The First Cebu Chinese New Year Festival

Have you noticed that of all foreign people who live, conquer, and settle down here in the Philippines only the Chinese has remained, has kept their roots, and has truly “conquered” the country?

The Chinese people have traded with and settled in the Philippines thousands of years before the Westerners discovered the archipelago.  They considered the Philippines one of the golden lands far to the south.  In Cebu, most of the Chinese settlers are traders.  It is noted that they made a big community located north of Fort San Pedro (within the district of Parian) in the early 16th century.  They lived primarily through the trade they conducted while traversing the length of the Parian estero.

Today, the country’s richest and most established business man is a Chinese – Mr. Henry Sy, one of the world’s multi-billionaires, owner of SM Malls.

The Very First Cebu Chinese New Year Festival

Xin Nian, the first Annual Cebu Chinese New Year Festival was held last February 5, 2011 at the Ayala Center Terraces.  It was a festive celebration of Chinese food and culture highlighted by colorful presentations featuring authentic Chinese dynasty era costumes and fashion show.

All Cebuanos and people who watched and participated in the celebration were greeted by the mesmerizing live performances of the auspicious lion dance and ribbon dancing.   Authentic and exotic Chinese delicacies and street foods were scattered everywhere prepared by the finest chef and cooks from various participating hotels and restaurants all over Cebu.

Xin Nian is set to be a yearly event to highlight the Chinese New Year. It is the first project under CCTC’s (Cebu City Tourism Commission) “What’s New in Old Cebu” campaign, a drive to introduce new events to the city to further encourage and attract local and foreign tourists to visit Cebu. (Event Photos to follow.)

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