Artist Ko, The Resurrection of Cebuano Artists

Artist Ko! Artists & Musicians Marketing Cooperative, held a press conference last 8th of May, 2010 at VIP Room, Teatro Casino, Water Front Hotel, Cebu City.  During the event, the people behind the group were introduced to the local media.  They also announced the group’s upcoming project, VISPOP, the newest Cebuano songwriting competition.  Miss Raki Vega’s newest single, “We Will Rise Again”, was also launched.

What is Artist Ko?

Artist Ko is a duly registered association of artists, musicians and entrepreneurs with a common bond of interest who voluntarily joined together to achieve a lawful, social and economic end by making equitable contributions and accepting the fair share of the risks and benefits in all undertakings.

Artist Ko is a marketing cooperative and is a profit entity.  The group is serious in supporting each member’s endeavors through profit-oriented projects.

The group is headed by Cebu’s finest artists and musicians like Mr. Ian Zafra, Cattski Espina, Jude Gitamondoc, and Insoy Ninal.


This is a joint project initiated by Artist Ko and Tsinelas Inc. which bears the tagline “Bisayaa Uy!“.  The project aims to alleviate the current state of Cebuano music on radio by introducing a more professional and competitive playlist of new Cebuano songs. All songwriting enthusiast are invited to join.  Visit VISPOP’s multiply account for more details.

Raki Vega’s We Will Rise Again

Miss Raki Vega’s interpretation of her latest single, “We Will Rise Again”, gained positive feedback from the local media.  The song is written and composed by the award-winning songwriter, Jude Gitamondoc.  The song has a nationalistic streak on it which inspires hope and optimism among Filipinos.  Mr. Jude Gitamondoc said that the song conveys all Filipino people that we should not depend our future to a person only, people should work and strive together to shape and build a better future.

My Personal Take

During the press conference, one of the media people mentioned about Bisrock, which is now referred to by Artist Ko as a phenomenon, not a genre or whatsoever.  I was a bit sad hearing about it.  It’s because I am one of those people who love bisrock music, and in my heart of hearts, I really, really feel its essence.  I’ve been a bisrock supporter since 2006.  I I even created this blog to show my support to Cebu’s local rock music scene.  I will never forget those bisrock bands like Missing Filemon, Aggressive Audio, Leon Kilat, Smooth Friction and the likes.  It’s just sad to see that the good apples were being spoiled by the rotten ones.

Still, with the creation of Artist Ko, I expect another phenomenon that would lead to a worldwide recognition of  Cebuano’s arts and music.  I’m quite confident that Cebuano people are far more talented than any other artists from around the Philippines.  Together, we can make this happen!  Jia you, CEBU!

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13 Responses to Artist Ko, The Resurrection of Cebuano Artists

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  2. kikit says:

    hi agnes. i was there and this concept really impressed me. i haven’t heard we have this kind of project in davao. this proves the art scene in cebu is quite interesting and growing.

  3. hello! pls. link our site to your link page. thanks!

  4. Empress says:

    Definitely. Hehehe. I think you just need leaders or movers in your place…

  5. Miki says:

    hi agnes. i was there and this concept really impressed me. i haven’t heard we have this kind of project in davao. this proves the art scene in cebu is quite interesting and growing.

  6. Dakila J. Uayan says:

    God Bless!!

    Tinuod nga daghang musikero diri sa ato-a. Mga ‘maynlaki’. Naghuwat lang ang kadaghanan sa ilang higayon ug panahon. Hinaut nga mao na kini ang panagtigum nga makatabang natong tanan.

    Pun-on ta ug awit ang kahanginan. Kanang awit nga makapukaw sa gugma nga nangatulog ra dha sa isig-usa kanato.

    Anything For Love. Music and Us.

    God Speed!!

  7. Thanks for the support! =]

  8. Roy Sencio says:

    I am curious… why bisrock is now referred to as a phenomenon? Is bisrock dead today?

  9. empressofdrac says:

    That’s what the Artist Ko wanted people to think. They said it’s not a music genre. They wanted to start afresh and release new Cebuano songs of high quality.

  10. bangbang says:

    good news for artists..i also thought bisrock was more of a genre than a phenomenon

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  12. ngrak says:

    I, for one, admire bisrock, but i don’t think one should take offense at it being called a phenomenon. If one looks at the bigger picture, that’s exactly what it is. It only hit a local market, plus it was a big wave that died down afterwards. “died down”, not “died”, there’s a difference between the two. It’s only beginning to establish itself, and a genre doesn’t do that over a span of just a few years. Punk didn’t become famous overnight. What’s more, Bisrock is still undergoing a “pruning” process. By “pruning”, what i mean is, the audience is beginning to determine which of all these bisrock songs are good, which ones aren’t of high quality. The artists are also learning to establish general standards for Bisrock (at least, for the benefit of the audience and not the makers). Cebu has a very young music scene, and we shouldn’t take offense at small labels because if we do, we restrict ourselves

  13. ngrak says:

    besides, labels are largely for the benefit of marketing, and for the benefit of the audience and not the artist. It’s just so that the audience have a particular word to associate an art form with, something that can help the audience understand. nothing much more beyond that, i think.

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