PLDT Watchpad Has Over 100K Subscribers

PLDT myDSL Watchpad has over a hundred thousand subscribers and it’s growing”, revealed Miss Myla Villanueva, Senior Product Manager, during the short interview after the ribbon cutting of the launching of the myPLDT Speedster Bus last March 27, 2010 at Formo Restaurants.

Speedster Bus Launching at Formo Restaurants

When asked about the specific number of subscribers, Miss Villanueva replied that it is confidential.  She, however, quipped that this is to lessen transparency to competitors.

PLDT myDSL Watchpad is the very first internet TV in the Philippines and it is also the pioneer in the industry.  And, it is FREE to all PLDT users.  Its target market is mainly the young generation who are common patriots of the of the online world.  In terms of browser compatibility, it is best viewed using Internet Explorer.

This is how the inside of the myPLDT Speedster Bus looks like

You can watch the following channels thru your myPLDT Watchpad.

  • Channel [V]
  • CNN
  • National Geographic, myView
  • E!, Smart Shopping, TBN-World
  • PBO, RCTV, Go, Splash
  • CNBC, Cartoon Network, Animax, History, The Biography Channel, Crime & Investigation, Living Asia

Photo Credits: Jose Farrugia and Wilhelmina Sarawi

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