Oblation Run in the Campus…

And everybody’s giggling and murmuring something to each others ears with malicious looks shamelessly plastered on their friggin’ faces. Hahahahaha! I couldn’t help but laugh, and at the back of my mind anticipate how would it like to see naked frat men running around the campus exposing their tools. Hahahahaha!

They said it will be held tomorrow a day before the Lantern Parade. I thought it would be this Feb., during Crazy Day, but it seems like the dusty-foot creatures have an early Christmas feast. Anyways, I’m getting ready of my camera. Hmmmn…this would definitely an interesting feast…ahahahaha…

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  1. Avatar Doro

    Do they really run naked in front of the women?? Wow….I would be laughing hysterically once they showed their funny looking parts flopping around. How could anyone keep a straight face?

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