2nd Otaku Festival in Cebu

After the successful First Otaku Festival held at UP Cebu grounds last February of 2008, here comes another round of event for local anime and manga lovers. The OTAKU FEST 2.0! “THE SAGA CONTINUES!”

This festival will be held at the same venue this 13th of December 2008 from 1pm to 9pm. There will be on-the-spot poster making contest, logo making competition, digital photography, dance competition, cosplay, DOTA, and a lot, lot more. The registration time for contestants will be from 12:30 to 1:00pm.

Please check this link for the tentative program flow. You can also contact upotaku@gmail.com or 09064656752 for further details and inquiries.[/mwrap]

Photo Credits: UP Otaku

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6 Responses to 2nd Otaku Festival in Cebu

  1. maibe says:

    tan aw ta ani nez be.
    wala ko work ana kai sat hehe

  2. admin says:

    hmmmn…dili sad au ko sure nga makaadto ko ani maibes, duty kaha nako sat…pero txtan lang tka kung unsa gani…

  3. gari says:

    pwede makasulod ang outsider?

  4. admin says:

    yep, open to all man na…pero ang non-upians kay naay entrance fee…check lang sa site nila sa multiply…naa tanang details didto…

  5. blanne says:

    pati UPians naay fee.. PHP10 ra hinuon. wa ko kabayad kay naa man ko sa library pagbuntag. bwahahaha 😀

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