Kinds of Vampires

I just want to share this one. I’m actually reading a book and I just wanted to take note of some nice trivialities.

The Danag– a Filipino vampire supposedly responsible for planting taro on the islands long ago. The myth continued that theDanag worked with humans for many years, but the partnership ended one day when a woman cut her finger and aDanag sucked her wound, enjoying the taste so much that it drained her body completely of blood.

The Romanian Varacolaci– a powerful undead being who could appear as a beautiful, pale-skinned human.

The Slovak Nelapsi– a creature so strong and fast it could massacre an entire village in the single hour after midnight, and one other.

The Stregonibenefici-
An Italian vampire, said to be on the side of goodness, and a mortal enemy of all evil vampires.

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  1. I’ll be finishing “Twilight” this weekend, and I’ll be looking for “New Moon” too. I wasn’t a big fan of “Twilight” because of all the romance, but I’ll give the rest of the collection a shot because of so many great reviews! Plus, now that I’ve seen you have been reading it as well, it only makes the books seem more fun! hahah. Wow, “Twilight” is such a big phenomenon!

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