Rammstein’s Mein teil

Mein Teil(My Part) is one of my fave music vid from Rammstein(a popular rock band from Germany). A friend of mine introduced me to this band since he knew about my obsession of twisted and bizarre stuffs. I fell in love with the band the first time I saw one of their music vid “Du Hast”, and a few of their concert videos.

In Mein Teil(music video) homosexuality has been shamelessly portrayed in coordination with brainsick and savage characters you can only see in serial killer films like SAW, Hannibal, WAZ, and a few good zombie movies. If you’re a first timer and a moralist you will be appalled of how the video brutally illustrated the Fellatio(oral stimulation of the penis or in short the blowjob). Some said that Mein teil also means My Penis in the German sense. Every Rammstein video I’ve watched is well coordinated and well-budgeted. It seems like when you watch their music video you’re watching a short and savage film and taboo is their common denominator. If you like to read the english version of Mein teil click here.

You can download their discography album here

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  1. Avatar Alicen

    I would agree with you, Rammstein’s videos are pretty graphic and raunchy… but it’s part of their business, they want to sell an image and that’s what they know how to do!

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