The 30-Day Mosbeau Whitening Challenge

Update: Sorry for this very late notification.  I had only used the product for around 3 days, after that I stopped.  I can’t tolerate the smell. My younger sister was the one who continued taking it.

Update: It indeed had lighten up my sister’s skin but she doesn’t want to continue taking it because of its smell.

When I publish something here in my blog, I always consider first the validity of my post and if what I’m posting is the truth and if it would really benefit my readers and visitors.  I don’t just recommend anything just because I get this and that but because I’m really satisfied of what I found out or what I saw.

I’m really very critical when it comes to buying products.  Like for example, if I saw some whitening commercial on TV and the one who endorses the product is some mestiza model, obviously, I would be a fool if I will fall for that crap.  Unfortunately, most people won’t even bother to analyze that there is no truth to that bloody advertisement…that mestiza models were born with white skins.  And this goes as well with those friggin’ shampoo commercials we see on TV everyday.  I’ll be damned if those salon-smooth and silky hair can be attained by using a 5-peso per sachet shampoo.

Last week, I was being invited (along with my CBSi pals) by Mosbeau Cebu to try out their Placenta White Food Supplement.  Mosbeau promises a fairer skin after 30-days or even 14-days.  According to them, their Placenta White product is enriched with placental protein, a popular whitening and anti-aging ingredient in Japan.  Placenta White is also composed of collagen, a potent anti-aging ingredient that enhances skin’s elasticity to help fight the unsightly signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.  Glutathione, Vitamin C and Asparagus extract complete the skin-whitening and anti-aging combo of Placenta White.

Since I’m quite intrigued how effective this product is, I accepted this 30-day whitening challenge.  I posted above my photo taken on the very first day I started taking the supplement.  I will be posting another photo after 30-days.  If this product is effective, then I will be recommending this to all my morena-skinned friends and visitors who wanted to have fairer and younger looking skin.

By the way, just for the record, I’m not really so obsessed with this skin-whitening phenomenon among Asian women.  I only do this to help my co-specie in selecting better and effective products.  Check this blog after 30 days.  Ja mata ne, minna san. (;

About Mosbeau Philippines

Mosbeau started to venture in the Philippines in early 2008.  Mosbeau prescription-strength skin-whitening and anti-aging and skin care products were exclusively offered by dermatologists from different parts of the country, soon making it available in clinics nationwide and one of the most recommended products by dermatologists. (More about Mosbeau after 30 days…(;)

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  1. Avatar Mosbeau Cebu

    Please visit our Booth Activities in SM Lower Ground Floor and Ayala Mall fronting Watsons 2nd level. Get a free underarm cream sample for every purchased of Placenta White.

  2. Avatar empressofdrac

    hmmn…i think i need to reupload the photo…mura’g naay something wrong sa akong cms…pero kung muadto ka sa homepage…then escroll down nimo padung ani nga article, makit an nimo ang photo…

  3. Avatar Kiara

    Hi!! will wait for your post. I bought one bottle last week, and I started to have breakouts. I dont know if this is the side effect or sa stress and puyat. Will try to sleep early this week and relax muna. Pero will still wait tlg sa post mo. I am thinking kasi kung I will still continue taking the product.


  4. Avatar Shyleen

    Is mosbeau phillipines product effective??? And what about the mosbeau japan whitening products??? What are the differences??? How come they dont sell all the products together??? Can even brown skinned or any other ethtincity use mosbeau products???

  5. Avatar empressofdrac

    Hi Shyleen. Mosbeau is for Asian women who wanted to have fairer skin. I’m not so sure though if it has the same effect if applied to Latina or African skin.

    Mosbeau Philippines and Mosbeau Japan are the same. The only difference is the pricing.

    Anyways, my deep apologies to everyone. I haven’t posted my follow up article yet. I have lots of backlogs actually. But, this is for sure. I will be writing my review soon. Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone. (:

  6. Avatar Shyleen

    I also wanted to know how come mosbeau phillipines dont offer the mosbeau gultawhite body lotion, soap, scrub, or their whitening facial creams/soaps or the white evolution series platimum as mosbeau japan offers them??? How come mosbeau japan offers gultawhite placenta 10 and mosbeau phillipines offers mosbeau placenta white???

  7. @shyleen we do sell other mosbeau products but you can only purchase it in selected dermatologist and in our offices in the philippines (Makati and Cebu)..Gluthawhite placenta 10 can be bought in our offices or in selected dermatologist. Gluthawhite placenta 10 has 10 active ingredients while placenta white (over the counter) has 5 active ingredients. Both of them are potent whitening and anti-aging but we placed add on ingredients for glutha placenta 10 for people that can spend more than they spend over the counter and who were maintained by their dermatologist since it can only be bought in selected clinics.

  8. Avatar maria

    where can i get the gluthawhite placenta 10 and how much is it? which clinics could i go to, to buy this? btw i live in metro manila. i have the mosbeau placenta white but i really wanted the placenta 10. thanks.

  9. Avatar ning

    hi! ive been using mosbeau placenta white for almost 2 weeks and still wandering of its effect. uhmm..kinda embarrassing but does my mosbeau placenta tablet intake has something to do with my urine color? it turns out to be more yellowish since i am taking it 4x a day.

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  11. Avatar Maria2

    The first time gumamit ako after 30 days may mga bumati sa akin na pumuti raw ako. maputi ang bf ko pero napansin ko na mas pumuti ako sa kanya…kaya lang malansa ang amoy ng gamot..and even to my ihi and bf complain of the amoy…kaya i make it twice a day sometimes once a day na lang…

  12. Avatar ojen

    Ano ang mga side effects ng mosbeau whitening pill, im thinking to try it, i just saw it in a magazine in a salon, i saw it narin before ung poster sa watson na si angel locsin ung endorser

  13. Avatar ahra

    hi ive been using mosbeau for 3 mnths i gt fairer skin as wat my frends sed “blooming lge” no more pimples excpt for days n ngppuyat tlga aq at tghter pores.. the effect is not drastc at frst bloomng k lng but few mnths later ull notce nglilighten skn mo

    • here are the complete ingredients of the pills along with its benefits

      Horse Placental Protein

      Promotes skin whitening, anti-aging and skin cell renewal

      Marine Placental Protein

      Aids in skin whitening, anti-aging and skin renewal

      Silk Powder

      Revitalizes the skin and gets rid of skin imperfections like wrinkles, acne scars and sunspots


      Keeps the skin firm, smooth and supple

      Rose Petal Extract

      Contains anti-allergic and anti-atopic properties

      Hyaluronic Acid

      Keeps the skin hydrated, moisturized and even more youthful-looking

      Soy Isoflavones

      Promote healthier and right balance of hormones

      Fish Collagen

      Reverses skin aging and visibly removes fine lines and other unsightly signs of increasing age

      Malpighia glabra

      Acts as an effective antioxidant

      Vitamin C

      Aids in skin whitening, combats aging and protects skin against free radicals

      Plus more Active Ingredients!

      Adlay, Glycine, L-cysteine, Hesperidin, ß-cryptoxanthin, Carrot Extract and Candida utilis

  14. Avatar samanthak

    hi i was on the web yesteray po tapos nakita ko to ano po ba pinagkaiba ng philippines sa japan aside po sa price? effective ba yung sa philippines?:) yung underarm po din ba effective? thank you!

  15. Avatar SARA

    eFFECTIVE BA TALAGA..KASI DUE TO USING DIFFERENT DEO,,,it makes may underarm darker..then i turn to natural ways tawas, kalamansi , BUT NO EFFECT PARIN….
    PLEASE SHARE SOME THOUGHTS…..cause i really want to get back my fairtone underarm again..i hate it..nakakahiya..i can’t wear sleeveless anymore..huhuhu “( kasi I’am afraid to use the product maybe it may cause more damage..huhuhu

    • Avatar Mitch

      Hi Ms. Zarah. this is Mitch Account Executive from Mosbeau. yes our products are proven safe and effective specially the Japan Version. you must try it. you can visit our Office located in Ayala Makati City. Kindly email me at or viber me at +639123767237 for more details. Thank you.

  16. Avatar miss q

    yes. for me, this product is really effective. i’ve been using it for years already. and it’s not just whitening effect but also contributes much for the health. although it is expensive but the effect is worth it naman. goodluck! 😀

  17. Avatar alexa

    for me effective xia ..just in 10 days glowing and smooth skin,,pumuti din me ..but my skin allergy didnt subsides..even before i didnt drink mosbeau natural na sensitve me..sayang ok na sana..kaso lagi me namamantal….but i was glad that my bf said na smooth ang skin me…and my family said also..before i tried met pumuti lang me..but sa mosbeau kuminis at pumuti me..i dont like being white skin..kinis lang ang gusto ko..maybe because mabilis me pumuti at umiitim..its depends sa genes cguro..kc mga brown skin na friends ko nag inject and nag met hindi pumuti..they curious why pumuputi me at pag nabibilad sa swimming itim agad..they got jealous and told me maiitim daw talaga ako ..but i got whiter skin kapag nasa house lang me..i tried mosbeau dahil gusto ko kuminis.i dont like too much white skin ..smooth and glowing skin is enough…marami lang naiingit kc kahit inject and ilang bottles nang glutha hindi tumatalab sa kanila ..hehehe but i dont care about tired of arguing about my natural skin,,,i dont know why some of my friends think its a big deal^_^ . its their problem not mine..i teach them what in using but no effect on them so its not my fault..they must love their own skin…and stop comparing with others^_^…..

  18. Avatar leah

    hi! yesterday i just purchased the underarm cream, facial soap and food supplement. hnd na ko bumili nung cream nila kase andami nilang binigay na libreng cream sakinj since marami nmn akong binili i think ung facial soap is effective tas my friend told me na yung underarm cream nila ineendorse ng lay bare im not sure pero mukhang ok naman sana..(fingers crossed) ung food supplement sana effective sabayan ko ng vitaminC para mabilis daw yung effect. 🙂

  19. Avatar jonnie

    hi guys i just found this page and read your posts about using mosbeau tab. im glad for those who had positive results in taking the supplement.. I’ve been taking the supplement for almost 3 MONTHS! but honestly i dont see any chnges on my skin color. My few tablets will be up on June 5, and so disappointed. im thinking to stop using it after my last bottle coz its really EXPENSIVE since the price gone up to Php3580 from Php2850, though more benefits has been added (according to the packaging).. Well, goodluck for those whose going to use it and those whose taking it, hope for a positive result for you guys..

    • Avatar Marianne Domingo

      I have tried mosbeau for a month, but i was not totally happy and contented with the results…i had dark spots on both sides of my face which i never had before….

  20. Avatar jonnie

    this is to correct the prices i quoted today, sorry for that. i meant, the mosbeau supplement’s price gone up to Php2850. i dont know where i get the Php3580 thing.

  21. Avatar ronel

    ganda ng product nato grabe nka 15 days plang ako i just try kase ni recommend siya ng friend and young result parang kuminkinang yung balat ko diku na kaylangan mag polbo para mag pantay yung neck and face super effective thumbs up 🙂

  22. Avatar amliv

    hi, i used mosbeau tabs for almost 6 months na, pero mbgal ang effect sakin, and number one prob ko is my breast is getting very sore b4 my menstruation”.i dont know why, but i never stopped, i am still taking the tabs..

  23. Avatar bill

    Hi guys,just started mosbeau white advanced and the facial soap tablet just for 7days.diko pa masabi yong result niya though kuminis mukha ko nawala din yong mga white and black heads but always going to oroderm for diamond tom.which is a bit expensive 2k per session and also try belo at ayala the cleaning and the power peel cost 3900 per session.siguro kapag ganun yong routine sa pagpapaputi mas magiging madali yong effect ngayon.kolang kasi nasubukan yongganito na mgapunta at mg explore sa mga ganito.mukha ko is ng glow siya at smooth na siya at naging manipis kasi maganda ang effect din ng soap.sabayan niyo rin ng sodium ascorbate fern cee para mas madali ang effect give u feedback about the result coz ill will be taking this tablet siguro nga matagal kasi may nakikita na man ako na pagbabago sa skin ko

  24. My comment is only this…”At promotional stage they (producers) will truly make their product very effective to give kick start on their business…BUT once they have move on…THEY (producers) will SLOWLY degrade the POTENCY of their product…SINCE they have already build it NAME…HOPE MOSBEAU YOU MAINTAIN you QUALITY…CONSISTENCY!!!…

  25. Avatar Roxette marie cruz

    . . .i just have red your
    comments, im planning
    to purchase mosbeau
    placental white. is the
    price the same? or did
    it change? i notice that
    your comments were
    last 2010, 2011,2012
    and can you suggest
    me other whitening
    pills that is effective

  26. Avatar candice

    i bought the 5day pack for starters. Tapos i take 2 tablets on the the 1st two days, 1 morning and 1 before sleeping. Then i made it 2 tabs before i sleep. I’m noticing improvement my backne scars are fading…skin lighter and as good as it may sound it’s true that it makes the skin glow. I’m anticipating the pimple scars on my face to fade. I take this with 1 capsule fernC each time. and take note….i haven’t used up the 20 tablets yet. one thing though, i find it hard to sleep. I’m currently observing if it’s bec of this or the fernC, that one gives energy. Maybe that’s why.

  27. Avatar naiv

    Nag lighten skin ko d2 s mosbeau pero i stopped kc mejo pricey. I used KB pero grabe lumabas mga pimples ko & nangitim p ko. Blik n ulit ako s mosbeau, khit pricey effective nmn…

  28. Avatar atchel

    I tried it 2 years ago and nagpimple ako. As in cystic pimples talaga. Although nag glow ka pero pimpolan ka naman. Di bale na.sobrang nagsisi ako at bumili ako ng pagkamahal mahal.

  29. Avatar mitchjoonki

    Hi guys,

    Ask ko lang ilang month ba dapat inumin ang mosbeau tab? 11days ko pa ngayon but i really see the difference pumuti at nag glow nman skin ko it really works for me, kaya lng until when ko xa kailan inumin para mag maintain yong white at glow ng skin ko? Please help thank you….

  30. Avatar lynette

    Hi.. im thinking of buying Mosbeau placenta white food supplement. san po pwede makabili nito? morena skin type ako at meron mga pimple scar sa back and i was thinking na baka it will help my skin to lighten up a bit and maalis mga scars. meron po ba nito sa watsons?

  31. Avatar Mitch

    I just got my package mosbeau white advance and I noticed that its a japan version that I got. And the label is dietary supplement not the food supplement. So i just wanna ask whats is the difference between those. And Which is more effective? Philippine or japan version? I live in usa. Please do reply thank you.

      • Avatar Yburann

        Hi!nka 1 bottle aq ng mosbeau yes 1 week or 2 weeks nglighten skin ko pero ng mbilad aq dhilan s pgskay s single ng 1 time d aq nkapglongsleeve nangitim aq lalo gang s naubos ko 1 bottle d n xa nglight then 2month ko ang tinake ko nmn yung jelly well gnun p din d p din aq pumuputi…isip ko sbyan ko ng caps yung jelly nya…ano po s plgay nyo…?

  32. Avatar Jane Becero

    Hi im jane po. Mag 1week n po ako gmagmt ng mosbeau and nakikita ko naman po na nagllight na yung skin ko kht papano kht medyo maputi nman n tlga skin ko tska ang pancin ko po lalo akong naggng matakaw sa pagkain , lageng gutom at lageng inaantok . Natural lng po n na gnyn yung side effct ng gmot? Thanks po

  33. Avatar Yburann

    Hi!nka 1 bottle aq ng mosbeau yes 1 week or 2 weeks nglighten skin ko pero ng mbilad aq dhilan s pgskay s single ng 1 time d aq nkapglongsleeve nangitim aq lalo gang s naubos ko 1 bottle d n xa nglight then 2month ko ang tinake ko nmn yung jelly well gnun p din d p din aq pumuputi…isip ko sbyan ko ng caps yung jelly nya…ano po s plgay nyo…?

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