RAFI Partners With CEAP To Combat Global Warming

Who among us haven’t heard of Climate Change or Global Warming?  I think most of us are aware of this issue but, not surprisingly, a lot don’t really care that much.  This, is because most of us don’t see this problem as a direct threat that should be acted upon immediately.  And with this kind of thinking, we are slowly digging our own graves in the valley of death.

To spread awareness about this global dilemma, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation (RAFI) and Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), join hand in hand in restoring the Philippine’s biodiversity through the Generation, Redemption, and Expansion of the Natural Resources initiatives in the Philippines (GREENIN’ Philippines) Program of RAFI.

RAFI and CEAP signed their partnership agreement on September 24 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.  This, ended the week-long 2010 CEAP National Convention.  Present during the the signing were CEAP President Fr. Gregorio L. Banaga Jr. and RAFI board of Trustees Treasurer Mikel A. Aboitiz.

With this partnership, CEAP hopes that it would bring influence not only to the children of their schools but also their families and communities.  On the other hand, RAFI is optimistic that the partnerhsip with CEAP will help GREEIN’ Philippines in spreading national awareness that would enable them to replicate best practices in environmental protection throughout the country.

What is GREENIN’ Philippines?

The GREENIN’ Philippines Program seeks to develop, protect, enhance, and co-manage denuded forestlands, including bushlands and degraded residual natural forests.  It was formed as RAFI’s  way of contributing to the country’s commitment of achieving the seventh goal of the Millennium Development Goals, which is to ensure environmental sustainability by reversing the loss of natural resources.

For more information about the GREENIN’ Philippines Program, please contact Neil Papas at 418-7234 loc. 515.

Photo Credit: Vernon Joseph Go

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