CBS Xmas Farty!

CBS Xmas Farty

CBS Xmas Farty

[mwrap][dcap]N[/dcap]e Hao! This is only a quick post. We just finished our Company’s Christmas Party. We will be going to somewhere tonight. May be at Sun Flower or a place where we can chill out. Anyways, thanks to Vanjahnn for the successful CBS Christmas Party yesterday night. Thanks for the generous accomodation. I really love the view from the mountains overlooking the city. Such an awesome sight. Zai Jian![/mwrap]

Photo Credits: Vanjahnn

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4 Responses to CBS Xmas Farty!

  1. clarence says:

    dinalian gyud tuod nga post 🙂

  2. ceblogger says:

    merry christmas, empress! seems like the group had a blast. merry christmas na lang pud to everyone and more power in 2009!

  3. kirara says:

    thanks…same to you too…haist…mosamot na jud ko ani kababoy kay gasige nalang lamoy…daghan au farties…hehehe

  4. Niick says:

    Happy Christmas sa tanan! Wish I was there. Hahay!

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