5 Reasons Why I Prefer Palawan Pawnshop over Other Money Transfer Services

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I’m a returning and loyal client of Palawan Pawnshop.  Do you want to know why?

I’ve already been to lots of money transfer services and most of them didn’t meet my expectations.  Some have very rude clerks and others employed security guards who are not trained how to treat a customer properly.  Others, on the other hand, have unnecessary rules that make the lives of customers difficult, to the point of ruining their day.

I believe that money transfer services, aside from the obvious responsibility of keeping and safely transferring their client’s money, have to be very careful in handling their customers during transaction process.  Unfortunately, some of these money transfer service providers are doing the opposite.

Below are my reasons why I prefer Palawan Pawnshop over other Money Transfer Service providers.

5. They give reasonable consideration to customers – Compared to other money transfer services, it is only in Palawan pawnshop that I experience hassle-free transactions.  They only need one identification card to check your identity and you are good to go.  Others would ask you all sort of IDs and even require you to photocopy them for the sake of this and that.  They are more concerned to the customers’ needs than just being paranoid of being faked by someone.  Well, who would fake an identity just for the sake of getting PHP 500? I have this very bad experience in one local money transfer service that I blog in here.

4. Clerks and guards are customer friendly – I really, really hate going to these money transfer service providers who employed unfriendly guards and clerks.  They have this annoying attitude of checking you out as if you are a thief.  In Palawan Pawnshop, I am at ease doing my transaction because they are genuinely friendly and don’t have the habit of meddling with other people’s stuff.  The guards also don’t interfere with any transaction if his attention is not needed.

3. Quickest money transfer – Once your transaction has been processed, it will just take a few seconds and your money can be claimed already.  They have a centralized system that records all transaction in one database.  Once you send money here from Cebu, it will automatically reflect in their system, enabling their branch, for example in Manila, to know that you transferred this amount of money.  Your loved ones in Manila can then claim the money you sent.

2. Dual confirmation through texts – Once the transfer of money to a specific branch is done, you will receive a confirmation through text that your money has already been sent, and at the same time, the money receiver (i.e. your wife) will also receive a confirmation through text that someone has sent her money through Palawan and it is now available for claiming.  Also, after your money has been claimed, your will receive another text, confirming that the money you sent has been successfully claimed.

1. Very affordable money transfer rate – Compared to other money transfer services, Palawan Pawnshop has maintained lower and more affordable rates.  This is because in spite of promoting their services through very expensive advertisements, they choose to improve their customer service relations instead.

One thing that most businesses forget is that, their customers are their services’ or products’ best promoters.  It’s a shame some are relying on their millions of pesoses TV ads, and celebrities who haven’t even used any of their services.

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75 Responses to 5 Reasons Why I Prefer Palawan Pawnshop over Other Money Transfer Services

  1. Marlo says:

    In the Philippines,I’ve searched that Cebuana and Western Union are the leading names in money remittances. The power of Ads is quite powerful. I’m curious about this Palawan Pawnshop, I think they really have that great customer service that made you loyal to them.

    • medie says:

      pano po mag send ng gcash sa palawan, para i claim po ng mga customer sa inyo paki responds nalang po ako sa email,salmat

    • Rhea ong says:

      Ask ko lang po if pwede kopang makuha yung perang pinadala ko? Kasi hindi pala makukuha ng pinadalhan ko yung pera nayun. Thanks 🙁

  2. Youwdah says:

    The tellers are indeed friendly and they offer the best rates. Plus, one doesn’t wait long for the transaction to be processed. Quick and friendly service, I must say 🙂

  3. khardz says:

    Palawan Pawnshop no need to Advertise to be a popular. Because Palawan Pawnshop is the number one when it comes to Money Transfer Services.. No need to compare to other Company because it is very much BIG DIFFERENT… Aside from that all the employees of Palawan Pawnshop have a good manner and knows the duties and responsibilities to entertain the customers/clients.. 🙂

  4. RED says:

    i agree…
    you cant tell the difference… you don’t have to worry kahit pa iba2 ung employees nla… ksi rest assured ka na all of them are friendly and accomodating…
    try and see the difference.
    d po sila pumili ng tao…
    they treat thier customers as a person, not as a source of income…

    again… press freedom lang po…

  5. Desert Punk says:

    I believe that is a new Law that will come out regarding the compliance of the money transfer services this would include all money remittance service provider including Palawan Pawnshop. from your story it seems that they are not in compliance with the BSP regulation about AMLA compliance.


    • keithhenares says:

      I totally agree with you ang iba clients are not familiar with BSP compliance kaya akala nila if nadcline sila iba remittance due to id and amount of transaction issues is wala na pakialam sa situation nila.

    • Gani Boi says:

      What specific provision is being violated? If the pawnshop can verify the identity of their clients using 1 identification there’s no point of asking 2 IDs like other money remittance provider.

      If you read carefully the law you will know that the “covered transactions” are those single, series, or combination of transactions involving a total amount in excess of Four million Philippine pesos (Php 4,000,000.00) or an equivalent amount in foreign currency based on the prevailing exchange rate within five (5) consecutive banking days.

      Do you really think pawnshops have this type of transaction?

  6. prince markiene says:

    AGREE!! Palawan Pawnshop no longer needed those ads. Its the people itself that advertise them!!

  7. i never had a transaction with palawan for the simple reason that they don’t have a branch here in my place but i will try to do at least one transaction to experience their service

  8. kaloy says:

    to Desert Punk…palawan pawnshop asks for ID before paying out remittances. they don’t ask their customers to photocoy the id’s because they do that on their own, i’ve seen their employees take a picture of my ID. now that’s basically the same but lot more convenient than asking for photocopies.

  9. VIPER says:

    i didnt see na may nagsabing d humihingi ng ID ang PALAWAN PAWNSHOP. Infact they’re also strict when it comes to higher amounts. nagiging makatao lang sila sa pag trato ng tao. they only give cosiderations in claiming small amounts. along with, we juz didnt know how many times nla bini verify ung transaction ng customer. wats with RA 9160? with all my money remittance transactions with PALAWAN PAWNSHOP, all their branches are posted with BSP stickers. so why do u think that their company is not complying with their policies?

  10. Gen Mijares says:

    Hi, Agnes.
    I’m looking for Palawan Pawnshop’s Mabolo branch. I was searching the net and I came upon your website. Where is your suki Palawan Pawnshop? I need to claim a money remittance ASAP. Thanks a lot! =)

  11. ems says:

    I didn’t notice Palawan Pawnshops being this good. Thanks for making your readers aware. Now I just noticed they have a lot of branches here in Manila.

  12. Hi Gen. I used to send and receive money through Palawan Pawnshop Mandaue before. But now I’m temporarily living here in Toledo. Currently doing my money transfer transactions through their Toledo branch.

    Their branch in Mabolo is located at 1821 M. J. Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City.

    See other Cebu branches here – http://www.palawanpawnshop.com/Locations/Cebu/Cebu%20Area.html

  13. neyah jaymelou says:


  14. Kemox says:

    Sa dami nang money transfer dito sa baliuag eto lang ang pinaka hassle free lalo na kung minor age ka. I recently buy someting in online and kahit saang money transfer hindi ako tinaggap (im 16). So i decided kako na mag g-cash na lang at for the second time wala nanaman akong makita, ung ibang money transfer nag oofer din ng gcash kaso kailangan 18 ka parin!!! So for the third time nakita ko tong palawan pawnshop in our bayan. at nagulat ako hindi man lang ako hiningan nang I.D at ang pinakamaganda dito is 10 Pesos lang ang bayad para makapag padala ka ng pera via g-cash unlike LBC 51 PESOS!!! Grabee. 5 STARS PARA SA PALAWAN PAWNSHOP XD

  15. nesyah says:

    salamat sa pg support sa PALAWAN PAWNSHOP…
    ramdam nmin ang aming mga customer..my mga ok at merun dn hindi..pero part ng trabaho nmin n pgsilbihan sila ng tama at with extra care…at ang saya ng feeling na yong mataray or masungit mong customer mppngiti mu kc pg dting plng nila khit nkasimangot p sila pg nginitian mu nwawala na..yun ang PALAWAN PAWNSHOP.. we MAKE u smile!!!

    • Rhea ong says:

      Ask ko lang po if pede kopa makuha yung perang pinadala ko. Kasi hindi pala makukuha nung pinadalhan ko yung pera kaya kukunin ko nalang. Thanks 🙄

  16. heart says:


  17. thour says:

    magpapapadala ka na lang kailangan pa ba ng id??? tatanungin ka pa ba kung anong gagawin sa pera na ipapadala mo….???

  18. monteeboy says:

    very accomodating ba kanyo ang mga employee ng palawan pawnshop? try to pick-up money in v.luna cor anonas br napaka-rude ng teller nilang mataba don. inabot ng 15mins bago nakuha yung remittance, napakasarcastic nya sumagot. sana mabigyan ng lesson and employee na yun. ok lang na mabagal ang service basta magalang sana yung in-charge. ive tried to get her name kaso di nya talaga binigay.

  19. sacrificial says:

    ^^^ That should be reported directly to PP management so they can take the necessary action. May Contact Us link sa website nila. Please write them your experience so they can investigate this at maparusahan yang baboy ba teller na yan

  20. MissMary says:

    I’d have to agree with this blog. I’ve had so many bad experiences with that other money transfer service (hello ML!) nakakabwisit! Yung tatay ko nagpresent ng PRC License niya as proof of identification sa ML, tatanong pa san daw niya kinuha yung ID na yun. Apakagago talaga. Since then, everytime magpapadala ako ng pera sa kanila, gusto niya sa Palawan, kasi mababait mga employees nila. Hassle-free!

  21. marlon says:

    ….tama ang blog site na ito nang kumuha ako ng pera sa ML hindi pwede ang authorization letter pero sa PP pwedeng-pwede..

  22. Ito isang hindi maganda sa Palawan Pawnshop. Hindi ko alam kung ito ay policy ng company o kagaguhan lang ng isand employee na pangalan ay Divina De Castro sa karangalan branch. Hindi tinangap ang ipapadala kong pera dahil old denomination notes na one thousand peso bills. Gusto yong new generation notes ng bangko sentral. Sabi ko hindi pa demonitized and bills na ito at ito ay legal tender pa. Sabi sa akin hindi na daw tinatangap ang mga iyon. May liability and taong ito for refusing to honor a legal tender of the Republic of the Philippines. I hope the management of the said company do something to this employee. She is a liability to the company. Hindi ko na tatangkilikin pa and palawan pawnshop dahil sa kanya, at alam ko marami pang nakaranas ng ganitong kagaguhan.

  23. Julie says:

    I agree with this post. Palawan is the fastest and the cheapest among others. I regularly send money to Aklan from Palawan’s Murphy QC branch. Palawan charges me Php70 for a Php2000 remit while others range between Php130-160. In one minute time, my mom can claim the money right away.

  24. jerry says:

    Salamat sa patuloy nyong pag tanagkilik sa PALAWAN PAWNSHOP..isa po ako sa mga empleyado…alam po namin na marami po ang may gusto sa palwana awnshop sa pag accomodate sa custumer ito po ay part ng aming trabaho..at sa lahat naman po na may experience na cla po ay sisupladahan ng mga teller or associates.pwide po kayong dumarikta sa aming customer service at ito po ay makikta nyo sa aming mga branch pwde nyo po sla tawagan para masabi ang inyonh hinaing…muli po.MARAMING SALAMAT SA INYONG LAHAT at naway magtulungan po tayo para sa iisang adhikain ng NAG IISANG MONEY REMITTANCE.MABILIS,MATATAG AT MAASAHAN…PALAWAN PAWNSHOP

    • Kathrina Dayot says:

      Pwede po bang malaman kung pwede mag pawn sa palawan ng necklace na worth 5thousand pero gusto ko po syang isangla ng 20thousand? Thank you

  25. nicole arden says:

    good morning, i just like to inform you the bad thing that happen to the jewelry i pawn to your pawn shop, PALAWAN PAWNSHOP BATANGAS BARANCH, i pawned my gold necklace w/ gold pendant, it was agreed that i pawned it together with the said pendant for the locked of the necklace was soldered.I just pawned it for only 6000 php. AFTER less than a month i collect the said jewelry and i was so surprise and angry because the necklace that i trusted to your pawnshop was detached. the lock (gold solder)was then cut. your staff told me that the accountant check the weight of the necklace without the pendant. Why you never inform me? I asked them to go with me and solder the necklace again, because i was in a hurry and couldn’t find jewelry shop that does repair, we found a jewelry repair shop and told me they can solder it 10k GOLD lead, i agreed, and got disappointed again coz i found out that it was just a silver lead. NOW TELL ME? SHOULD I TRUST PALAWAN PAWNSHOP, IT IS BETTER TO GO TO PAWNSHOP WHERE IN YOU CAN SEE THAT THEY SEALED YOUR JEWELRY AND ASKED YOU TO SIGN ON THE SEALED TAPE.RIGHT? THAN GO TO YOUR PAWNSHOP AND RECEIVE THE JEWELRY IN AN OPEN PLASTIC! I WAS REALLY DISAPPOINTED, VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  26. Lerise Serra says:

    just this morning i went to Palawan Pavia,Iloilo Branch to redeem my 18 K ring which i pawned last January, only to be dismayed my ring has been totally deformed and 2 cuts on each side.with dis alignment so obvious.my body trembled upon checking my item.i would like to cry because this ring is so precious to me.I went back to the pawnshop and aired my sentiment but of course they denied as expected. nobody in the business doing something wrong that would actually tell the truth am i right? I still have to check with my cousin today who is knowledgeable on this matter if it was replaced or just being cut. but one thing im sure my item has been touched with mystery.I am a loyal Palawan customer for years. and im sorry if i have to copy paste what Nicole Arden posted “NOW TELL ME? SHOULD I TRUST PALAWAN PAWNSHOP, IT IS BETTER TO GO TO PAWNSHOP WHERE IN YOU CAN SEE THAT THEY SEALED YOUR JEWELRY AND ASKED YOU TO SIGN ON THE SEALED TAPE.RIGHT? THAN GO TO YOUR PAWNSHOP AND RECEIVE THE JEWELRY IN AN OPEN PLASTIC! I WAS REALLY DISAPPOINTED, VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!”

  27. nam says:

    Does Palawan Pawnshop require to write your name when you are the Sender (obviously you need the real name of the recepient)? And if it does, can you not use your real name?

    • insanity says:

      @nam: yes you can use any name you want as a sender… i’ve tried that many times. you can even use your a company name, store name & alias. as long as you inform your receiver of what name you used. madali lang po yun makukuha basta po match ang details.

  28. shirnel says:

    ask q lng kng anong id. pde ipkita pgkukuha ng peras PP?..tnx

  29. @shirnel

    Just bring one valid id. also, don’t forget to ask the transaction code from the money sender.

    • marilou jimena says:

      Pano po ba makuha ang pera pag not valid ang I.D .kasi po expire na po ito .. wala po akong ibang I.D. can u give me some details po..

  30. Kathrina Dayot says:

    Pwede po bang malaman kung pwede mag pawn sa palawan ng necklace na worth 5thousand pero gusto ko po syang isangla ng 20thousand? Thank you

  31. merry says:

    Thank you PALAWAN PAWNSHOP, very convenient po pagpadala ako ng pera sa PALAWAN PAWNSHOP.

  32. Joy says:

    Does Palawan pawnshop allows minors to send money?

  33. kuskos says:

    WHAT…??? Alias???? Company Name??? Authorization Letter… Naku po… walang security pera natin dito… BSP/AMLA should look at this..

    • Mark II says:

      Precisely what shocks me. Using aliases when sending money is, to easily put it, is a crime. And Palawan Pawnshop condoning it is a clear indication of condoning crime to spread. It doesn’t need a lawyer to analyze this. BSP says all Financial Institution should exercise “Diligent Effort” to “Identify” its customers by requiring them Identification Documents and having them (the institution) retain customers’ information. In this way, crimes such as those that “FUNDS TERRORISM” will not easily be channeled. What Palawan is doing is definitely not only a violation to pertinent laws governing them but also a campaign to duplicate and channel crimes – terrorism, scams and the likes. So if you want a better society, DO NOT PATRONIZE these types of institutions.

      And yes, customer’s comfort and convenience is important. But not enough to neglect lasting safety and security from recurring crimes. And what the heck, their stores are like jails – so tell me where’s the comfort and convenience in there?

      So continue campaigning the use of aliases and that will basically become a way of life of Palawan – condoning illegal activities. Don’t you know there are “Presidential Decrees Number 38 and Number 1829” making the use of false names a criminal offense? And you Palawan is, well in this blog’s comments states, an accessory to it.

  34. gwell says:

    gusto ko lng po itanong if sa palawan pawnshop ba ay may age limit? tapos kung tumatanggap po ba sila ng school ID?

  35. Terry says:

    you are right pawnshops always puts the customers first and offers great service. Thanks for the post.

  36. Jade says:

    Hi, ask ko lang, pano po ba ninyo dinideal Yung mga scammers na receiver… May service ba kayo na pwede bawiin ng sender ang perang napadala na?? Please advice..

  37. justin ray lopez says:

    pd pb mapalitan kong nakamali ng address nung pera papadalhan?at kung ipapabukas na lng?

  38. nel says:

    What happen when my receiver did not claim all my remittance because of miss information.. She claim 3k but I remit 30k.. How I can refund or reclaim?

  39. if it possible that my reciever can claimed it right away today?

  40. Aliyah Jean says:

    Hi. Pwede po bang magsend money ang below 18 years old? Ano po ang kailangan? Thanks. Need a reply as soon as possible. Salamat po.

  41. venerable says:

    Ayon po sa naexperience namin keylan lang ,yun pong isa sa mga personnel ng Palawan pawnshop kinuha ang number ng isang sender pra sa personal nyang intensyon or mkipagtextmate at e pinost nya po ang Abbrevation ng pangalan ng sender pati last 4 digit ng number sa fb nya.pwede po ba yun sa inyong mga personnel? 🙁

  42. mr lee says:

    Mga tao talaga gusto mabilisan makuha yung pera kahit walang id2x pag naloko nmn ayon tatalak talak na..eh bkit daw nakuha ng iba.

  43. @MrLee

    You totally miss the point. Of course, security should be prioritize but in a situation wherein a very small amount of money is involved, too much strictness defeats customer service and would push a new customer to look for another company who can empathize with their needs. The main keyword is CUSTOMER SERVICE. That’s what Palawan Pawnshop has that can’t be found in other money transfer companies.

  44. Lyn says:

    Very terrible this company!!!nag padala ako ng pera k dto s company n to ..ung pera k n pinadala more than P 55,thousand ang binigay lng nla is P50 thousands s mom k..kc dw d cla nag binigay ng more than P50thousands..ano ibig sabihin ng company n to s inyo n ung subra s pera nmin n padala…ang galing inyo mangkupit ah…close n inyo to kng ganyan ung rules inyo..hnd nman pera inyo yan pera namin yan pra ipadala s pamilya nmin..hnd maganda pag katiwalaan ang company n to not trusted!!! I learn n d n ako mag tiwala s company n to…

  45. mac says:

    mga tao dito may pa amla amla pang nalalaman hindi naman alam ibag sabihin ng amla, ni hindi nga alam kung anong pinagsasabi nila
    por jos por santo ang max na padala is 50,000 pano mo ipapasok sa amla yan aber?
    may terorrism pang nalalaman, hibang ba kayo.
    AMLA was intended to detect sudden spike sa movement ng pera, average nyan is 500,000 which should be reported sa council and not BSP for christ sake.(maling info nanaman nila)

    may mga tao talagang dunong dunungan, mag bibigay ng mga article when they dont even have an ounce of knowledge what they are talking about.
    etong 500,000 thousand na yan pwdeng lump sum or partial yan, and reporting is on a daily basis.

    palawan pawnshop for me is very reliable, security wise i dont see anythign wrong with it, since parehong nanonotify both parties, the security measure is hindi mo makukuha pera mo kung hindi mo mabibigay yung name ng magpapadala and the code sent to your cp.

    its hasle free since no need for valid ids and registration sa system nila, i think the reason behind this is because they are not affiliated with any remitance company that goes through banking system, like LBC, cebuana which has international service. isa sa mga requirement yan ni BSP dahil transfer uses a banking facility regulated by BSP, yang mga yan may dollar accounts and conversion yan, with a third party intervention which again is a bank, pag ang transaction in any way kasi pumasok sa banko heavily monitored automatic yan under kay BSP monitoring.and always bank standard and security, kaya nga strict and mahal.

    for me if i have to pay of my online transations with sellers palawan pawnshop parati, hasle free para sakin ang mura.

    point is why would you need sobrang daming arte ng security,valid ids etc.
    kung sa panahon ng nagkaleche leche eh hindi mo din naman makukuha yung cctv copy nila? think!!!

  46. leony says:

    D nyo pa kc na try mg attend ng AMLA at Money transfer policies seminar kya nyo nasasabi mga yan. Try nyo dn mgbukas ng sarili nyong money transfer pra malaman nyo pano mgpatakbo ng non bank financial institution under BSP at tingnan ntin kung magagawa nyo pang sabihin ang mga yan…

  47. dave says:

    naexperince ko lang may ibang naka claim ng pinadala kong pera na tiga cebu eh ang receiver is in tiga marikina paano nangyare na na claim nila yun at pinabayaan ng sm cebu dept store na maclaim which is kelangan ng valid id ngayon ko lang nexperience to sa tagal kong nagpapadala gamit ang palawan paano na kung more than 40k ang pinapadala ko. kaya nga may destination branch eh dun lang dapat maclaim hind yung anywhere in th PH

  48. Arnee says:

    🙂 Can a 13 year old send money? Do I need a card to send money? Can I use my ID in school for the identification card?

  49. al says:

    hi! tanong ko lang kung paano kung transaction code lang ang meron ka? nagtxt kasi sakin ung palawan, hindi lang ako sure kung sino ung nagpadala sakin pero alam ko naman kung magkano. makukuha ko pa rin ba un?

  50. Chester says:

    Bakit po pag kukuha ng padala may kailangan pa po na bayaran na insurance? 😐

  51. Chester says:

    Bakit po pag kukuha ng padala may kailangan pa po na bayaran na insurance? Hindi naman po ako humihinyi ng insurance pero pinabayaran po nila sa akin yung insurance na ₱20… Bakit po ganun? 😐

  52. Aizen Knaik says:

    I have a question po. Is it possible po ba to pay through this Palawan Pawnshop if the receiver happens to be on the same place as you are. For example, I live in Cebu then si receiver na ‘papadalhan’ ko ng pera ay nasa Cebu din nakatira. I need information about this asap. Thanks.

  53. Ladymier Sophia says:

    🙂 first time ko magtransact sa palawan express kanina grabe andali lang ng transaction, ang advantage ng palawan express pera padala, sila ang may pinakamababang rates regarding sa pagpapadala ng pera.. kudos! N

  54. Ana Mae Genaro says:

    paano vah makukuha ang pera ko na ipinadala kasi yong receiver ko hindi maka claim ng pera dahil yong name nya ay may suffix name pero hindi ko na sulat ng kumpleto..ayaw ipa claim ng palawan pero may prof naman kami dahil sa nag ttx naman sila after ma send ang pera !

  55. Miyuko Keishi says:

    Customer friendly? Eh BUWISIT ISANG TELLER ng PALAWAN sa Baliuag Branch.. Ayaw tanggapin student ID. Di ko maclaim 5k na padala sa akin ng mother ko. Hassle dito ayoko sa PALAWAN!!

  56. DM says:

    Concern lang po ako, regarding sa friend ko na kumuha ng pera sa palawan pawnshop – branch (tabunok,talisay city, cebu),kasi nagpadala po ang mama nya ng pera para sa allowance at ibang bayarin. Student pa lang po kasi sya. Ang nangyari po kasi di na nya nacheck yung pera ng maigi na nabigyan po sya ng fake na pera ng kahera, doon nalang po sa isang mall nalaman na nya noong sinabihan na xa ng fake/ayaw tanggapin yung pera nya. Kaya bumalik sya ulit sa PALAWAN PAWNSHOP para ipagbigay alam yung nagyari, kaso ayaw na tanggapin at palitan yung pera dahil ilang minuto na daw syang nawala. Ang tanong ko lang wala ba kaming habol sa branch na yun?

  57. Randy says:

    ask ko lang po if pede makuha ung padala sakin? I received a text msg that someone send a money to me but I did’nt know who is the sender. I’m still puzzled out. Can I still claim the money without fill up the name and the number of the sender? I only have the transaction code but I dont know how much money sent. Thank you. I hope you can help me.

  58. vanessa says:

    hi im an ebay for a long time. last april 30 2016. i send money with the name of KATRINA CRUZ. she is from davao city as she stated in ebay but she claimed the money in smj imus cavite branch. syempre. tinext ko sa knya ang code number. di ba po my mobile number na hinihingi dun ibang number naman po ang nalagay ko.accidentally. di ba king anong number ang ilalagay dun ng sender. un ang itetext nyo na palawan express. but this is my question. pano ko malalaman kung sino po si katrina cruz na nagclaim sa inyo sa branch nyo. my cctv cam po ba kayo? niloko po kasi ako ng taong ito. sna po matulungan ako. pati dun sa tao na tinext ninyo na ako nman din po ang nagkamali. maclaim po ba nya ung padala ko dahil naitext nyo sya kahit hindi sya si katrina cruz. slamat po

  59. danica says:

    Pwede bang kumuha ng pera padala kahit philhealth id lang ang gamit? My nbi clearance kasi ako kaso expired na.

  60. Yna says:

    Pwede ba makuha ng 13 to 17 years old ang pera sa Palawan?? May I. D. naman po eh. Please reply po. Thank you. 😊 kailangan lang po e. Salamat. 😊

  61. Vernon renz says:

    Hello pwdi pa po bang makuha yung pera kapag na delete mo yung code na txt at na delete din ng nag padala . Pwd pa po ba .

  62. Lea-Let Mingo says:

    Tanong ko lang po kase po nagrefund po yung seller na inorderan ko ng damit nung friday . And the problem is diko padin po nakukuha yung pera kase po nilalagnat ako pede ko ga pong ipakuha nalang yung sa boyfriend ko if ever tapos magpapadala nalang po ako ng i.d

  63. leian kate reyes says:

    Pwede na po ba mahpadala ang 12 yrs old sa palawan express

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