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I just watched Survivor Philippines last night at GMA 7. The production is really big, and grand and all. The location is well, as what you would expect, a very secluded place somewhere in Thailand. It is called the Devil’s Island. The name could tell you hundreds of unimaginable obstacles all the survivors must go through in order to win the most coveted three million pesos.

There are actually 18 castaways, 9 males and 9 females. All are competing against each other to become the very first sole survivor. And I already have my favorite castaway. Well, no other than Raymund Francis Rustia aka Kiko. It’s obvious that he’s the hottest male in the contest. With those long dread locks, well toned body, and “animalistic” appeal, all girls are definitely drooling in front of their monitors. Hahahaha! And mind you, he has a beard and a mustache too. Very interesting!

Kiko showcased his gentleman side in the pilot episode. The survivors’ very first test was to swim from their boat in the middle of the sea to the island. Unlike others, who just swam their way to the island on their own, he, on the other hand seemed to play the selfless gentleman, by helping some of the girls who has difficulty in swimming, to get through the test. That’s why he ended up in the last batch to reach the island. Well, we don’t know if this behavior is just for the sake of the show, but nonetheless, by doing a such he had lowered his probability of being voted out earlier in the game. And that’s a very nice strategy.

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Photo Credit: SurvivorPhilippines.TV

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9 Responses to Kiko of Survivor Philippines

  1. James says:

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  2. Lhurey says:

    I never had a chance to watch this since nagsimula to..katugon na kau ko aning mga orasa.

  3. maibe says:

    nez.. wala jud ko kita ani.. nice ni?

  4. kirara says:

    yep…nice au ni nga show…kay lami au si kiko…hahahaha…

    hoi….dili ka kahapit sa east capitol pension house tonight? kadiyot lang gud…inum ta…dad a imong date…hehehe…

  5. maibe says:

    monday pa amo dinner date
    work ko ron

  6. maibe says:

    musta inu tagay?

    excited nako samong candle light dinner ugma wee


  7. jerjer says:

    maganda ang survivor, kaso why they GMA7 shoot it outside in our country whereas other edition of this tv series , shoot it in our very own philippine archipelago the gota beach in caramoan island, camarines sur..

  8. admin says:

    hoi…rubin abellana…la jud kay lingaw oi…palita nalang kaha ng nga domain…kay murag hilig jud kaau na nimo dah…tsk…tsk…

  9. Athan says:


    sabi nila, it’s a part daw sa contract at rules sa franchise ng survivor. dapat daw i shoot sa place which is away from the comfort zone ng mga cast-aways kaya ‘yon sa ibang country sila…

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