The Curiosity of a Child: [#AgnosticAtheistMusings – Entry 1]

A few days ago, I was fondly watching my nephew (6) and niece (2) playing in our room. I noticed they’ve been viewing the same cartoon videos over and over again.

Out of the blue, I asked them if they want to see how the universe looks like. To my surprise, they were very interested and they kept on asking me about it while watching the videos.

Then, suddenly, one of those videos shows a scene wherein Earth is eaten by the Sun. I told them that billions of years from now, the Sun will explode and Earth will be destroyed.

Upon hearing my remark, my 6-year-old nephew instantly replied that it won’t happen because papa God will protect earth. I then replied that no one really knows for sure if a deity exists. He then instantly replied that I am bad for saying it.

I didn’t respond anymore. My nephew’s remark is very typical from a child raised in a religious household. I didn’t bother to explain further because I know he will find out sooner or later that I’m not lying.

Then, a day after that, while I was inside the toilet, I was surprised that my nephew suddenly knocked on the door. He then told me that Earth won’t end and his grandfather said so, and that papa God won’t let it happen.

I was not actually surprised by it. My father is a a very religious person. Although we have a close relationship, but we often debate when it comes to religion. But, what makes me happy is my nephew’s attitude and reaction.

As young as he is, he is quite bothered if I’m really saying the truth and asks around for validation about it. Sooner or later, my nephew will know both sides of the story and he will decide for himself which one has a more rational and logical explanation.

Children are the easiest to indoctrinate because they believe without questioning everything their parents would tell them. One of the reasons why myths in religions are still thriving has to do with the fact that they have the best influencers – our parents.

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