Why the weather is so cold?

I just got home from work and my lips are cracking because I forgot to put a lip balm when the AC were freezing our asses up in the office.  The wind was so chilly when I came out from our office building several minutes ago.  It was like December nights outside.  The wind is actually colder than the December ones.  I’m wondering why it’s really, really cold.  Is it because of the global warming?  The glaciers in the northpole are slowly melting and continents in the south are being affected?  I’m actually very lazy to read news nowadays.

Anyways, few more days to go and I will be a year older, and I really hate the idea.  If given a choice I would want the days to move on eternity, but not the year.  But thinking such kind of crappy thing is definitely useless.  Nevertheless, I’m forever grateful to God for this another year.  Though I’ve never been attending church masses these past few years, I can still feel the abundance of blessings that I and my family have received for the whole year 2008.  The blessings are actually countless and this is one of my ways of thanking Him.  Xie Xie, Xie Xie, Xie Xie!

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  2. Bryan Karl says:

    Aaaah that’s the reason why my lips are so dry nowadays when I’m the jeepney (and sleeping). It’s the cold weather! Yeah it’s so cold nowadays that it is tempting not to take a bath in the mornings.

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