New Moon Trailer 2009

Here’s a very artistic, very professionally made fan video trailer of New Moon. If not because I’m telling you here that it’s a fan-made, you would definitely believe that it’s the official trailer of the movie. Though, there are actually clips that didn’t fit in at the end of the video (like the girl who […]

Kaname Kuran

He is the main character of Matsuri Hino’s Vampire Knight manga, which has been serialized since January of 2005 in Lala Magazine in Japan, and then put into serialization in Shojo Beat magazine in North America by June of 2006.  Kaname Kuran is a pure blood vampire who happens to be Yuki Cross’ elder brother, […]

My Official Twilight Movie Review

I watched the movie last night at Ayala Theater in Cinema 1. I got a ticket reservation from last week that’s why I managed to book a last full show schedule in the first day of screening here in PI. I immediately took off from the office when my CPU clock ticked off to […]

The Cullen Cars

The TWILIGHT CARS WARNING: There are lots of spoilers in this post. If you haven’t read the Twilight series yet and has a plan to read them, then, don’t read this post. You might be wondering who the Cullens are. If you have already read the Twilight series, then they might be very familiar. The […]