Let’s Party to Paradiso!

Can’t get enough of summer?  Here’s another summer event that would surely get you wild and wet.  PARADISO: The Ultimate Summer Kick-off and Outdoor Dance Party.  This ass-kicking summer gig will be happening this  17th of April at Tambuli Resorts– East Wing, Mactan, Cebu.  Gates will be open by 1PM and the party will start […]

PLDT myDSL Overdrive in Cebu

What is PLDT myDSL Overdrive? It is a series of events which includes a speedster bus roaming around the country.  Its main aim is to go beyond broadband. What is inside the speedster bus? Unlimited broadband connection thru netbook and lappy terminals.  (Cool!!) Inside the Speedster Bus What are these series of Events? March 24, […]

Twilight – The Cebu Bloggers Parody Series

N.B.:  I’ve been thinking of a creative way, wherein I can express and release all these craps inside my bloody head, and this concept just popped in.  I don’t have any talents in drawing, nor do I have great talent in writing, but all I want is to offer an alternative entertainment to everyone.  I […]

Cebu Bloggers Parody Series: Teaser

This is only a teaser of Cebu Bloggers Parody Series that I’ll be featuring here in my blog.  This Parody series includes love, humor, horror, suspense and everything.  This serves as the main content of  my site’s Entertainment section.  The photos are from CBS members, but I’ll create a story in each series.  Please be […]

CBS Castaways stirred Sumilon Island’s Silence

Where could you find a group of sociable cyborgs who has this “cam-whoring” personality disorder, but were courageous enough to play with big waves and survived a sandstorm?  They are a group of unique and happy individuals who love even the pettiest of things, and laugh at the cheapest and lamest of jokes.  Well, I’m […]

In the Dojo

One early morning, in the city’s famous beer dojo, three drunk senpai were in a very intimate drunkard discussion… kioas(talking to isda): you mean you can steal that giant bottle up there? isda: sure, i can. i just need your help and influence. twistedsui(to kioas): you guys are dreaming…(chuckles) kioas: i think that is possible. […]