Badian Island…

Say goodbye to those lousy experimental papers, trash all those field research instruments, and wave farewell to those endless overnight-mares responsible of countless falling hair and scary eye bags! Hehehe! Whew! Summer is finally here! My most beloved season of the year! But ooppsss…reality check…My calvary ain’t over yet. I still have a research paper […]

Pacman: New WBC Superfeatherweight Champion!

Whew! And all that I can say is that the human species are indeed the most sadistic creatures in the vast universe. Hehehehe! Who would have paid millions of pesos es just to watch two individuals throwing punches toward each other, hitting each others bloody faces until brows and cheeks turned into ugly cuts, head […]

Do you know the secret for a happy life?

Nobody in this bloody universe wants to feel sad and lonely.  Everyone likes to be happy.  Human beings NEED to be happy. But, what’s happiness without pains and sacrifices? How can you recognize happiness when you haven’t experienced loneliness or sadness yet? It is inhibition-activation. Yes! In order for us mortals to experience the pleasure […]

Otaku Festival!

Whew! Whew! Whewww! Last Saturday was the very first Otaku Festival held here in Cebu. I had a great time taking photos, watching anime shows, checking anime drawing contest, autograph signing with the local artist (with a “semi-hentai” souvenir…of course…ahehehe), watching dota enthusiasts competing with each other (dota tournament), and of course the bloody cosplay […]

something else: meet your new blogmate

She blew the other opening of the can so that all the liquid will come out. She blew it mightily that seconds later the white- sticky, sweet, cream was all over her hair, her face, her arms, and on her blouse. She cursed and looked for a clean rug to clean the mess. Her hair […]

Oblation Run in the Campus…

And everybody’s giggling and murmuring something to each others ears with malicious looks shamelessly plastered on their friggin’ faces. Hahahahaha! I couldn’t help but laugh, and at the back of my mind anticipate how would it like to see naked frat men running around the campus exposing their tools. Hahahahaha! They said it will be […]

Graveyard in the campus…

After the Manila Pen incident waves of forums and events started to circulate in the school. The incident became a triggering event which causes slight aggressions (not the negative one) among radical organizations. Well, here’s one of the evidence. All I can say is that, what Trillanes and his comrades did is worthless. Their plans […]

UP’s CRSIS, a pain in the ass…

Well, talking about pains in our asses…UP’s CRSIS’s the name baby…hell yeah! The university’s new online enrollment system became a burden instead of a solution to slow enrollment process. Wege, I and Roni have started processing our enrollment last Monday and up to now we are not enrolled yet. What the heck! Roni texting…after we […]

I miss Philo…

This is the second time that I met a teacher who is so passionate, and very devoted to his profession. The first time was when I was in highschool, and it was Mr. Candano, my English teacher. Now, it’s prof. Espiritu, my Philo teacher. Prof. Espiritu in white long sleeves The common ground of these […]

Local Racism

Hmmn…I’ve read an article a long time ago entitled “Racism, Filipino Style” from It is written by a guy named Benigno. The article is quite sarcastic in nature but surprisingly it is mostly true to almost all Filipinos. He rants about Filipinos getting scared of going abroad because of racial discrimination without taking into […]