Cattski 10 Concert

Catch one of Cebu’s most talented singer and songwriter, Cattski Espina, in her 10th anniversary concert dubbed as “Cattski 10” this 20th of March at the Outpost.  She will be performing along with other famous local bands and musicians like SHIELA & THE INSECTS, JUDE GITAMONDOC & Friends, HASTANG, LUI CASTILLO and 22 Tango Artists ZAFRA and UNDERCOVER GRASSHOPPERS.

In this concert, Cattski Espina will be launching her first album for 2010 which is dubbed as TEN.  It’s composed of her most memorable songs from her previous four albums. The main purpose of this is to acknowledge her 10-year contribution to Cebu’s local music scene.  This album release also aims to promote her tracks online.

Cattski Espina is the vocalist of the popular Cebu band “Cattski” which has been around the local music scene since 2000.  The band has already produced four albums: CATTSKI EP, VACUUM MY INSIDE, SOUND MINDS SPEAK VOLUMES, and KISMET The Singles.  Other band members include Anne Muntuerto (guitars) and  Junnell Codilla (drum).  You can listen to  Cattski’s songs and music videos in the following websites.

Cattski also maintains the following blogs.

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  1. maibe says:

    unya pod gani sa ayala kai si jason castro sa american idol

    parehong d ko ka laag

  2. Athan Obs says:

    Ganahan ko mo tan-aw pero work man gud. Letch gyud ning force OT sa work woi. Makadaot sa leisure life, whew!

  3. Mark says:

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