Hehehe!

with my sis and mama at Seafront, Liloan

My stomach is full and I just want to step aside, and look back at the stuffs that I’ve done these past few weeks. Uhmmn, let’s start from the last week of April. Whew! That was when I went to Badian Island with deathgod, pervertsniper, dondon, and jc_hitomi. And then, on the first week of May, we went to Tubod Flowing Waters in Minglanilla for our team outing. Mid week of May was our forum outing at Franziska’s Beach Resort in Liloan. And then, a week after that we had our family outing at Seafront Beach Resort also in Liloan wherein we celebrated Inday Tin-tin’s passing of the CPA board exam. Last week of May was Maybel’s birthday. We went to Davinci’s Pizza in Jones along with deathgod and pervertsniper, and then, we went to videoke at The Beat’s Family KTV bar, and then went to disco near the place(wherein Maybel met her current bf).  Hahahahaha!

with at ems and my god daughter…

Last first week of June was Ate Em’s Wedding at Metro Park Hotel in Lahug. And then after that, I went to Bantayan Island with deathgod and his officemates. It serves as deathgod’s last outing with his team mates because he received a new job offer from a software company in Bohol.

Sugarbeach, Bantayan Island

Today is his first day of work as a project implementor at Wizzard Technologies. He texted me yesterday that he’s a little bit nervous. Hehehe. I’m quite happy that he has now a better job. I mean he’s not satisfied with his job before. I just texted him a while ago and gave him words of encouragement. Yeah! We’re good friends, but some people just can’t help themselves and still tease us that we’re still lovers. Well, we are happy of what we are now. We are good as friends. We don’t click as lovers. But then, no one knows what the future holds for us. He actually asked me a couple of times what will my answer be if he would want me back in the near future. My answer is I will decide when that time comes. Lolers!

with chubby and soulmate at Mango Square after videoke

Anyways, I had so much fun last Sunday night when I went to a videoke bar in Mango Square with my bloody officemates. We had so much fun singing our hearts out and dancing ’til our feet hurt. Hehehe! I feel a little bit sleepy now. It’s still raining outside and my eyelids are already heavy. ‘Till next time mortals. Avrio!

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Summer is officially over!

And I immensely enjoyed the season sooo much! Whew! Today is the 1st of June and I just made the toughest decision ever. I hope this is the best thing to do and I hope that there would be no regrets.

I just discovered that having lots of alternatives is not easy at all. It’s so hard to choose from lots of great choices. It’s not easy to choose specially when all the choices are dearest to your heart. But then, at the end one should make one. And that is what I just did. It is really scary because every decision you’ll make has it’s own consequences. And most mortals are afraid to commit mistakes and so do I. But as what my favorite philosopher said…

“There are no mistakes! Events that we bring to ourselves, no matter how unpleasant are necessary to learn life; whatever steps we take, they are necessary to reach the peak we want to go.”

And I know that Osho is definitely right and I’m forever thankful to all his teachings for they serve as guides in my everyday life. Anyways, here are few pics last 17th and 18th of May during our Forum outing. More pics can be found in my friendster account.

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My Sister passed the CPA Board Exam

I just received IM messages lately from my sister that she had passed the exam. I feel so glad, happy, grateful and all the positive feelings. And at the same time I wanted to cry. It’s because I’ve seen all the hardships my sister went thru. All the ups and downs and specifically the down moments. The CPA licensure exam is one of the most difficult exam one should take to become a certified accountant. And I am very proud that my sister did it. After all the never ending reviews and burning of candles and all the nosebleeding incidents (yes, she literally had nosebleeds because of studying and reviewing) she had made it. Yes! Yes! Yes! She told me while chatting a while ago that papa cried when she told him that she passed the exam. Well, I know they are tears of joy. Any parents would have reacted the same. And in my heart of hearts I’m so grateful for I know God has answered our prayers. I cannot fully express how happy I am at this very moment. I’m so happy for my sister because I know how much difficulties and hardships she had went thru just to get this far. I’m so proud of her and I never failed every time I encouraged her to never give up. She made it and we are all thankful to God for being always with us thru happy times and especially hard times. To my sister, welcome to the real world. You made it!

With so much love,

Papa, Mama, Ate, Inday Ginamay

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immortality forum

Whew! That’s quite fast! Immortality Forum will be in its 2nd year of floating in the psychological limbo we called cyberspace. Hehehe! It continues to float amidst the chaotic world of cyber manics and perversion to cure boredom and proliferate the spirit we called camaraderie. Immortality Forum exists because of the friendships privately nurtured under the canopy and mercy of free hosting site

Well, I found friends in the forum and I became the witness of few trivial yet life changing twists that happened to some of the bloody members. This may sound exaggerated but immortality forum ain’t your run of the mill board site. We only patronize people who are open-minded yet cool enough in dealing with sensitive or taboo stuffs, and witty enough to punch in jokes that would make everyone’s day complete. The site may be is too small and doesn’t have its own domain, but we just want it that way. Well, mind you we don’t have our own domain but every time you search for “immortality forum” in google you will see the site ranked at number one in google search results. Hehehehe! Ain’t that amazing?

Anyway, since it’s our second anniversary all active members decided to have a summer outing this 17th and 18th of May at Villa Teresita, Talisay. That would be two days and one night. Tatskie promised to donate a whole lechon and also took responsibility in preparing prizes for the games. Titah Binky is the one who is in charge for reservation. Khalai is the one who volunteered to cook pancit and the rest of the members will contribute three hundred bucks for the rent of the cottage, foods, and other miscellaneous. I’m kind of excited because it’s been a year and a half since we have a meet up. The last one was way back 2006 of December at Rendezvous in Marigondon, Lapu-lapu City.

And also in order for us to have something to look forward to this 17th and 18th I started a guessing contest in the Trivias forum wherein there’ll be a prize token that will be given for the person who can guess the right answer. This token will be given during the outing. For more details about the outing just check the Annunciation forum. HAIL ALL IMMORTALS!!

N.B. Whew! Can’t wait also for 27th. Badian Island here I come! Hehehe.


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Badian Island…

Say goodbye to those lousy experimental papers, trash all those field research instruments, and wave farewell to those endless overnight-mares responsible of countless falling hair and scary eye bags! Hehehe! Whew! Summer is finally here! My most beloved season of the year! But ooppsss…reality check…My calvary ain’t over yet. I still have a research paper and focus group discussion write-ups to do for my field psych, a final exam and paper in learning, a group facilitation exam in group dynamics and a final exam as well, and most especially I’m not finished yet gathering data for my field psych…This is terrible! We just finished our final paper in experimental psych today as well as our proposal paper in group dynamics, but it is still so frustrating because the list of things to do is still a kilometer long. *cries*


Anyways, the list seems to shorten every time I think of our planned summer get-away this April 26 in Badian Island. Weeeeehhh! Yeah! April 26 is actually my close friend’s birthday and we always celebrate it out of town. For this year we decided to go to Badian Island. Another close friend of mine has a house there but we will be staying in another house which is already fully equipped (with shower, kitchen, ref, tv, aircon, and the whole house for all of us) and mind you, it only charges one thousand and five hundred bucks for an overnight stay. Ain’t that amazing? Hehehe! I’m so excited I can’t think of anything, but the beautiful stars grazing above the summer sky, while I lay lying on the sand feeling the summer breeze kissing my skin and breathing the cool sea air in and out of my lungs. Hehehe! I really, really miss the ocean especially those lazy hours I spent alone in the beach by myself (murag amo kay sigeg ruminate…hehe..). (Photo from

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Crazy Day and Oblation Run

Oblation Run

I had a very GREAT day last friday! Whew! We have our Crazy Day and Oblation Run as the main course and dessert, respectively (hahahahaha!). The long awaited parade of “bolbits” and “camels” had finally c0me.

The hordes of dusty foot creatures patiently awaited the most anticipated “camel” show event which is of course the oblation run (running naked with black masks on their bloody faces) by the newly recruit APO members (who are mostly from other schools). When obli’s statue was blindfolded with black cloth everyone knew that it’s the bloody signal that “camels” will be running around the campus soon. Eveybody got ready with their cameras, necks stretched upward-sideward waiting for the mighty wicks to come rushing down the campus aisles (wahehehehe!). Here are some pics for your eyes to feast…

inspired by one of the otakus last Otaku Festival…hehehe…

here comes super journal articles (ka-oa pud aning costume ni pong oist…tsk…tsk…)

with sarah raven and her famous hungry-look…slamdunk the funk! hehehe…

can you see the marching wicks from afar? hehehehe…

For more Oblation Run close up photos click here.

For more Crazy Day photos click here .

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Otaku Festival!

Whew! Whew! Whewww! Last Saturday was the very first Otaku Festival held here in Cebu. I had a great time taking photos, watching anime shows, checking anime drawing contest, autograph signing with the local artist (with a “semi-hentai” souvenir…of course…ahehehe), watching dota enthusiasts competing with each other (dota tournament), and of course the bloody cosplay contest…plus the cool crowd (composed of otakus (ahehehe…), photographers, and a lot, lot more weirdos), plus cool bands (which i missed because i went home earlier than expected…ahehehe). Here is a snapshot I took…please just bear with my low res photo from my digicam (it’s a phonecam actually).

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Happy bloody New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!! It’s already past 16 minutes after 12:00am according to my CPU clock, but nonetheless it’s really, really great to meet the new year with a “new-year-post”. Ahehehehe! Anyways, have you ever wondered how and when and who had started this bloody celebration? If you have no idea then so do I. Ahehehe. Here’s a short history of New Year that I googled a while ago.

New Year harks back to the words of Alfred Tennyson:

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

A beginning is ushered with the dawn of an era when anticipation lurks in every nook and cranny. What we know as “New Year” today has evolved from practices of time immemorial. 123New Year offers information on New Year History. New Year is the most ancient of all the holidays. The day was first observed in Babylon in the 2nd millennia BC.

The Babylonian year began with the first sighting of the crescent moon – the new moon – following the vernal (spring) equinox. In ancient cultures, spring is the herald of new beginnings for it epitomizes the cycle of birth. Farmers sow the seeds, new crops are planted and flowers bloom. January 1, on the other hand, bears no such connotation.

Ever since the inception of the Christian era, the Romans continued to observe New Year in late March. However, subsequently the monarchy intervened in the making of the calendar, which was designed so as to synchronize with the sun. In 153 BC, the Roman Capitol declared the date as January 1. That year, in order to coordinate the almanac with the sun, Caesar had to allow the previous year to go on for 445 days.

So now WE know…ahehehe. Goodnight err good morning! I have to get some sleep since we’ll watch Desperadas tomorrow. Ahehehe…Happy New Year!!!!!! Muwaaaaah!!!


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something else: meet your new blogmate

She blew the other opening of the can so that all the liquid will come out. She blew it mightily that seconds later the white- sticky, sweet, cream was all over her hair, her face, her arms, and on her blouse. She cursed and looked for a clean rug to clean the mess. Her hair was bloody sticky and she’s afraid someone will see how miserable she is. She looked around, nobody’s looking at her. She can feel the sticky liquid furiously clinging on every strands of her bloody miserable hair. Fuck! Her legs were cramping. She’s been standing on that little place for more than an hour. Her limbs were sore and her throat was throbbing painfully. She has to finish what she’s doing. Mayonnaise, cream, condensed milk, fruit cocktail, macaroni, dried raisins, cheese, nata de coco, mix them all and this would be over. But it’s easier said than done. The fruit cocktail is quite large and she has to do the mixing twice. And there’s the macaroni. After it has been boiled to al dente she has to use a big spoon (yes, large spoon literally) to scoop them from the casserole. Bloody strainer! Someone stole it the day before Christmas eve. Grrrrr! After draining the macaroni using her bare hands she put in a clean container and start pouring all the necessary ingredients. She doesn’t want to make something that’s just very ordinary. So, after mixing all the ingredients she decided to put some decoration on top of the finished product. And she did the same until to the very last mixing. And now she’s quite proud she just finished preparing the all time fave Macaroni and Fruit Salads. Bloody, bloody, bloody Salads!

And then she felt sooo sticky sweet. She wanted to take a bath but the painful throbbing on her throat escalated up to her head. She felt feverish she wanted to lie down and die for a while (lol). The others were going to church. She hasn’t attended any morning masses for the past 2 years and she has no plan to attend any (bless her friggin’ soul if she has one). She just lie there for a while. Eyes half close and mind started to ruminate. She wanted to shut down any thoughts that would just make her lonely or depress but she can’t help it. Some were already sending their greetings but she has no plan to greet anyone. She just wanted to lie and maybe to fall asleep until all the merry-making around would be over. And then she sat up and decided to wash her friggin’ face. She felt like a dirty gum-frog. She can feel tiny red ants all over her bloody face. She’s hungry but she suppressed it because she doesn’t want to gain another bloody pounds that would make her look like an “inasal” ready to be feasted by those scrutinizing fucktard eyes. But then she should eat or else she would become one of those ugly sickly anorexic models with friggin’ bones clinging on their skinny alien-like bodies.

She had slept for a while. She received personal greetings from a few important people. Those only who she felt worthy to be replied or to be greeted are the ones she texted. She’s happily texting someone when a sudden commotion and shout of panic interrupted her flow of thoughts. Almost everybody in the neighborhood was in panic. She heard there was a bloody fire two houses away. As if due to the unexpected twist she just found herself outside their house looking at her neighbors in panic, shouting, running, and the children were crying. She just stood there. She really didn’t know what to do. She didn’t see any fire but her neighbor’s reactions were enough to validate that there is indeed a fire. She waited for a while but she didn’t see any smoke. Bloody hell! She just noticed that her feet and arms were trembling. She can’t move. What the fuck! And then she saw a few men running and overheard that the fire has been extinguished (too fast huh!). It seemed like she lost all her strength. She stumbled back to their house with heart beating furiously.

The very first thing she saw was the half-finished tequila. She got a piece of lemon, sliced it into two and mashed them with salt. She drank one shot and it seemed like her heart leaped but the heat of the alcohol warmed up her throat and it slid down into her stomach. She can feel the sweet but tartaric acid of the lemon graciously mating with the tangy, sharp-flavored tequila. They blended smoothly while they were romantically and slowly gliding from her throat down to her esophagus. And when they decided to make out on her stomach she felt an explosion of everything sweet, bitter, sour, and then a feeling of relief and warm. And then she heard bizarre explosions and colorful bloody lights were roaming everywhere. The sky looked like a rainbow of light colors. Fuck! It’s Christmas!!!

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Oblation Run in the Campus…

And everybody’s giggling and murmuring something to each others ears with malicious looks shamelessly plastered on their friggin’ faces. Hahahahaha! I couldn’t help but laugh, and at the back of my mind anticipate how would it like to see naked frat men running around the campus exposing their tools. Hahahahaha!

They said it will be held tomorrow a day before the Lantern Parade. I thought it would be this Feb., during Crazy Day, but it seems like the dusty-foot creatures have an early Christmas feast. Anyways, I’m getting ready of my camera. Hmmmn…this would definitely an interesting feast…ahahahaha…

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