Badian Island…

Say goodbye to those lousy experimental papers, trash all those field research instruments, and wave farewell to those endless overnight-mares responsible of countless falling hair and scary eye bags! Hehehe! Whew! Summer is finally here! My most beloved season of the year! But ooppsss…reality check…My calvary ain’t over yet. I still have a research paper and focus group discussion write-ups to do for my field psych, a final exam and paper in learning, a group facilitation exam in group dynamics and a final exam as well, and most especially I’m not finished yet gathering data for my field psych…This is terrible! We just finished our final paper in experimental psych today as well as our proposal paper in group dynamics, but it is still so frustrating because the list of things to do is still a kilometer long. *cries*


Anyways, the list seems to shorten every time I think of our planned summer get-away this April 26 in Badian Island. Weeeeehhh! Yeah! April 26 is actually my close friend’s birthday and we always celebrate it out of town. For this year we decided to go to Badian Island. Another close friend of mine has a house there but we will be staying in another house which is already fully equipped (with shower, kitchen, ref, tv, aircon, and the whole house for all of us) and mind you, it only charges one thousand and five hundred bucks for an overnight stay. Ain’t that amazing? Hehehe! I’m so excited I can’t think of anything, but the beautiful stars grazing above the summer sky, while I lay lying on the sand feeling the summer breeze kissing my skin and breathing the cool sea air in and out of my lungs. Hehehe! I really, really miss the ocean especially those lazy hours I spent alone in the beach by myself (murag amo kay sigeg ruminate…hehe..). (Photo from

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