For The First Time, KC Conception’s First Movie

I’m always a fan of KC, and I even visit her blog every now and then. One thing I like about her is her boyishness, and she’s really a down to earth person. Disregarding all her regal qualities and attributes, she really is beautiful inside and out.

Before I watched this movie, I already heard feedback about her acting skills. Some said she should just remain in stage plays or just be good in her commercial modeling career because she doesn’t have that X factor in acting in TV or in the big screen.

My reaction was actually quite neutral for I really don’t judge anything unless I’ve seen or experienced it myself. So, I watched this movie yesterday and I can say that the people’s feedback are quite true.

KC doesn’t look convincing when she cries. It looks like she’s a character in a horror movie when she sobs, that is, she looks more scared than sad. The scene wherein she mistaken Richard as an intruder is very exaggerated. She’s so stiff in her entire screen appearances that I feel like I’m sitting with my back straight and my chain up.

Well, there’s always a room for improvements. This is her first movie and I guess it’s normal to be criticized especially when you’re that popular, and smart, and all.

Anyways, I really don’t like the story of the film. It’s a very typical Tagalog movie wherein you can easily predict the flow of the events. KC and Richard have no chemistry at all. And I guess the people who showed up yesterday were just there because of curiosity. Well, who won’t be intrigued if it’s Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Conception’s daughter’s first movie?

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14 Responses to For The First Time, KC Conception’s First Movie

  1. maibe says:

    yeah.. see².. ingon btaw ko ehhe

    nways thnx sa treat yesterday.. wala pakoi kaon2 sukad a2ng kaon na2 duha hehehe

  2. admin says:

    hehehe…sagdi nalang guds…lingaw man pud ta sa view sa santorini ba to? nice au noh? tsk…tsk…dakuag gasto ato sa abs oi…then walay lami ang story…

  3. maibe says:

    yeah lingaw pod baya ta naka tawa pod baya ko hapit ko ma dala sa linya a2ng greek na “love changes everything you are” hahaha
    pero morag daghan man me tan aw sa movie kai na curios sa 1st movie ni KC with richard…

  4. maibe says:

    ga napod ko hehe para maka read dri.. ganina ra ko early morning cge who is sa imo site kai nag atang ko sa imo reviews sa movie.. hehehe

  5. admin says:

    kani nga post ang pinakadaghan ug traffic ron…amazing..hehe…

  6. maibe says:

    heheheheh… traffic pas basak,lapulapu sa?

    nez oi d ko kibaw aning wordpress.. libog man ko unsa maayu na theme aron balhin pod ko wordpress hehehe

  7. jessica says:

    u know i love kc and richard..theyr both good looking and i like htier teman up….kilig to the bones….u know iam very fan of your parents GABBY and SHARON…stay as sweet as you are ..GOD BLESS U

  8. admin says:

    nakaregister naka? magselect raka ug theme adto sa Design didto sa imo admin panel, dali rana kaau oi…

  9. guen says:

    not worth of a single penny d ai ni? i better download this and wait when it release on the web. har har har……….

  10. guen says:

    wait. why BUY ME A BEER manang imoha? lol, palahubog nka run? why noy buy me a red g-string nlang kaha? dba mas catching? char!

  11. admin says:

    hahahaha…ahakz…nice idea…boinx…

  12. maibe says:


  13. Arne says:

    i beg to disagree. It is a really a typical filipino movie. what makes it typical is the filipino moviegoer still continue to patronize this such kind. Ur not a movie critic. u are only basing ur own personal perception. and for you to b called a good actress doesn’t mean that you will also be carried away when she portrays the role. thats too literal in your own understanding. think of it more.

  14. the mirrors says:

    Great comment, love the design of the site too.

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