Whew! At last! I finished this one. I actually had this concept just last week, and I was thinking how can I interpret it in photoshop.  Well, this isn’t that special to start with because my work isn’t that great, but then I’m still proud because I put some effort on this one.

We were actually talking in our Pysch 141 class last week about the the contributions of our genetic structure in the changes of our behaviours. And then we ended up discussing about the great resemblance of chimpanzees’ genetic structure to human beings’. The chimpz are humans closest relatives. The percentage of resemblance is 99.9%. And it’s only the gene which made our jaws move that made us different from them.

Well, it’s very embarassing because the chimpz greatly denied the statement above. What a very shocking reaction form our beloved chimpz! They cannot accept the fact that assholes and asswipes like us are claiming them as our closest relatives. Ahehehehe! Just kidding! (Well, we really don’t know for sure. Hahahaha!)

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  1. Tres spammers?

    I like your photoshop art. Good work. And plus points for not being another one of those vector “arts” with all these generic circles and ovals. It’s definitely better than those Colt 45 (?) posters of Fallout Boys. Talk about lazy photoshopping, that. (Import album art, set saturation to 0, adjust levels, and attach a Colt 45 and viola!).


    *And pardon me if I sound a little mad. Hahaha

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