Otaku Festival!

Whew! Whew! Whewww! Last Saturday was the very first Otaku Festival held here in Cebu. I had a great time taking photos, watching anime shows, checking anime drawing contest, autograph signing with the local artist (with a “semi-hentai” souvenir…of course…ahehehe), watching dota enthusiasts competing with each other (dota tournament), and of course the bloody cosplay contest…plus the cool crowd (composed of otakus (ahehehe…), photographers, and a lot, lot more weirdos), plus cool bands (which i missed because i went home earlier than expected…ahehehe). Here is a snapshot I took…please just bear with my low res photo from my digicam (it’s a phonecam actually).

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13 thoughts on “Otaku Festival!

  1. Heh! That’s awesome! Here in Brazil, once a year we have a party similar to that… But it’s got more japanese culture mixed into it, lots of food and JPop… except it’s in one hour from where I live, so I never participated.

    But hey! Must’ve been loads of fun! Well, contrasting between your last two posts… hehehe.

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