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CBSi 7th Anniversary: 7 Reasons to Celebrate! (Photos) #CBSi7

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc 7th Anniversary Marriott Hotel

Time flies so fast. Our beloved blogging organization will be celebrating its 7th year of founding this Sunday, February 15 at Marriott Hotel.  February 14 is the actual founding anniversary but we’ll celebrate it on the 15th for the obvious reason that everyone is busy during the former.

Cebu Bloggers Society 7 Years Ago

From its humble beginnings, CBSi has become a community that doesn’t only promote camaraderie within the blogging sphere but has also been inspiring its members to pursue careers in the online writing and marketing professions.

CBSi’s main vision is fueled by the passion to promote Cebu through blogging and encourage Cebuanos to know more about their native homeland.

Cebu Bloggers Society 7 years ago came into existence on Valentines Day.  I’m not sure if Mark Monta (the founder) has really nothing to do on that day (no date? lol) but thanks to him, CBSi was born and from there everything became history.

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc 7 Years Ago

This photo shows how we look like seven blogging years ago.  Everyone looks so young.  I mean what the heck, we really look like c^$###! Hehe!

7 Reasons Why I’m Celebrating

Cebu Bloggers Society is one of the main reasons of my big career change 5 years ago.  The organization enables me to meet many amazing people who have influenced in shaping my worldview when it comes earning money and doing business through the internet.

Without further ado, here are the top 7 reasons I’m celebrating.

1. Because I owe my very first news blogging coverage with CBSi.

US Election Coverage 2008 Cebu Bloggers Society

Seven years ago, I have no idea how to cover news via blogging. This photo was taken during US Election Watch 2008 wherein our group was invited as part of the new media.

2. I met a lot of interesting and amazing personalities through CBSi.

Cebu Bloggers Society DYAB Guesting 7 years ago

My active years in the organization were filled mostly with amazing and talented people.  This photo was seven years ago when we guested in a local radio tech program hosted by a prominent Cebuano journalist.

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc 7 Years Ago with Attorney Ethelbert Ouano 2

Uhmmn, yes. The guy beside me is an inspiration and one of the very few that I look up to.  He’s no other than Atty. Ethelbert Ouano.  There’s no dull moment when you are with this person.  He is CBSi irreplaceable legal adviser. (;

3. CBSi made me understand more the importance of gender equality.

Cebu Bloggers Society DYAB Guesting 7 years ago with Xerxes Bernades

The group is composed of diverse individuals from heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, and every thing in between.  Every one in the group wholeheartedly embraces and respects each fellow member disregarding gender preference.  And, this is what made me stick more to the group.

4. It was CBSi that helped me mend my broken heart. (LOL)

Cebu Bloggers Society 6 years ago at McBillys House

A group of cheerful people plus a bit of alcohol solved it all. Well, they have no idea why I got myself drunk. Lol! Photo above was taken 6 years ago at McBilly’s house.

5. CBSi helps me polish my skills in writing, blogging, and marketing.

Cebu Bloggers Society

During my active years in the group, I learned a lot of things that help me enhanced my skills more specifically in writing, blogging, and online marketing.  Photo above was taken during our monthly Board of Trustees and Committee meeting.

6. It was in CBSi that I learned how to loot for foods.  LOL!

Cebu Bloggers Society and Foods

We always get invited to food parties and you know, eating is always fun when you are with a group of people. I can’t count anymore how many times I overeat when I was with CBSi peeps. (:

7.  Because I experienced my very first SANDSTORM with CBSi.

Cebu Bloggers Society Sandstorm experience 2009 2

Our sandstorm experience in Sumilon Island way back 2009 is still very vivid in my mind.  When it hit us I thought I won’t survive and gonna die.  LOL!

I really have so many things to say but I still have a lot of pending work this week.  Will continue this list if I’ll get some “free time” next time.

Happy 7th Anniversary CBSi! Cheers to more years of blogging! Namaste!

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Avalon is this Year’s Venue Host for the 7th Best Cebu Blogs Awards

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2013 Trophies

Last year's trophies

Last year, Avalon hosted the venue for the 6th Best Cebu Blogs Awards.  This coming 7th of December, they will host again  the venue for the awarding night of our 7th year of recognizing Cebu’s finest bloggers.  We had a great awarding night in there last year and we look forward to a more fun and enjoyable event this December.  Below are a few throwback photos of last year’s awarding night.

And below is a peek of the entrance to the venue inside the Avalon.

The Avalon Cebu Hosts Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 - Entrance

For this year’s awards, we have already wrapped up who the winners are.  You can make a guess who they are by checking the finalist here.



This year’s awarding event is made possible by the following sponsors, donors, and partners.

Gold Sponsors



Silver Sponsors

Silver_KK logo(10incheswidth)


Donor Sponsors




Donor_Island Grill Express

Media Partners


Official Photographer

Alvin Asayas Photography

Blog Partners

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - FaceCebu

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - cebufitnessblog

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - Empress Of Drac

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - Geemiz

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner - The Gumshoes by Hannah Marie Suquib

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2014 Blog Partner -  One Frozen Mind

The Organizers

Before I will end this post, I would like to mention the major effort exerted by Mark Monta (BCBA founder) to make this bloggers recognition event an official tradition every year.  Also, to all my co-organizers, Geezelle Tapangan, Chanel Marie and Kevin Maglinte for all the efforts and support.  Lastly, a special mention to our resident judge, Miss Nancy Cudis for the undying support.  See you guys on the 7th next month.  I’m excited to see all the winners. (:

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World Blogathon – Cebu Bloggers Promoting Advocacies through Blogging

Today, December 8, 2012, the first World Blogathon will be happening from 1PM to 6PM at Andy Hotel, Mandaue City. This one of a kind event is spearheaded by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.’s Outreach Committee chaired by Jaysee Pingkian, the main initiator of the activity. World Blogathon aims to highlight various advocacy-oriented organizations by letting their voices be heard through blogging and social media.

How to Join?

If you are a blogger and would like to join the activity today, you can still catch up by filling up this registration form. On the other hand, if you are like me who can’t attend the event but are willing to support the cause, you may blog about World Blogathon and share your post to your readers and network of friends.

More information about World Blogathon

To learn more about World Blogathon, you may visit the following pages.

Official Website:

FB Page:

Facebook Group:

What is the Twitter Account of World Blogathon?

As of now the account is still being taken care of. For the mean time, you may use this hashtag #worldblogathon every time you tweet anything related to the activity.

How about Cebu Bloggers Society? How Can I join?

If you are a Cebu-based blogger and would like to join US, then you can visit our membership application page to apply.

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Are You Ready for VBS 2011 Tomorrow?

The official list of registered participants was already released by the Secretariat Committee yesterday.  Double check if you can find your name in the final list (the list is arranged alphabetically by name).  Read more notes and instructions here.

Be sure to be there on time.  The first 50 walk-in registrants will receive special prizes.   This is part of the event’s Early Bird promo.  Be there in SM Trade Hall as early as 7:30AM.  SM’s Gate 5 will be open by then.  Read the Entrance Instruction here.

Don’t forget to bring your wifi devices.  SM Trade Hall area is a wifi zone.  Spread the news about Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 by using #vbs2011 as your twitter hashtag.  You can also use it as a marker if you are posting in Facebook and other social networking accounts.

And, DON’T forget to CHECK-IN the moment you arrive in the venue.  Let your friends know that you are attending one of the country’s largest social media summits by checking in at Visayas  Blogging Summit 2011 in foursquare.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring with you notebooks and pen.  Chris Ducker, one of the featured speakers at theBlogWorldExpo in Los Angeles, USA this year, is VBS 2011’s Keynote Speaker.

Excited much?  Check VBS 2011 website to learn more about the people behind the event.

See you. (:

N.B.: Also, get your cameras ready all the time.  Miss Earth Candidates will be dropping by at the summit at around 11 AM.

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A Big Applause to World Bloggers’ Day – Cebu Team

I would like to apologize for this very late thank-you post.  I was preoccupied with lots of stuff in the past few days that I only manage to update my blog today.

Last 2nd of May, World Bloggers’ Day 2011 was successfully celebrated by bloggers from around the world and I’m so proud to tell the whole blogosphere  that it was made possible through the efforts of World Bloggers’ Day – Cebu Team.  This team is composed of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. members who selflessly contributed their time in making the online and offline WBD events successful.

I would like to especially mention Bjorn Bernales, CBSi’s new VP for Content Management for his huge contribution on this project.  Without him, I can’t really tell if the event will be pushed through.  Organizing an event is a very tedious task and it’s very difficult to find people who will stick with you all the way.  Bjorn is responsible in scouting sponsors and he has also helped me in setting up the official World Bloggers’ Day website.

I’m so thankful and would love to work again with the following people in the next World Bloggers’ Day events to come.

Jim Villaflores – The one who is responsible for the overall World Bloggers’ Day designs – logos, banners, photo-wall, and the likes.  He’s the graphic artist behind World Bloggers’ Day 2010 & 2011.  The official WBD logo is his original design.  Jim is a very efficient person.  Though he’s busy with his work, he still manages to squeeze the designing task and can promptly implement changes at an admirable speed.  It’s definitely rare to find someone who can work wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return.

Michelle MaglasangMikyu is CBSi’s former VP for Content Management.  This little woman left a strong impression on me.  Despite being busy in school (she’s graduating from college during the event preparation), she still manages to insert WBD-related writing tasks in her schedule.  She’s very prompt in publishing and editing Press Releases.  She’s in-charged in proof-reading all the contents of the World Bloggers’ Day website.

Milafel Hope Dacanay – Lemski is one of the best writers in the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. family.  Aside from being the main Press Release writer for World Bloggers’ Day 2010 – 2011, she’s also the one who’s responsible in every PR article CBSi releases every time the organization has an upcoming event.  CBSi owes a lot from her.

Ken Michael JonGezelle Mae TapanganKen & Gezelle are CBSi’s newest members who took part in the preparation of World Bloggers’ Day 2011.  Both of them are in-charged in writing themed articles for the World Bloggers’ Day website.   Ken is the author of the article “The Roles of Blggers“.  On the other hand, Geezelle is the one who wrote the article about the history of blogging (unpublished).  Ken is the official event photographer during the actual World Bloggers’ Day – Cebu event.

Dr. Narciso Tapia – Dr. Buboy is the one in-charged in scouting for sponsorship and in the finalization of the World Bloggers’ Day Audio Visual Presentation – Offline and Online versions.  His WBD-Cebu event Invocation is really cool.  Attendees and speakers asked for a copy of the “Bloggers’ Prayer”.  Doc Buboy is a very meticulous person which is actually a blessing because he’s now the newly elected CBSi Auditor.

Ruben Rallos | Jaysee PingkianSir Ruben Rallos is the best graphic designer in the CBSi Family.  He’s the one responsible for the org’s ID design and has contributed his WBD-Philippines logo for World Bloggers’ Day 2011.  On the other hand, Jaysee has helped a lot on the graphics-related tasks in the last few events of the org.  At a very young age, Jaysee has a raw talent in web and graphic design.  He’s currently a member of the org’s Board of Trustees.

Ruben Licera – Sir Ruben is CBSi’s mentor and adviser.  He helps the WBD-Cebu event financially.  He’s the one who bought the hosting & domain service for and  He also shouldered some of the expenses for the WBD-Cebu offline programme.  Though he’s not always present in every CBSi activity (he’s a very busy man), he always finds time to join major and important events of the organization. One thing I learned from him is that, we should not judge other people according to our standards or perspectives because we don’t have any ideas what they are going through.  Every individual has his own reason why he ch0oses to act indifferently and we have no right to bring him down just for the fact that our expectations towards him/her are not met.

Orville Tadle – The homegrown SEO guy of the CBSi family.  Despite his busy schedule he finds time to do some onsite optimization for the WBD website.  Thank you so much, Sir Orvz.  Orville is currently the head of Cebu SEO, an organization of SEO specialists all over Cebu.

Fleire Castro | Bert Padilla – Thank you so much, guys for the support.  Though you are originally tasked to scout for sponsors, I’m still thankful for the support you give for World Bloggers’ Day.  Thanks Fleire for encouraging the Illigan Bloggers to join WBD 2011.  Bert, we can work for a better WBD next year since we already have you as the VP for Committee on Ways & Means.

Mark Monta | Kevin Ray ChuaMark, CBSi founder and my WBD co-initiator; and Kevin, the newly elected CBSi president, are the ones in-charged in checking the venue set-up and logistics.  Mark’s natural leadership skills and amicability proves to be very useful in times of “crisis”.  Kevin, on the other hand, has extended his full support to WBD by promoting the event both offline and online.  The organization has high hopes for the next three years to come having him as the org’s leader.

I hope I didn’t miss any team members.  Anyway, I would like to congratulate Mr. Ronnell Padillo, CITs Supreme Student Council President, for a job well done. Despite the short notice, he managed to host the 5-hour World Bloggers’ Day program well.  Can’t imagine how the program would continue without his help.  Thank you so much, Nell.  You’re the best!

Also, before I will end this post, I would also want to thanks Mark Razonable for the effort he exerted during the offline registration process.  Thank you so much, Mr. Tambay.  Until next time. (:

In my next post, I will be posting some photos of the offline WBD events held in some key locations.  So long and happy blogging. (:

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CBSi @ 3, The Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.’s 3rd Anniversary

Three short yet very productive and life changing years…

As I browse through some CBSi people’s 3rd anniversary posts, the very common thing that they mentioned there is on how the organization changed their lives and that how proud they are being part of the society.  These testimonials alone are sure proof that Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is a very influential group and aside from accomplishing its main goal of promoting Cebu through blogs, it has played other very important roles – a life changer and an inspiration to its members and those non-members who wanted to become part of the organization.

We celebrated our 3rd year of being together yesterday at PAGCOR Casino Filipino Parkmall.  Thanks to Mr. Renato Z. Osmeña, Jr., Satellite Manager of PAGCOR Parkmall for allowing us to use their very new event hall.  For the record, Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is  its very first “event users”.  The hall doesn’t even have a name yet.  A big thank you also to Mr. Francis Daniel Maning of Holister Cafe for the overall help in setting up the venue.  The Holister Cafe is located inside the PAGCOR building in Parkmall, Mandaue City.

More photos of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. 3rd Anniversary Celebration here.

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World Bloggers’ Day 2010

At first glance, the thought of initiating a worldwide event is like a vagary.  People are raising their eyebrows, some are pessimistic, and some don’t even give a deal.  The main point here is that, we successfully initiated something which would result to a global impact later on.  We don’t need to expect a lot because this is the first, and though we have some failures, we surely can learn from it.

I wanted to congratulate Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. for successfully launching the very first World Bloggers’ Day event at Parkmall Cebu just a while ago.  It’s actually the very first time that all blogging communities around the Philippines made representations for each group.

The event started with an Invocation led by Willand Cuna (CBS member), followed by a welcome address by Miss Ma. Carla Estella, PR Officer of Parkmall, Cebu.  This was followed by the presentation of the blogging communities from around the Phillippines by Mark Monta, founder of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc..  Three blogging communities sent in their presentations: Manila Bloggers’ Network (headed by Azrael Coladilla), SOCKSARGEN Bloggers (headed by Avel Mananzala), and Davao Bloggers (headed by Ria Jose).  And, of course, Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. had also presented a short AVP about their organization.

After the blogging community presentations, Mark Monta presented the newly elected CBSI officers to the public.  The following are Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.’s newly elected officers.

President - Vernon Joseph Go
VP for Content Management - Michelle Louise Maglasang
VP for Corporate Affairs - Agnes E. Jimenez
VP for Education - Jerry Gervacio
VP for Marketing - Michael Sinjin Pineda
VP Membership - Clarence Andrew Mongado
VP for Ways and Means - Mark Monta
Treasurer - Bryan Karl Yuson
Secretary - Wilhelmina Sarawi
Auditor - Jorich Ponio
BOTs for Special Projects
- Gerrymie Tampus
- Guada Conception Esmena
- Mark Alessandrew Abitona
- Prince Ryan Gilig
- Ruben Licera Jr.
Ombudsman/Legal Counsel - Atty. Ethelbert Ouano

The presentation of officers was then followed by the unveiling of Parkmall’s monthly blogging contest.  Agnes Jimenez, the Events Coordinator, presented the contest’s guideline and mechanics.  This blogging competition is open to all Cebu-based bloggers.

The bloggers then enjoyed a sumptuous dinner prepared by Parkmall’s best food tenants.  The event ended with the awarding of the blogger of the day, the one with the best cast-away outfit, and a closing remark by CBSI’s new president, Mr. Vernon Joseph Go.

A lot of raffle prizes were also given during the event.  By the way, Ricky dela Cruz of, won the best cast-away outfit contest.  Atty. Ethelbert Ouano and Doyzkie Buenaviajie were the men of the event (emcees).  Thanks a lot to Parkmall’s Marketing Team, headed by Madam Judith Letty Sellner for the major support and sponsorship.

N.B.: Before ending this post, I would also want to give special thanks to the special team behind World Bloggers’ Day’s online launching.

Graphics and Design - Jim Villaflores
Press Release - Bert Padilla
Post & RSVP - Michelle Louise Maglasang
Article - Milafel Hope Dacanay
Wikipedia Release - Jerry Gervacio (to be published later)
Others - Mark Monta, Agnes Jimenez

Photos will follow later.

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Let’s Escape to Hidden Valley

Photo by Wantet

Tired of the sandy and sunny beaches? Wanted a total relaxation away from those noisy beach goers and drunk party animals? Then, you have an alternative escape – Hidden Valley Mountain Resort.

Hidden Valley Resort is one of Cebu’s untarnished mountain destinations.  It is located in Barangay Lamac, Pinamungajan, which is about 2 hours from the city. It is 8 kilometers away from Lutopan, Toledo and 14 kilometers away from Poblacion, Pinamungajan.

Hidden Valley is surrounded by mountains and forests, which made it an ideal vacation spot for people who yearn absolute relaxation and peace of mind.

Photo by Wantet

The resort is managed by Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LMPC).  For bookings and reservation, please contact 032 516-0450.

N.B.: Hidden Valley is the official resort of Tsinelas Associaton and Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Computer Literacy Outreach this coming 24th and 25th of April.

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Celebrate your Chinese New Year and Valentines Day at SM City Cebu

This season of love and good fortune, you got no better place to celebrate it other than at SM City.  Celebrate the eve of Chinese New Year at the Northwing of SM City Cebu this Saturday, February 13, 2010. Make a wish and release fire lanterns into the sky,.. something you and your families can look forward to this weekend!

The first 150 shoppers who dine at any SM City Cebu Main Mall or Northwing restaurants/food outlets on February 13 with a single purchase receipt of at least P800 get to participate in the event.

Meanwhile, here are other events to look forward to at SM City Cebu this weekend!

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Toshiba Opens Concept Store in Cebu

Photo by Michael Sinjin Pineda

February 10, 2010 – Toshiba has just opened its first Concept Store at SM City in North Reclamation Area, Cebu City.  The event started with a store blessing and followed by a ribbon cutting.  This shopToshiba Concept Store is expected to strengthen the brand’s presence in the Visayas region and increase market share in the retail of Toshiba premium laptops.

The newly opened shop, which is strategically located at the 3rd level of SM City Cebu’s Cyberzone, showcases Toshiba’s innovative, high quality and stylishly-designed notebook computers with several enhancements to its line of Qosmio, Satellite, Satellite Pro, Tecra, PORTEGE notebook computers and netbooks.  They had recently added new features to their Satellite and Portege lineup: the NEW 2010 Intel Core Processors and Multi Touch Screen Technology.

Toshiba aims to provide high level of convenience and quality service to its customers thru iServ, their authorized service center located within the shopToshiba Concept Store.

“The new shopToshiba Concept store brings together the complete notebook PC line into one shop in downtown Cebu,” said Ms. Juno Limjap-Sison, Tricom Marketing and Communications Officer.  “The convenient location makes it easy for our customers to come and view our products.”

About Toshiba
Established in 1875, Toshiba Corporation is a world-class innovator and global high technology product leader with 247 major subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. Since its initial launch of the T1100 notebook PC in 1985, Toshiba has recorded worldwide cumulative shipment of more than 60 million notebook PCs as at December 2008. Going forward, the notebook PC market will continue to expand, and Toshiba will make competitive products offering cutting-edge technologies and quality.  For more information, visit the company’s website at

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Cebu Bloggers 2nd Anniversary

Time flies so fast that I merely  notice it.  Cebu Bloggers Society will be celebrating its 2nd founding anniversary this 14th of February, 5PM – 9PM at SM City Cebu Foodcourt – SM Storyland Celebration Hall.  Hell, yeah!  It’s on Valentines Day!  There’s actually a rumor that on that day, about two years ago, our founder was heartbroken and because of loneliness and desperation, he decided to create an online group to relieve his ailing heart.  LMAO!

Seriously, the group has actually evolved into a well structured organization which is member-oriented and primarily aims to promote the province of Cebu to the international community through blogs.  In its 2-year course, CBS has already garnered prominent recognitions and has been featured in several publications.  The organization has also established various media partnerships and has been active in the local events and functions.  But, if you would bother to take a closer look, the group’s major accomplishment is that it has managed to attract diverse and competent members.

Cebu Bloggers Society’s 2nd Anniversary which is dubbed as “CBS @ 2: The Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary Celebration” is made possible by the following.


SM City Cebu
SM City Cebu is the 4th largest SM Supermall in the Philippines, and the 11th largest mall in the world! With almost 500 retail stores, outlets, restaurants and cafes, it offers the most discerning Cebuano the best and latest in fashion, electronics, home and furnishing, personal care and services, a wide array of local and international cuisines, family-fun and entertainment. All within the convenience of one amazing city – SM City Cebu!

SM Foodcourt, SM City Cebu
SM Foodcourt is a cool and comfortable dining place with a variety of good food offerings plus free Wi-Fi service. With such facilities, it is a perfect place for meet-ups.

SM Storyland
SM Storyland is fun-tasy land where childhood dreams become reality. Experience all the excitement and whimsy of the fun-filled attractions at SM Storyland. Storyland is packed with kid-friendly rides, state-of-the-art arcade games and attractions, exciting entertainment, themed party packages, souvenir shops and delightful diners that will surely put a smile to on every face. The entire park is a visual array of fantastic make-believe world complemented with fun yet magical music.

88DB is the newest service developed by, the no.1 jobsite in Asia Pacific. With over 5 million members and over 160,000 corporate clients in the global network, represents a substantial base of quality corporations and talented individuals who offer a wide range of services. 88DB extends JobsDB’s service to a new level by creating a classified site for organizations, companies, individuals, clubs, societies and associations to promote and hire services of various kinds. It is a platform for service providers and consumers to find each other and a community where users can interact with different service providers.

Founded in 1998, JobsDB quickly expanded its operations and is today the largest recruitment portal in Asia Pacific with the widest network coverage, spanning Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the USA.

Balamban Liempo
In Balamban, there is a unique method of grilling Liempo. with local herbs, spices and some secret ingredients.
Many people go to Balamban just to eat this delectable dish! Now, you don’t have to as it is finally in Cebu City! Why wait in line for Lechon and get the Part you don’t want? Everyone simply wants to get the “LIEMPO” or the BELLY! Now you can get “ALL BELLY, ALL THE TIME”!

Golden Bowl Dimsum
Golden Bowl Dimsum Express started out by an invitation from an SM Foodcourt tenant friend way back in 1997. It was the first Dim Sum in a foodcourt in Cebu. The name Golden Bowl Dimsum, at that time, came from the existing restaurant business, Golden City Dimsum Restaurant, “Bowl” for the smaller store, “City” for the big one.

King Wah Chinese Cuisine
Travel is always the best way to experience culinary diversity and Mrs. Evelyn Lim can personally attest to this. Her travels to China, Hong Kong and to other countries allowed her to savor the different dishes each country had to offer. Enlightened on the joys one can get from gastronomic delights, she was then inspired to share the wonderful experience to the Cebuano people. Wanting her dream to become reality, she opened King Wah Chinese Cuisine. Established on May of 1994 at the SM City Cebu Foodcourt, King Wah Chinese Cuisine made sure that it can provide the best dishes at affordable prices garnished with impeccable customer service.

Mama Gie
Started in 1980 managed and operated by spouses Alfredo E. Costales (deceased) and Virginia P. Costales, the name “Mama Gie” was derived from Virginia’s nickname Virgie or Gie for short and was widely known to friends and peers as “Mama Gie”. Being both food enthusiasts, Alfredo, an Ilokano with a keen business acumen and Virgie, a Kapampangan who is regarded by many as an excellent cook initially put up a snack/fastfood counter at F. Ramos Street in Cebu City serving Kapampangan snack delights like the Pancit Palabok, Fresh Lumpia, Dinuguan with Puto, Guinata-an Bilo-Bilo and Goto Tokwa’t Baboy. Their regular customers then were medical students from Velez College as well as medical representatives.

Ric’s Barbecue
After 15 years of operations in SM Foodcourt, Ric’s Barbecue owner Jingle Benitez – Polotan knows by heart the ingredients for a successful restaurant.

“It’s our food. I know that if your food is good, people will always come back for more even if there are a lot of restaurants around you.”, says Benitez-Polotan before adding “It’s the service also that matters most to customers.”

Benitez-Polotan knows fully well that this formual works. Ric’s Barbecue, an unassuming diner located at SM City Cebu’s Food Court, after all is turning 15 years, a pioneer at the mall which also celebrates its anniversary every November 27th. Over the years, this restaurant manages to stay ahead because it serves tasty Filipino favorites such as pochero and barbecue.

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort
Maribago, Buyong
Mactan Island, Lapulapu City 6015
Cebu, Philippines
+63 32 492-0100 / 232-5411
+63 32 492-0128 to 129

Batang Yagit


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MusicFest 2010 Press Conference in Cebu

CBS was invited to attend the MusicFest 2010 Press Conference (with Kris Allen, Jabbawockeez and Boyce Avenue) last 4th of February at SM Northwing Atrium.  Press people from different corners of the city flocked the venue to welcome and interview the international stars who just finished their concert a few hours ago.

Click here for more photos.

(Artists Profiles)

An American singer-songwriter from Conway, Arkansas, and the winner of the 8th season of American Idol. Prior to Idol, he self-released a 2007 album entitled Brand New Shoes.

Allen`s Idol coronation song, “No Boundaries” and his version of “Heartless” both charted within the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. Allen`s post-Idol self-titled album was released on November 17, 2009, through Jive Records. The album debuted at #11 on the U.S. Billboard 200 shifting over 90,000 copies. The album`s lead single, “Live Like We`re Dying”, was released on September 21, 2009, and has peaked at #30 in the U.S.

The debut album, titled “All You’re Meant To Be,” was released by Boyce Avenue on March 25, 2008. All of the songs were mixed by Austin Deptula (Eisley, New Found Glory), and the entire project was mastered by Rodney Mills (Pearl Jam, REM, Sheryl Crow). Since the album`s release, it has been written about in CNN Money, the Kings of A&R, and in other press, its songs have been featured on various MTV shows, and the band has established itself as one of the top 8 Artists of All-Time on YouTube, with over 90 million hits. Most recently, “All You`re Meant To Be” has been licensed for sale nationwide in the Philippines through MCA Music, and is on path to Gold status. On the strength of the band`s touring success in the United States and the Philippines, the band is poised to launch a worldwide tour in 2009.

JabbaWockeeZ is an all-male hip-hop dance crew from California who gained fame by appearing on the first season of America`s Got Talent, and later becoming the inaugural winners of MTV`s hip-hop dance competition America`s Best Dance Crew. The group name is derived from the Lewis Carroll poem Jabberwocky.

Thanks to Miss Jaja Chiongbian of BIGSEED MEDIA & MARKETING SOLUTIONS (PRESS CONTACT for Fearless Productions in Cebu) for the invitation.

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Brasco’s Crazy Bliss is Insanely Delectable

Photo by Atty. Ethelbert Ouano

There’s a new pizza house in town and it is located in the newly built lifestyle district  in Juan Luna Avenue.  Brasco Pizza & Pasta invited CBS to check their newly opened pizza store, housed inside the sophisticated building of The Gallery.  Ingrid, the sister of the owner, was the one who personally entertained us.

Brasco Pizza & Pasta is owned by Ingrid’s brother, Brian Espina.  Brasco is not actually an Italian word and it actually means Brian’s Aspirations and Company.  Brasco doesn’t only offer pizza and pasta, but home-made ice cream and desserts as well.

It’s their Crazy Bliss dessert which has surpassed my expectation.  It is a hot brownie topped with home-made vanilla iced cream.  The combination of these two luscious palatable mixtures is sweetly unforgettable.  La Marea’s version fades in comparison.

Photo by Atty. Ethelbert Ouano

Other than that, we also tried their Brasco (a must try pizza), Meaty Spaghetti with Pepperoni, Pasta with tomatoes and aligue (pasta with tomato sauce and and crab roe), and Four Seasons.  (I love their Pasta with tomatoes and aligue.)

Brasco’s thin crust pizza comes in three sizes: Big (10″), Bigger (14″), and Biggest (20″).  Each pizza toppings is Brian’s original recipe which he studied and researched for four years.  This goes as well to all their home-made desserts in the menu.

At the later part of our pizza trip, Brian came and told us why he ventured to a Pizza business.  He said that he’s a pizza lover himself, and it’s his dream to build a pizza house.  Since his family is already into the food industry (his parents are the owner of MyJoy formerly known as McJoy), it’s not that difficult for him to start one.

Brasco Pizza and Pasta is located at The Gallery, San Jose dela Montaña/Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City, in front of San Carlos Seminary and IPI.  They accept delivery, and you can contact their store thru these numbers: 5057924 and 5114018.

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Is Neo’s EDGE Laptop thinner than MacBook Air?

Photo screen shot from Neo’s website.

That’s the very first question that popped up in my head when Nancy Cudis and Max Limpag of Sunstar News invited a few CBS members to attend the product launching of Neo’s EDGE laptops, the thinnest laptop/netbook in the country.  The EDGE is 0.87 inch thick while MacBook Air is 0.76.  Basing from this single specification, it is obvious that the latter is thinner.  But, the thickness is not really that important.  What I’m up to is how functional and economical it is.

While some people would definitely prefer MacBook Air because of its unquestionable functionality, many would still go for Neo’s line up of ultra thin laptops not just because of the obvious reason that it’s affordable, but because it has superior functionality that is at par with those expensive ones in the market.

Why would you buy a very expensive MacBook Air when you can have almost the same functionality and style with Neo’s latest offering, the EDGE series, the ultra slim netbook which has beyond cutting edge mobility features?  With the global recession and all, we must be cautious enough in spending our hard-earned money.

The Neo EDGE line of ultra-portables were carefully designed to strike an amazing balance between utra-portability and performance.  This series has three exciting models that would surely fit the fast-paced lifestyle of the users in the information technology age.

  • EDGE Z3265 – Specs include a core 2 duo processor (3 MB L2 cache, 1.30 GHz, 800 MHz), a genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, a 2 GB DDR3 memory,  a 13.3″ High-Definition LCD monitor, 320 GB SATA hard disk drive, Wifi ready with a speed of 802.11 b/g/n, has bluetooth connectivity and 3-G capability.  Click here to read more.
  • EDGE Z3260 – Specs include an Intel Pentium processor SU4100 processor (2 MB L2 cache, 1.30 GHz, 800 MHz), genuine Windows 7 Home Basic operating system,  2 GB DDR3 of memory, 13.3″ High-Definition LCD monitor, 320 GB SATA of hard disk drive, has bluetooth connectivity and Wifi ready.  Click here to read more.
  • EDGE Z3240 – Specs include an Intel Pentium processor U2700 (2 MB L2 cache, 1.30 GHz, 800 MHz), a genuine Windows Vista Home Premium operating system, a 3 GB DDR2 memory, 13.3″ WXGA LCD monitor, 120 GB SATA (slim type) of hard disk drive, has bluetooth connectivity and 3-G capability.  Click here to read more.

Now, with its consumer friendly packages, Neo EDGE successfully disproves the long running myth that laptops need to be expensive to be powerful and efficient. For more information about this latest product release, click here.  If you wanted to know more about NEO Manufacturing and Services, a Philippine based company, click here.

References: Neo’s Press Release, Neo’s Website

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Ashtanga Vinsaya Yoga at Body Mind Well-Being Inc.

Photo by Leo Castillo

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I and my officemates were actually planning to enroll in a yoga class long before I was invited to a Yoga Workshop along with my CBS mate, Prince Ryan Gilig.  I’ve been planning to enroll in any health and fitness program, but my erratic work schedule became a big hindrance.  It was actually my pleasure to accept Edert’s invitation to attend and cover his friend’s Yoga Workshop (Intro to Ashtanga Yoga Principles) last 23rd of October at the 5th floor of AMSLAI building in Lahug, Cebu City.

The workshop was headed by Amitabha Ebj, an international Yoga Practitioner  of 37 years and the Managing Director of Body Mind Well Being Inc.. It focuses more on Ashtanga basics wherein the participants were being taught proper sun salutations, plus exploration of breathing and in deep of the unique principlye system of Ashtaga yoga breath movement.

Ashtanga Yoga according to Ashtanga Yoga Institute, is an ancient system of Yoga that was taught by Vamana Rishi.  One of its main components is the Vinyasa, which means breathing and movement system.  It constitutes that for each movement, there is one breath.  Its main purpose is for internal cleansing.  During the workshop, the participants didn’t only experience the wellness of the body, but also of the soul.

The other important component is the Tristhana.  This describes the three places of attention or action: posture, breathing system, and looking place.  According to AYI, these three are very important for yoga practice, which also cover three levels of purification: the body, nervous system, and mind.  In the Ashtanga Vinsaya Yoga Workshop, Ebj properly emphasized all of these to the participants.

There are six poisons that are being burned when you practice Ashtanga Yoga.  These are desire, anger, delusion, greed, envy, and sloth.  It is said that when Yoga practice is sustained with great diligence and dedication over a long period of time, the heat generated from it burns away these poisons, and the light of our inner nature shines forth. (This forms the practical and philosophic basis of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.)

Ashtanga Mantra (Opening Prayer) and Mangala Mantra (Closing Prayer) were also performed during the workshop.  The participants were also able to performed the following various sets of Ashtanga Yoga postures and positions.

At the end of activity, the participants were being treated to a very healthy snacks of camote tops juice squeezed with lemons, empanada filled with vegetable fillings, and crackers topped with ground vegan meat.

If you are interested to practice Ashtanga Yoga, you can contact Body Mind Well Being Inc. at 032-5112342, 032-2323332, SMS 09228322500 or email at

Reference: Ashtanga Yoga Institute

N.B.: Video documentation of this event is still being edited by Prince Ryan Gilig.

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Cebu Bloggers Society for PBA 2009 Special Awards: Blogger’s Choice

In the end, my loyalty to CBS prevails.  At first, I hesitated doing this because of that little mess that happened a month ago.  But when I think of it now, it’s just like a tiny splat of mud that temporarily stirs the very still water.  Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., no matter what will happen, is still the only winner in my mind and heart.

CBS is very dear to me because of various personal and official reasons.  This is why I’m voting for it ( in the PBA’s Bloggers Choice Award.  In the near future, I am quite sure that CBS will not only become the leading bloggers group in Cebu, but also, will become the Philippines’ premiere blogging community.  This is because, as what Bimbo Cabochan said, “CBS is a very powerful group.”

CBS is the most organized blogging community in the country and has the highest number of active members compared to other blogging organizations outside of Cebu.  Unity, respect, humility, and camaraderie are the main components that bond the group together.  Being tagged as a “very bureaucratic” organization is definitely a compliment.  Arigatou ne!

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Orange Brutus Defeated Fat Happy Bee

The mighty Brutus had just defeated the obese happy bee in a 24-hour long battle of wit, intelligence, and humor.  The fat happy bee surrendered and bowed never to challenge the aristocratic brute, and swore to stick to his business selling burger patties and sweet spaghetti.  LMAO!

Photo by Michael Sinjin Pineda

Cebu’s Orange Brutus, the home of the best sizzling burger steak and fresh fruit shakes, had invited 10 members of Cebu Bloggers Society to join their food tour activity last 19th of September, 2009.  This food tour aims to showcase their new budget meal products and their Christmas Papremyo promo.

I’ve been a silent patron of Orange Brutus since 2004.  In fact, I was a bit curious why there are more people who prefer Jolibee’s “stale” foods compared to Orange Brutus’ fresh and more affordable menus.  My list of favorite meals are their Lumpia Shanghai, Burger Steak, Chicken Brutus, and Brute Burger.  But, due to the scarcity of their outlets, especially in the vicinity of my workplace, I can’t visit their store more often.  Nevertheless, I still believe that when it comes to food quality and affordability, Orange Brutus has an edge compared to Jolibee.  (Jolibee’s massive advertisement campaign did make a big difference.)

Anyways, during our food tour activity, we met Mrs. Nina Kokseng – Misa, BFSI’s Executive Assistant.  She’s the one who entertained our questions and inquiries about Orange Brutus as a company.  Orange Brutus is a Cebu-based fast food chain restaurant that is managed by the Kokseng family.  The business is now in it’s 30 years of existence, and though the fast food market competition became tougher nowadays, Orange Brutus still has a stable influx of customers who are patrons to their salable products.  (There are still lots of people who can clearly distinguish quality from popularity.)

The Orange Brutus fast-food chain has a centralized management.  This means the absence of franchise owners and the likes.  The family who own the business is the one who run all it’s 20 outlets all over Cebu.  And, they are the one who manage their more than 200 employees in all their branches.  You can check the list of all their store outlets here.

For more information and details about Orange Brutus, you can visit their website.

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Balamban Liempo, Cebu’s Tastiest

Balamban Liempo

Bursting with that succulent flavor which distinctively pleases the tongue of every picky meat lover, Balamban Liempo is definitely Cebu’s tastiest liempo.  Juicy and flavorful grilled meat seasoned with local herbs and cooked to perfection, Balamban Liempo is definitely a Cebuano dish I can recommend to everyone.

Balamban Liempo Food Corner was established on July 2009 by native Cebuano couple, Jojo and Honey Vergara.  Both are from Abucayan, Balamban.  For those people who don’t know, Balamban is a farming and fishing municipality in South Cebu known for their ship building industry.

Jojo and Honey were inspired by Balamban’s method of grilling liempo using several local herbs and secret ingredients.  They first set up their business at Jojo’s father’s residence in Mabolo, Cebu.  Their first customers are the people in their neighborhood who spread the news to the locals about the newest dish in town.

Just recently, they opened their second branch in Salinas Drive, Lahug.  For this opening, they invited 12 members of the Cebu Bloggers Society to check their product and make an objective review about it.  And,  my verdict is…

Well, as what I said in the very first paragraph of this post, Balamban Liempo is definitely very tasty.  Well-cooked meat and heavenly crunchy skin dipped in a special local vinegar would make you crave for more.  The liempo is very meaty, no extra fatties.  If you have tried CnT’s lechon, then the quality of taste is in the same level.  The only difference is, you can buy a whole piece of liempo for only Php 160, and that’s already good for 4-5 persons.  It’s great for barkada, office, or family dining.

Balamban Liempo Food Corner has also opened their 3rd branch in Hi-way, Mandaue.  They aim to open five stores by the end of 2009 and 10 stores by 2010.  For orders and inquiries you can contact 09226205921, 09285022605, or 4158592 and look for Mr. Jojo Vergara or Mr. Gaylord Tingzon.

Reference: Balamban Liempo Profile

Photo Credits: Cebu Classifieds (I tried to search for its link, but can’t find it ):), Mark Tan, Prince

Review on

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Twilight – The Cebu Bloggers Parody Series

N.B.:  I’ve been thinking of a creative way, wherein I can express and release all these craps inside my bloody head, and this concept just popped in.  I don’t have any talents in drawing, nor do I have great talent in writing, but all I want is to offer an alternative entertainment to everyone.  I hope this style (which is obviously not original) would somehow interest some readers.  Enjoy Reading. (: Click the image to see full size.

Continue Reading here.

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Cebu Bloggers Parody Series: Teaser

This is only a teaser of Cebu Bloggers Parody Series that I’ll be featuring here in my blog.  This Parody series includes love, humor, horror, suspense and everything.  This serves as the main content of  my site’s Entertainment section.  The photos are from CBS members, but I’ll create a story in each series.  Please be reminded that all these are for entertainment only.   Let’s celebrate the humor in every funny things and events that we had shared.  Long Live CBS!

Continue Reading Here.

More people, more laughs, more fun in the next post to come. LMAO.

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CBS Castaways stirred Sumilon Island’s Silence

Where could you find a group of sociable cyborgs who has this “cam-whoring” personality disorder, but were courageous enough to play with big waves and survived a sandstorm?  They are a group of unique and happy individuals who love even the pettiest of things, and laugh at the cheapest and lamest of jokes.  Well, I’m referring to my fellow CBS barkada, the second main reason why I enjoyed our Sumilon Bluewater Island trip last 1st of August.

The main reason is of course, the island resort itself.  Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort is one of the finest Cebu destinations that I’ve been to, so far.  We were picked up by their three caravans at SM for a two and half hours of land trip to Oslob.  The road trip itself didn’t take so long because I didn’t notice the time since we were so busy with our chit chats and nonsense talks inside the van.

We arrived at Sumilon’s port area twenty minutes after we toured the whole island (in a pump boat) .  I noticed how raucous the whole gang every time the ocean waves carelessly wobbled the whole boat.  They screamed, laughed, shouted at each other, and others were amused looking at other people’s reactions.  A few were too busy capturing photographs and did some sight seeings at the upper deck.

And, at the very moment we set foot in Sumilon’s 24-hectare virginal island, the calm and still surroundings of the place was disturbed (I was the only one who noticed all these.  Hehehe).  The meek white sands sensed something is not all right, the old Ipil-Ipil trees bent their slender trunks to investigate, the white seashore waves moved closer to the seashore’s end to take a peek, the beautiful water in the infinity pool wanted to jump out to greet us, the kayaks at the small river’s end were nervous, the snorkels were optimistic, the delectable foods served on top of the table were scared, the famous white sandbar was unaffected, and the sandstorm had something deadly in mind…And wait, the innocent, chinky-eyed Koreans were dumbfounded. LOL!

Well, the rest of this careless, I mean carefree bunch of cyborgs was not aware of all these commotions.  They were too awed with the resort’s beautiful attractions, unaware that there were other creatures watching us, checking our every moves, listening to our thoughts (creepy).

Nothing can stop our giddy spirits.  It’s because when we entered the resort’s Island Pavilion (the building that houses the resort restaurant that serves delectable fare of local and international cuisine), a few heads turned, chairs and tables murmured at each other, and the mouth watering foods on the buffet table turned pale.  Once again, all of us (except me), noisy androids, were totally unaware how our presence affected the creatures around us.

After the resort background briefing, and after consuming our mid-morning snacks, we proceeded to check and to take photos of the island resort’s deluxe rooms.  And as expected, the harmonies of the cozy private verandas, comfortable lounge bars, privacy of the toilets and showers, and the coolness of the rooms’ mini bars, were soiled by the our unending “cam-whoring” sessions.

Famished after over an hour of whoring our bloody faces before our lowly and poor cameras, we voraciously  attacked all the mouth watering foods that were served on the buffet table.  These foods got no time to faint because they were already consumed before they could react.  Acid filled stomachs were their final destination.

Full and ready to ramble, we tried every possible island activity.  From snorkeling, paddle boating (kayaking), hiking (trekking) to skim boarding, swimming, and playing with the big waves (in the sandbar).  It was during our fun-filled-challenge-the-waves moment that we encountered the mischievous sandstorm.  While we held each other to face the big waves, we were surprised by a sudden violent rush of wind, and it only took us a few seconds to discover that we were already hit by a sandstorm.

It was like rain of tiny bullets were fired toward us.  The intensity of the ocean wind served as a momentum that ignited the fiery white sands to ambush us unexpectedly.  An angry current violently squashed us as we ran with all our might toward the safety of the caves at the seashore’s end.  It was like  a tragedy is unfolding on our very eyes as we ran for our lives, forcing our legs to run as fast as it can.  A few minutes later, we found ourselves groggy, tired, out of breath, and full of red patches.

Still not satisfied from our sandstorm encounter, we jumped in to the very relaxing water of the resort’s Infinity Pool.  There, we tried to relax our tired bodies and feed our eyes with the beautiful island sceneries.  From the magnificent ocean below the pool, the graying sky above us, the chirping of birds in the nearby tress, the salty humid air that caresses our tired senses to the “delectable” pretty Koreans squealing and playing at the other side of the pool…  It seemed like we were in paradise.

We ended the escapade with warm cups of tea and palatable plates of carbonara.  Thank you very much to Sumilon Bluewater for the very great and hospitable accomodation.  That trip was indeed one of our most memorable island adventures.

Photo Credits: Bryan, Atty. Ouano, Tiborsho, Xerxes, Mikyu.  Dili na nako maidentify ang uban.  Sori jud au.  Huhuhu.

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Maribago Bluewater – A Recall

Obviously, this is not my first post about Maribago Bluewater, but it was my first time going there last May along with my co-blogging cyborgs.  For all those people who don’t know, Maribago Bluewater is one of the finest beach resort here in Cebu.  Its world class amenities and high quality customer service made it one of the most sought tourist destination worldwide.

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort was established on July of 1989.  The establishment has a 50-50 recruitment process, that is, they hire employees 50% from agencies and another 50% from independent applicants.  Their target market is mostly foreigners, and the Japanese chinks topped their list of regular customers. These are few of the information I learned after the small conference they held.

One of Maribago Bluewater Cebu’s main attractions that captivated my interest and awed me a lot, is their man-made island.  I’ve been to a lot of resorts here in Cebu and outside the province, but I never seen such kind of attraction.  A man-made island a few meters away from the main beach is just simply terrific.  It’s just too bad we didn’t able to explore the place because our time was limited.

Anyways, there’s another good news.  Once again, the Maribago Bluewater management in cooperation with PinoyWorld, invite another batch of blogging cyborgs to visit their Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort.  This beach resort is located in Sumilon island, a 15-minute boat ride from the town of Oslob, Cebu.  For more information about this tourist destination, you can check their Sumilon Bluewater blog, or you can also watch the Maribago Bluewater video.

Photo Credits: Michelle

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Senator Mar looks better in person

He has better skin complexion, and has this wholesome aura in person. (I think he has a facial routine in Belo.  Hahahahaha!)  I had the opportunity of meeting him along with my fellow blogging cyborgs when Kevin, CBS spokesperson, organized a one-hour interview that was held in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, IT Park about a month ago.

Honestly, I’m not campaigning for him, nor do I have any plans of giving my precious vote  to him on the upcoming 2010 presidential election.  It just happened that Kevin is his die-hard supporter here in Cebu.  The blogging cyborgs got no other choice, but to interview him. LOL!

Anyways, after listening to his very nice platform and observing how he carried himself during the course of the interview, I think that he’s not bad at all.  I don’t want to be so bias.  Let’s give our beloved senator a chance to prove his capability.  I mean let’s give all those people who are vying for the presidential seat a chance to prove themselves.  Just think of it.  What will happen if no one is interested to become a president?

N.B.: Senator Mar Roxas was 30 minutes late.  Hahahaha!

Photo Credits: Doyzkie

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La Maison, not for true-blue Pinoy

It was way back 2007 that I first went to this European resto with my colleagues.  We were actually with our Swedish boss that’s why we got no other choice, but to eat there.  I rarely go to this type of restaurant because I have limited budget, and also, I really find it impractical to spend my hard earned money to expensive foods.  I prefer to eat in carenderia (small local food stores) and pungko-pungko (street foods stored in carts or put up on small tables).

Honestly, I never learned to love eating European foods except pizza.  My first time eating a roasted lamb made me feel like I wanted to puke everything that I swallowed.  The smell really made me feel nauseated and I swore that I will never eat a roasted lamb again.  This may sound ridiculous to those people who are into European dishes, but may be, my taste buds are just so “Pinoy”.

It was last week of May this year that I had the opportunity of going back there again, since CBS had a small conference with Yehey.  The restaurant is now located at The Terraces inside Ayala Mall.  I noticed that its whole ambiance was changed and it’s more spacious than before.  Along with other CBS members, the Yehey team introduced us to its co-owner.  La Maison is teaming up with Yehey for their restaurant’s promotional campaign.

Among the courses on the menu that they served and that I could still remember were barkada ribs, classic gourmet platter, tostitos and seafood marinara.  There’s also a pizza, but I can’t remember what’s the flavor.  All the foods mentioned above didn’t make any impressions to me except the barkada ribs.  But still, while I was eating, I can’t help but compared it to Golden Cowrie’s.   Same with their tostitos that resembled Moon Cafe’s quesadillas, but can’t even be compared to its succulent taste and flavor.  And also, the fish fillet in their classic gourmet platter has this somewhat “non-salty” taste which definitely disappointed my very Pinoy taste buds.

And as for the quality of their service, I can’t really tell because it’s obvious that they were treating us well since we were there to criticize and blog about their place.  All in all, La Maison is an ideal restaurant for those people who loves and appreciates European dishes.  I won’t recommend it for true-blue pinoys like me whose taste buds are loyal to salty foods.

Photo Credits: Van, Miss Elaine, Doyzkie

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Yehey!, a copycat of Yahoo!?

I know I’ve already heard about the website a few times in the past, but I didn’t pay any attention because of its name.  Yehey!, when I first heard about it, I normally thought that it’s just another struggling website that rides on with Yahoo’s popularity.  I was thinking that why should they not come up with an original name and made a name out of it?  I mean, come on!  We all know that ipod is very hot in the market because it’s the original.  Though there are lots of less expensive products which imitated its features, most consumers still prefer the genuine and original one.  And that’s what I thought of Yehey! before.

Honestly, my opinion really doesn’t change that much now.  The only difference is that I had the opportunity of meeting the people behind this search engine company.  I’ve learned new things during the short presentation held at La Maison and discovered how friendly their staffs are.  I also think that their strategy of tapping bloggers to help them in their promotion campaign business is very practical, economical, and most of all brings learning and fun to most blogging enthusiasts.

Though this company is not that original(well, we don’t need to be original all the time to be successful), I think that they became one of the effective agents of internet revolution in the Philippines.  As the country’s second most visited website(next to, Yehey! people could now proudly shout their company name.  Yehey!


Photo Credits: Michelle and Andrew

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