Otaku Festival!

Whew! Whew! Whewww! Last Saturday was the very first Otaku Festival held here in Cebu. I had a great time taking photos, watching anime shows, checking anime drawing contest, autograph signing with the local artist (with a “semi-hentai” souvenir…of course…ahehehe), watching dota enthusiasts competing with each other (dota tournament), and of course the bloody cosplay contest…plus the cool crowd (composed of otakus (ahehehe…), photographers, and a lot, lot more weirdos), plus cool bands (which i missed because i went home earlier than expected…ahehehe). Here is a snapshot I took…please just bear with my low res photo from my digicam (it’s a phonecam actually).

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13 Responses to Otaku Festival!

  1. joseph says:

    hellO! please add me on ur blog roll .tnx! pls let me know if u’ve added me already

  2. Alvy says:

    Heh! That’s awesome! Here in Brazil, once a year we have a party similar to that… But it’s got more japanese culture mixed into it, lots of food and JPop… except it’s in one hour from where I live, so I never participated.

    But hey! Must’ve been loads of fun! Well, contrasting between your last two posts… hehehe.

  3. hehehe…helluva fun indeed…otaku feast is definitely Japanese…


    i’ve already added your link…

  4. Caloi says:

    Hmm.. I’ll join soon.. as Bleach character.. ^^

  5. ako kay sailor moon nga hentai…bwahehehe…

  6. Wilhelmina says:

    well, now that school’s out permanently, I have time to go to Otaku Fests, hahah!

    dungan nya ta participate, hehehe

  7. admin says:

    naay Otaku Fest 2.0 coming this dec…adto ta wils…hehehe

  8. […] the successful First Otaku Festival held at UP Cebu grounds last February of 2008, here comes another round of event for local anime […]

  9. […] the successful First Otaku Festival held at UP Cebu grounds last February of 2008, here comes another round of event for local anime […]

  10. blanne says:

    woohoo! nindot kaau ang otaku.. naa ko pag first unya gahapon sad.. 🙂

  11. […] the very first cosplay event (Otaku Fest 1.0) to the recently held Ai “Love”, we can really tell that cosplaying has […]

  12. Thailander says:

    Could you kindly translate your website into German because I’m not very comfortable reading it in English? I’m getting tired of using Google Translate all the time, there is a little WP plugin called like global translator which will translate all your posts automatically- this would make reading articleson your sweet blog even more enjoyable. Cheers mate!

  13. Bleach says:

    anyone read the manga, much better than the series 🙂

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