Database back up for your WordPress Blog

1and1’s hosting platform is not the standard cPanel and DirectAdmin. As of now, I’m trying to locate the back up database function in their Webspace and Access area. Just a while ago, I tried to manually back up my files from the server through ftp, but my web browser (I use fireftp, mozilla’s add on) encountered an error and I have no choice but to close it. I’m actually using a lower version of firefox, and I noticed that it has lots of bugs. I need to upgrade it to firefox 3.0, the latest version.

So, why should we back up our wordpress blog? Backing up data is as necessary as the air you breathe. As a website or blog owner one should be well aware that it’s not only your host full responsibility to check on your database. It is advisable that you keep recent back ups in your local hard drive. That way, if anything goes wrong you can still restore your contents. And this should be done in regular basis.

WordPress has a Database Backup plugin. Check it out.

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