Philippine Election 2010 Voter’s Feedback

This is my very first attempt in Video Blogging.  As part of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc.’s election coverage, I conducted a few interviews a while ago, asking feedback from voters about Election 2010.  This is the first video that I uploaded because the guy I interviewed has detailed answers.  I inserted a transcript in this video because there’s a feedback that the audio quality is not that good and also, the language is in Cebuano.

Aside from this video, you can still catch up the latest 2010 Election news by visiting our cebu bloggers homepage.  CBS members are also simulcasting from different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and Yahoo to bring you the latest Election 2010 updates.  You can also follow me in Twitter to get the latest Election happenings from my point of view.

By the way, here’s the detailed transcript of the video above.

>>What can you say about Election 2010?
It’s not organized and it’s very crowded.
The past elections were more okay since you only have to go inside your precinct’s room and vote.
Now, you have to line up and get a priority number and wait.
>>Any feedback about the PCOS machine?
It’s okay.  Actually, this election is nice if each precinct has its own PCOS machine. 1 PCOS machine serves 5 precincts, the main reason of the delay in voting.
>>What is your overall rating for Election 2010?
Well, it’s okay but I cannot tell if all can cast their vote.  There are some people who plan not to vote anymore because of the slow process.
>>Can you now conclude that the election is cheat-free because it’s automated?
I think it’s difficult for someone to cheat because the ballots are inside the machine.
>>Okay.  Thanks.

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7 Responses to Philippine Election 2010 Voter’s Feedback

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  4. Bjorn says:

    Where you took this video?

    The setting is kinda familiar…

  5. Cebu Finder says:

    I think there’s a lot of areas that needs to be improve but overall it was successful, given with the faster counting of votes.
    Thanks to all teachers and volunteers.

  6. Empress says:

    Mandaue City Central School.

  7. opaw says:

    wala kay resulta dinha sa eleksyon sa cebu 2010?
    kinsa ang mga napili?
    pa share pod..

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