CBS members interviewed by Jun Tariman of DYAB Cebu

The Cebu Bloggers Society members were invited by Jun Tariman to guest his tech radio segment program. This was aired thru DYAB Cebu at 3:00 to 3:30 pm, November 2, 2008, Sunday. The 30-minute interview were attended by Clarence of DahongLaya.Com, Kevin of, Zeniamai of Zeniamai.Wordpress.Com, Empress of EmpressOfDrac.Com, X of ObnoxiousQueer.Com, and Sinjin of Sinjin.Ph.

The special radio segment’s main topic is about blogging. Before the formal interview, the members introduced themselves to the listeners and provided quick background to their respective blogsites. After that, Kevin formally introduced the Cebu Bloggers Society group to the listeners.

Mr. Tariman began the interview by asking the group when does blogging started. It was then followed by series of discussions about how to earn money thru blogging, how to increase blogsite traffic, the role of Search Engine Optimization in promoting your blog, popular money transfer services you should use to claim your blogsite’s income, the importance of blogging in history, best blog platforms to use, and of course the basic steps on how to create a blog.

The 30-minute interview was also broadcast internationally thru live webcast.

Click here for more photos. Photo Credits: X

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  4. That was very interesting indeed. Blogging has taken the world by storm. Advertisers advertise more on blogs than on print media. There is an aspect of blogging that endears it to millions of people. Here, everybody can ventilate his cause without any fear of repression. That must be a very interesting radio show where bloggers were interviewed about blogging. Thanks for the post. Thank you too for accepting my invitation for you to join Filipinos Unite!!! I really appreciate that. God bless you always.

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